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BRU-JFK/LGA-GSP/ATL-BRU on DL in J and Y w/pics+vids (1/3)

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  • BRU-JFK/LGA-GSP/ATL-BRU on DL in J and Y w/pics+vids (1/3)

    Route: Brussels-New York JFK/New York LGA-Greenville/Atlanta-Brussels
    Airline: Delta Airlines (BRU-JFK/ATL-BRU) and Comair (LGA-GSP)
    Class: Business Elite (BRU-JFK/ATL-BRU) and Economy (LGA-GSP)
    01 April 2006 Delta 0141 Brussels 12h30 New York JFK 13h50 J 5C
    03 April 2006 Delta 5762* New York LGA 09h20 Greenville 11h45 Y 9B
    10 April 2006 Delta 0124 Atlanta 17h45 Brussels 08h35+1 J 6A

    Background information:
    As I usually fly to the US since half of my family lives there I had to go, since my dad had to go for business reasons to New York I flew with him to NY and then on my own to GSP/BRU. I got upgraded on the BRU-JFK segment and upgraded myself on the ATL-BRU flight. Most flights were to be operated by the usual B767-300ER the LGA-GSP by a CRJ 100. Since I have got a new camera I donít have pics on the BRU-JFK segment.

    Saturday April 1, 2006
    We left home around 09h00, on the way over to the airport we had to pick up a colleague of my dad. He would be flying back Wednesday (5 April) from JFK to BRU. Around 10h15 we arrived in BRU, and proceeded to the rather crowded check in row 6, however it was organised, Delta uses about 8 check in desks, 3 for itís flight 125 to ATL, 3 for DL 141 to JFK, and 2 for BE. After the usual security questions. We proceeded to the counter. Where they asked us if we wanted to be on the next dayís flight. Since I already had to leave the next Monday we declined it, my dadís colleague unfortunaly did not get his upgrade, however he was in the exit row (21F) my dad and I where in 5C and E. the ground staff where very friendly, after that we went towards passport control.

    Our plane was due to arrive around 10h45 as DL 140 from New York JFK. After playing around we went to security, and thereafter seeing the usual heavies.

    SN A333ís to Africa (NBO,FIH,Ö)
    TUB B763 ďOO-TUCĒ arriving 4 hours late from VRA and CUN I believe (it could also have been PUJ and Puerta Plata)
    AA B763ís to JFK and ORD (AA 0171 and AA 0089)
    CO B764 to EWR (CO 0061)

    After a quick peek in the lounge and then around 11h20 we passed an additional screening point. All US-bound fights leave way at the back of the B Concourse. DL uses B34 and B38, AA B33 and B37, UA and CO use B40. before entering the B38 area we where asked some more questions.

    The plane who was to be flying us today would be N1609, besides us at B34 was DL 125 to Atlanta leaving at 11h25 N183DN operated that flight today. At B40 the UA flight 951 to IAD and SFO today operated by N642UA. Besides the usual heavies I also noted some domestic carriers.
    SN Avro 86(correct me if it isnít one please) OO-DWL and a VEX B734 OO-VBR (I flew from BRU to FAO on this plane in 2005).and OE-LDC (OS A319) operating OS flight 0352 to VIE

    Boarding started at 11h40
    01 April 2006.
    Delta Airlines flight 0141
    Brussels (BRU/EBBR) to New York JFK (JFK/KJFK)
    Boeing 767-332ER N1609.
    Departure: 12h30 (Left Gate: 12h46/ Taxied 12h49/Took off 12h55)
    Gate: B38
    Arrival: 13h50 (Landed 13h43/Arrived at gate 13h50)
    Gate: 6
    Estimated flight time: 08hrs30mins
    Actual flight time: (Gate-Gate) 08hrs04mins (Rway-Rway) 07hrs48mins.
    Business Elite 05C (Aisle) (Load factor was about 99%)

    After a nice welcome we approached row 5. I noticed in Y there where B764-style seats. Nice, suddenly boarding stopped for about 5 minutes, this was due to overfueling we heard. Only seat 6C was remained vacant, at 12h45 we pushed and being nr 3. in line, and off we where 10 minutes later.

    Routing was somewhat standard as usual. Brussels, onto London, Dublin, Gander to Boston where we descended into JFK I believe we where around FL 330

    Soon the meal service began. I cannot find the menuís anymore so please forgive me for this also. First we had the warmed nuts, thereafter I had a rack of lamb, finished by a nice Ice-cream.

    The plane itself was delivered in 2000, so only about 6 years old. I have a few notes about the P/A system. When the Captain started talking or the Leading FA started talking we could barely hear them, however when the French and Dutch announcements where made we almost had to cover our ears. Also as mentioned this plane had the B764-style seats in Y and the F/A call button is on the armrest so from time to time we had a dinging concert.

    Later in the flight I had a nice conversation with the Leading FA, and a few other F/Aís working in BE. And ate another Ice-cream. For some reason when the door of the cockpit was open the front galley was blocked by a cart. Does anyone know why???

    About 1,5 hrs before landing we where served an hamburger and some cookies. Before landing I asked the L/FA to sign my scrapbook, around 13h43 we touched down and taxied, underway at T2 I saw a VS B744 coming from LHR as VS 0003 (G-VHOT), and a SA A340 from JNB and DKR (SA 0203). After leaving the N1609 we entered JFK Terminal 3

    Well I must say JFK looked terrible, narrow corridors, dark areas, it was just like our basement at home. By 14h50 we where outside the Airport and at 15h45 we arrived in the hotel. Where we met some more colleagues of my dad who earlier flew GSP-LGA