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    This Trip had me routing...

    Jan 11th STL-MCI-LAX
    Jan 12th LAX-PHL-MHT
    Jan 13th MHT-BWI-HOU
    Jan 14th HOU-STL

    Flight 205
    I left my house and headed to STL Airport. Got there and got on the shuttle and headed to the East Terminal. I walked in, printed out my boarding pass and went through security. It was a very long line but got through in 10 minutes. This was the first time I would be going through with a laptop so I was a bit nervous I would screw something up but I did fine and got through.

    I checked the flight status, which was Flight 205, in coming from TPA and SDF, to MCI and continuing on to LAX, my final destination. The gate would be E-6.

    I took the time to walk around and headed back to the C concourse to check the update and whatnot and it is looking and coming along very nice! I saw the Champion Air 727 leave for CUN and the Ryan Intl 734 depart too.

    I walked back to the East Terminal and sat down at the gate. I spoke to my family to let them know how I was doing and just watched the movements. New Mexico One flew in from MCI, heading on to TPA throgh BHM, lucky folks getting to ride New Mexico one! Little did I know.... *Wink....

    Flight 205 flew in, and got to the gate. We had a full load, maybe around 130 folks, all going to MCI, and an expected load of only around 76 MCI-LAX, quite the difference!

    We lined up for boarding, and did our usual boarding proccess, Pre Board, A, B then C. It was CROWDED.

    I got to the middle row, and sat in the aisle. Since it was a night flight, there isnt much for me to see, I have flown STL-MCI many times, and it is possibly one of the most boring routes for me to fly. So I settled in, and waited for everyone else to board.

    We were for some reason very delayed, 45 minutes delayed, but I was not worried as Matt was not due to arrive into LAX until an hour after I did. We taxied out and hurried straight to the runway for a 12L departure, didn't look back and commenced a rolling take off. Now this was by far the MOST horrible take off I had ever done. You could FEEL the wind pushing against us, and the plane was shuddering all over the runway. We lifted off, and immediatly got knocked by the wind and went back to the runway, and i thought we would actually touch down AGAIN but he immediatly went nose up and we climbed through, wings were going back and forth. I was literally holding on to the arm rest to keep myself together. Finally we reached cruising altitude and the turbulence was much better and calm. Wow, that had me and the other passengers looking around wondering haha.

    The F/A, who were PHX based, came around and did their drinks and peanuts. I was very hungry so i grabbed and ate all the peanuts and had water to drink. In no time we were due to descend and seat belts were buckled, tray tables and seatback were in their full locked and up right position and we were ready to land. Descent was once again horrible, the winds must have been fierce all over! We landed, and taxied to the gate. We were running behind big time and ended up being more delayed in MCI. We were on the ground for an hour now I believe at MCI. During the stop, I helped the crew clean up and got things put together. I spoke to the C and B position F/A, Whitney and Kevin. Both were very nice people, I mentioned what i was doing and about the application and both wished me luck. I moved to the back, and just spoke to Kevin and Whit, the entire time on the ground.

    Finally boarding commenced for the MCI-LAX leg and sure enough we only had about maybe 71 folks on board. Kevin and I agreed it would be an easy flight!

    Jan 11th
    Flight 205

    We all buckled up, the F/A did their demonstrations, and Kevin comes to my row and mutters "oh god, this will be long we have Southwest bashers in row ten" These folks would not shut up about SWA at ALL. "The only reason we booked you guys was your non stop and it was cheap" "Southwest sucks and you know it!" "You charge for beer?! your serious?!" *Yeah sure

    I laughed at Kevin and said "let me at 'em!" *Silly

    We took off and headed straight to LAX. After take off, Kevin asked if I would like to help out with the drinks and Food? I said OF COURSE! *Wink. I said what do you need, and he told me the drinks and whatnot and I immediatly went to the galley and got them set out. He goes are you SURE your not a Flight Attendent? HAHA I said Oh I have done this before and I fly with a friend and have observed him enough to the point I am starting to get an idea of where things are now. He was indeed impressed. So I passed out the snackbox in the flight, and rounded up some drinks. Then did trash. I was having a blast haha. once done, we sat down and chatted a bit about SWA and life stuff. The Time really flew by and in no time we were due to land in LAX soon but very behind.

    Approach into LAX was very nice and surprisingly clear. Not a smog in sight! We landed into LAX late but I wasn't to worried cause supposedly matt was not due for awhile. BOY was I wrong! *Silly

    When I landed I flipped the phone on and got a text from him stating he was waiting for me at MY GATE! OK WTF?! Turned out his LAX-SJC-LAX turn had been cancelled and he got there before I did! lucky SOB! So I texted himt o say I had arrived and would be off the plane shortly.

