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STL-DAL: Evil Pax Encounter

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  • STL-DAL: Evil Pax Encounter

    Check this out... It was late morning and I had been up since 4am for another flight, so before I left STL I got one of those pizzas from California Pizza Kitchen to take on the plane. My buddy got one too and we sat in the second row from the back on the co-pilot side. The flight was getting really full and this older woman comes on with her husband. Only middle seats are left...

    This all happened in the minutes before departure.

    Husband: "I guess I'll just sit here honey" (middle seat next to me)
    Wife: Yeah if you can stand the smell. (my pizza) That's nasty!"

    Wife had the window seat directly in front of me. The wife continued to turn around in her seat and give the evil looks while I munched down on my pizza. I turned my air-conditioning vent toward her so hopefully it would either blow the smell away or make her cold. I kept waiting for her to say something, so I could remind her of the airline's allowance of food on board. But anyway she kept quiet and just gave me mean looks instead. I put my 20 ounce Diet Coke into the magazine holder and she felt it on her spine so she turned around ALL the way and gave me another evil look but kept quiet once again.

    The husband stayed silent but he gave me a look that said "I'm sorry." I was pretty pissed at her but looking back now it's pretty funny.
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    Sorry Paul--

    somehow us STL WN paxs are evil people lolol

    That is funny though.

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      LMAO. That's the first time I've heard of pizza "smelling nasty!"

      What a character though, I think she over-did it. It's not like some kid's knocking on her seatback and ruining the flight for her.