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Airtours International G-DIMB SFB-CWL Part II

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  • Airtours International G-DIMB SFB-CWL Part II

    This is the Second of two parts of this review

    We arrived at Sanford Intl. at 1 o clock ready for the 5 o clock flight to cardiff, We came by car (A Chrysler LHS to be exact) and Guess what, another delay with the same a/c G-DIMB!


    Stupid Plane
    So we were all bundled into check in were our bags got checked in and then Shifted out onto the pavement where a man was awaiting, we asked what was going on and he said that we were delayed because of a technical problem and this happened regular with Airtours. We were then put on a coach to an hotel in near Universal Studios were we were for 10 hours then they decided to take us back to SFB where a Skyservice A330(The First In North America) was coming from Quebec to pick us up.


    The a/c was unclean, uncomfortable and the a/c wasn't working, but it managed to get us to CWL in one piece, we had 300 compensation and were 16 hours late adding to the 26 hours that we were delayed on the way out so the total delay time was 42 Hours!!!