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BRU-JFK/LGA-GSP/ATL-BRU on DL in J/Y w/pics+vids (2/3)

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  • BRU-JFK/LGA-GSP/ATL-BRU on DL in J/Y w/pics+vids (2/3)

    Part 1:

    Monday April 3, 2006
    Woke up around 05h15 in the morning (still had some jetlag). After packing my clothes my dad and I ate an egg roll a few blocks away, since I was travelling alone we opted for the hotel shuttle. At 07h30 I told my dad goodbye and off I was. On the way over to LGA I had a really nice talk with the driver. At around 08h15 I arrived at LGA, I checked-in the day before but I could not print my boarding pass so I went to the counter and received a BP for seat 9B (I used to prefer an aisle seat) after going thru security I went to the gates.

    The terminal I was in had 7 gates 5 of them where occupied by DL and 2 by NW on the way over I spotted

    N905DE flying to ATL

    US A319 N752US

    Other I spotted:
    N645DL (Song 757)
    N763US, N775US and N756US (US A319’s)

    LGA Airport

    Departure screen

    Around 09h15 boarding started at gate 5A
    03 April 2006.
    Delta Airlines flight 5762 (Operated by Comair)
    New York LGA (LGA/KLGA) to Greenville/Spartanburg (GSP/KGSP)
    CRJ 100ER N783CA.
    Departure: 09h45 (Left Gate: 09h50/ Taxied 09h53/Took off 10h12)
    Gate: 5A
    Arrival: 11h50 (Landed 11h53/Arrived at gate 11h55)
    Gate: A3
    Estimated flight time: 02hrs05mins
    Actual flight time: (Gate-Gate) 02hrs03mins (Rway-Rway) 01hrs41mins.
    Economy 09A (Window) (Load factor was about 45%)

    Welcomed by a kind and funny F/A, who really enjoyed her work. I found myself to be in seat 9B, and after a few minutes I moved to 9A. the welcoming P/A went something like this.
    “Welcome aboard Delta Connection flight 5762, just in case you did not know this yet this plane is going to GSP”

    I was in the row behind the exit (row and I overheard her saying the instructions:
    “Ok first we will be smashing the ground, after that you will hear me scream then…”

    We then pushed back on the way to our runway I spotted
    N927CA (Comair CRJ)
    N604NW (NW 757)
    C-VYYY (AC A319)
    N324DL (DL 732)
    N809CA (Comair CRJ)
    N671AA (Astrojet)
    VP-BDJ ???
    N17175 (UA XP CRJ)

    After taking off we made a left turn and we had a view of the airport

    Thereafter we received a small snack

    Routing went towards Philadelphia and Washington, then to Charlotte,NC where we started our descend.

    Our aircraft was built in 1999. the seats where narrow, but since the plane wasn’t full it was ok.

    Enroute I took this pic from seat 9D

    After letting the F/A sign my book we started our descend above Charlotte NC

    At 11h53 we made a hard landing and after a quick taxi we where at gate A3, at A1 there was a NW CRJ N652SB

    Before exiting the plane I made this quick picture

    GSP is a nice little airport so by 13h30 I was in Anderson,SC