    I said bye to the crew and said I'd see them later at the hotel or tomorrow.

    I got off the plane and met Matt instantly. Said hey and we got to the shuttle and went to the hotel. Next day was gonna be a long day!

    Jan 12th
    Flight 110
    N781WN (New Mexico One)

    We woke up at the hotel the next day, and we were not due to leave for a bit. So we walked around the hotel, and grabbed subway for Lunch. We passed the LAX sign and I took a picture of it.

    Our Hotel


    Finally we got back and got ready to head to LAX Airport. Matt went ahead to the lobby to meet his crew while i finsihed up my lunch and changed. I grabbed all of my stuff and immediatly went to the lobby. There I ran into my cfrew from STL and i spoke to them for a bit, Introduced Kevin and Whitney to Matt and we all spoke a bit. Then I got to meet Kelly and Brian, Matt's crew all from HOU. Kelly and I immediatly clicked haha. She was almost like my 2nd momma and we had a lot of fun on this trip too. Brian was very fun and nice. Both were married and both had known and flown with each other before so they got along great.

    Once the introductions were set, we got into the van and headed to LAX Airport for a long 5 hr trip to MHT through PHL!

    We got into the airport and I went ahead and got in, and grabbed my boarding pass and decided I'd meet them at the gate. I went through security and got through and then met Matt again while Kelly and Brian went looking for food. We tried to find our gate number but it was not showing up. Then suddenly it did.

    Brian and Kelly came up and we all just chatted about the upcoming flight and just waited for the plane to arrive, They announced the plane was in bound so the crew went ahead into the jetbridge and I waited in line for boarding. I then turned to look at the gate and guess whos coming up?! NEW MEXICO ONE! I nearly freaked, and txted Matt and he apprantly sent me the exact message. NEW MEXICO ONE! HAHAHA I was so excited, this would be my first special color scheme FINALLY after flying Southwest for 6 years!

    New Mexico One at our gate.

    It was time to board, and I must have done cartwheels down the jetbridge, I was so excited. I got on board and just was all over the plane, checking the winglet out, the flaps, the engine, man it was like a whole new experience for me again haha.

    Flight load for this flight was extremely low. Good thing for the crew, bad for the airline hehe.

    Everyone else boarded, and we all just talked amongst ourselves while everyone finished boarding.

    Announcments and breifing were done and off we went to head for PHL!

    We taxied behind a YX 717 and soon it was our turn to take off. We raced beyond the WN concourse and gates, then the intl ones with AF, and all.

    We took off and over flew the beach and it was an amazing view to see that!

    We flew out over the ocean, and then turned back for LA to go on to PHL.

    The Crew then did the snackbox and drinks and passed them out. That was done very quickly since it was such a low load. Once that was done we all just hung out and chatted until someone would ring a call button and one of the F/A would go serve them.

    I took some pics of the nice view outside.

    We were soon getting ready to land into PHL. Trash was done, and drinks and whatnot collected. This flight was very short, only took 4 hrs! I was very surprised. Landing into PHL was very smooth.

    Everyone deboarded and during the ground time I went up to the cockpit to speak to the pilots. Very nice folks, and we discussed the trip. SWA, flying and all that stuff. Then Kelly comes up and goes, well get in the cockpit! I said oh I have already been in here before. Kelly said but not on mexico one! Pilots urged me to go in so I said what the hell *Silly

    Then Kelly suggested a picture of me next to New Mexico One in the jetbridge so I again said sure why not!

    Kelly had been about to take a picture when she suddenly yelled PUT THAT DOWN! Brian had apparantly been doing the middle finger for the picture, that SOB *Wink

    As eith nearly every PHL trip, this was delayed of course as usual. Due to ATC congestion.

    Same thing as usual, seat belt, mask and crew and announcements were made.

    Backed out headed for the runway and off we went.

    This was definetly a short flight, and in no time we were heading into MHT.

    We landed into MHT and I saw the purple looking ATC which really oddly enough reminded me of LAX haha.

    Pulled into the gate, waited for everyone else to get off, and then we got off the plane. Headed down so the crew could deliver the money and myself and the pilots just waited around until they got back.

    We got on the shuttle and headed to the hotel. I called mom and she was so tired and out of it, when I said I am in Manchester, she goes how did you fly to the United Kingdom?! BWAHAHAHA I started laughing and said NH, where Texan lives (since shes met Texan before). She goes OH ok, well have fun tonight and bye.

