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BRU-JFK/LGA-GSP/ATL-BRU on DL in J/Y w/pics+vids (3/3)

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  • BRU-JFK/LGA-GSP/ATL-BRU on DL in J/Y w/pics+vids (3/3)

    Part 1:
    Part 2:

    Monday April 10, 2006
    Got packed and left my grandparents house at 10h40, on the way we stopped at McDonalds (yes, when I’m there I have to eat there at least once). So arrived at the airport at around 13h30.

    Originally I assigned myself in seat 4A but since the flight was not that full I changed my seat to 6A as 6B was empty and the person in 4B would be appreciated to have an empty seat besides him.

    I used the First/Medallion line because there was literally no one in line so by 14h20 I was in the E-Concourse. But first I stopped in the T and A concourse.

    B757-232 N682DL

    B767-432 N831MH

    Then I decided to visit the BE lounge in the E-Concourse, wich was quite nice

    Rush hour in Atlanta

    Delta 29 from CDG (N866DA) wich was going to fly as DL 12 to LGW.

    Our plane was going to fly in as DL 117 from STR (Stuttgart) at 15h15. And it came in with registration N1613B. Here is the departure screen from the lounge.

    Once outside of the lounge I went spotting. Mostly DL 767’s and a few 777’s
    Here is the list of foreign carriers at the E-concourse at time of visit.
    AM 0603 to MEX (B752 N803AM)

    BA 2226 to LGW (B772 G-VIIR)

    E-Concourse on the way

    LH 0445 to FRA (A343 D-AIGB “Recklinghausen”)

    KL 0622 to AMS (B763 PH-BZI “Bosporus Bridge”)

    My complete spotlist in ATL:
    Delta Boeing 757-200:
    Delta Boeing 767-300(ER)
    Delta Boeing 767-400
    Delta Boeing 777-200
    Air Tran Boeing 717-200
    N803AM (AM 752)
    G-VIIR (BA 772)
    PH-BZI (KL 763)
    D-AIGB (LH 343)

    At 17h00 boarding started at gate E1
    10 April 2006.
    Delta Airlines flight 0124
    Atlanta (ATL/KATL) to Brussels (BRU/EBBR)
    Boeing 767-332ER N1613B
    Departure: 17h45 (Left Gate: 17h44/ Taxied 17h48/Took off 17h56)
    Gate: E1
    Arrival: 08h35 (Landed 07h57/Arrived at gate 08h03)
    Gate: B34
    Estimated flight time: 08hrs50mins
    Actual flight time: (Gate-Gate) 08hrs19mins (Rway-Rway) 08hrs01mins.
    Business Elite 06A (Window) (Load factor was about 75%)

    I was welcomed on board and made my way to seat 6A.
    Here are some cabin pics.

    Once boarded I received some orange juice

    Since E1 is at the most furthest gate, it allowed me to take pictures of the Taxi/Rway

    After that our Menu orders were taken. I will talk about that a little later
    Pushed back nicely on time and started out taxi

    Shortly after that we lifted off to BRU, just before DL 22 to CDG. After we took off with a nice view of the Atlanta skylight

    Our routing was to be like this:

    Now about the menu received on tonight’s flight.:
    The bold choices are the one’s I opted for.

    Sesame Chicken with Cucumber accompanied by Pecan smoked Trout and a Goat Cheese Round with Sun-dried Tomatoes

    Mesclun Salad Mix and Romaine Lettuce with Tomato, Cucumber and Radish, offered with Blue Cheese Dressing or Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinaigrette.

    Thai Chicken Coconut Soup with Red Curry and Lemon Grass

    Main Courses
    Herb-crusted Loin of Lamb enhanced by Garlic Herb Sauce, presented with roasted Yukon Gold Potato Wedges and a Green Bean, Leek and Corn Medley

    Pan-seared Grouper accented by Mango-Cucumber Salsa, served with Black Pearl Rice and a stir-fried Vegetable Medley of Carrots, Asparagus and Squash

    Cheese Tortellini with Sun-dried Tomato Cream Sauce tossed with Mushrooms, Butternut squash and diced Peppers
    Roasted Brest of Chicken may be added to this Entrée

    Thai Chicken Coconut Soup with Red Curry and Lemon Grass

    Fruit or Cheese
    Sliced, fresh seasonal Fruit

    Fine Cheeses selected to perfectly complement one another in flavour and texture, offered with Grapes

    All Natural Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae with your choice of Sauces, whipped Cream and chopped Nuts, garnished with a Pirouline Cookie

    Fresh Fruit
    Breakfast Breads with Butter, Cream Cheese and Preserves

    Kellogg’s Cereal served with Milk

    Breakfast Quesadilla filled with herbed Scrambled Eggs and Pepper Jack Cheese, accompanied by Turkey Canadian Bacon.

    I was just about to start a movie but the IFE system froze in my seat, so I hooked me up in 6B since it was vacant. I wanted to play the game minigolf but it loaded until we touched down in BRU.

    Here are the meal pics

    Nuts, Does anyone know the song played on the left screen.



    Main Course



    After dessert was cleared I asked the F/A to wake me up for Breakfast I took a few more pics

    Then I dozed on and off eventually got 2,5hours asleep. At 6h30 Belgain time Breakfast was served.

    Then I made myself ready for landing to BRU where decent started at 7h30.

    Made a complete tour above Belgium and landed on 25L.

    After our landing we taxied to B34 where I spotted the following
    OO-TUB (TUB Boeing 737)
    N345AN and N348AN (AA B763)
    N646UA (UA B763)

    After we stopped at the jetway I asked if I could take some pictures of the cockpit wich I could. Therafter I went thru Bagage Claim where I was out at 08h40. And after a exhausting train ride. I arrived at 11h00 Am at home.

    Delta 0141
    Departure: 7/10
    On-Time: 9,5/10
    Plane: 9/10
    Seats: 9/10
    Crew: 10/10
    Catering 10/10
    IFE 8/10
    Arrival 1/10

    Delta 5762
    Departure: 7/10
    On-Time: 9,5/10
    Plane: 6/10
    Seats: 6/10
    Crew: 9/10
    Catering 8/10
    Arrival 7/10

    Delta 0124
    Departure: 7/10
    On-Time: 10/10
    Plane: 9,5/10
    Seats: 9,5/10
    Crew: 10/10
    Catering 9/10
    IFE 5/10
    Arrival 7/10

    Delta 0141: 79,4%
    Delta 5762:75%
    Delta 0124: 83,8%

    Total Percentage: 79,4%

    Overall verdict:
    Delta really surprised me this time with excellent flights, however I’m glad that the IFE system is going to be changed because sometimes it really freezes a lot.