    As I hung up, we headed to the hotel for the night.

    Jan 13th
    Flight 2936

    The night before I had tried to check in for my BWI-STL segment, as I was going to fly home Sat. This did not happen due to the ice storms hitting STL. My BWI-STL would be cancelled the next day, and matt gaciously suggested I spend the night with him and his wife and fly home from HOU the next day. His wife said sure, and at the airport the next day I changed my flight to continue on to HOU as this flight MHT-BWI was continuing on to HOU with Matt and the crew on board. Once changed I got on board.

    Load was very light so service was quick and easy.

    By now there isnt much one can do on short flights. Crew and i hung and chatted again talking about the weather and MHT and whatnot. We were having a great time, this was by far one of the best crews I have ever flown with on SWA.

    Landed into BWI, pulled up next to Lone Star One.

    I got off the plane to check the status of my BWI-STL flight. Cancelled as expected.

    I walked around for a bit as we had a nice ground time. It had been awhile since I was back in BWI. I called my cousin to let her know I was "in town" for 20 minutes haha.

    Then I got back on the plane, let the crew know they were about to start boarding and again another low load for the BWI-HOU segment.

    Jan 13th
    Flight 2936

    Everyone boarded, and we commenced our flight to HOU. This would be a long flight again. 3 hrs.

    Usual snack pack and drinks were served, very very small load In the 20's I believe. Flight was pretty smooth.

    Then the descent was HORRIBLE. The entire crew, myself included had a bit of trouble with their ears. I had virtually lost my hearing in my left ear, and it was giving me severe pain. Ok fine I know im deaf so what hearing I HAD left I lost.. *Silly

    I had to sit, blow my nose, chew gum , trying to pop it. I was desperate, it didnt pop. Felt like it was about to explode!

    We landed, with my ears in PAIN! My eyes were watering. Finally they relaxed and i got some hearing back but not all of it.

    Taxied to the gate, got off the plane. I said good bye to Brian and Kelly, Kelly gave me a biiig hug *big grin* She really was like my 2nd momma. We had such a blast together, the entire crew.

    They left, and Matt and I went to check the flights for the next ay to ensure I could return back to STL on time due to the ice storms and already HOU-STL in the morning had two cancelled flights. This was gonna be fun.

    We went home to his place i said hey to his wife and we all just sat and chatted about the trip and what we had done. Went to bed as the next ay was gonna be a long day for me as I would be traveling stand by back home.

    Jan 14th
    Flight 1057

    Matt was called and assigned to work a 3 day trip so when he went to the airport I went with him and listed myself to fly stand by for 1057 to STL.

    Loads looked good but who would know.

    Went through security and got the SSSSS thing. Oh yay....had to go through the entire search again haha.

    Went to the gate Matt was due to leave from and just chatted a bit until his flight had to leave. He left and I went back to my gate.

    Then it was announced there was a gate change. So I went from 45 to 41. The HOU-MCI-STL flight was cancelled, bumping some of those STL folks onot MY flight, making my flight fill up more. OH BOY!

    At exactly one hour to departure I got in line and got number 2 for stand by and i was confirmed a ticket back home to STL! FINALLY, IM COMING HOME!

    I waited around the gate, when boarding was announced I got on board and sat down. Ahhh, another -700 *Smile

    Everyone else got on board, and then we left for STL.

    Flight was good, and we got there extremely fast.

    Landed, very rough landing.

    Got in the car, and headed on home!

    Stop Searching. Start Traveling.

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    Didn't go to the In-n-Out? Shame on you!


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      Sounds like you had fun, Alex. Glad you ended up on New Mexico One! You look just like a WN F/A in the pics on New Mexico One.


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        Sounds like a great trip. You said something about an application. What did you apply for?


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          Small world...

          We must have been at MHT at the same time. I flew MHT-TPA on Saturday the 13th. Let's just say I have many window shots featuring the yellow engines...


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            Originally posted by Bok269
            Sounds like a great trip. You said something about an application. What did you apply for?
            CSA at STL.
            Stop Searching. Start Traveling.


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              Originally posted by dzanello
              Small world...

              We must have been at MHT at the same time. I flew MHT-TPA on Saturday the 13th. Let's just say I have many window shots featuring the yellow engines...


              ok now THATS weird. So I basically flew New Mexico one to MHT for you to ride the next day to TPA

              That is absolutely hilarious.

              Stop Searching. Start Traveling.


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                Originally posted by ATrude777
                CSA at STL.
                Sounds cool.