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College, Pizza, and Fog

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  • College, Pizza, and Fog

    I recently took a trip south to tour a college in Bellingham Washington. It was no smooth trip. Here is how it played out.
    1. My dad and I jumped on the M/V Columbia at 10PM. We got a state room so we could get some sleep before the next day. We leave and arrive on time.
    2. We get to Juneau approximately 2:30AM and catch a ride to the airport. We learn Juneau has been having some serious fog. We get to the airport at 3AM for a 7AM flight to Seattle. Much to our surprise the flight has been cancelled. The plane couldnt get in the night before. The time is 3AM, there is no airline agents around so we kill time for about two-three hours. This involved eating cookies from the vending machines. Finally people show up and we get rebooked for later flight, I also learn that it is a -900. They need to get as many stranded people out as possible. We eat breakfast and return to the airport.
    3. We go through security and wait for our plane. One plane gets in, then the airport gets socked in again. We wait for another five hours until the plane finally gets in. So we finally board the plane now many hours behind our original planned schedule. Here are some pics from the departure:

    4. We finally arrive in Sitka and the crews turns the plane around fast as possible. Here is a view from the runway while taxiing out.

    5. Whilst inflight the Captain says Ketchikan is at minimums so we will hold for a little while to see if it will improve.

    6. The weather doesnt improve so we head on directly to Seattle.

    7. We finally get to Seattle. We get our rental car and go check in at the hotel. We then run some errands, then return and go to sleep. I had been up for roughly 20 hours at that point.
    8. We get up the next morning. Beautiful clear day, which I know will cause problems. We get to the airport, and check in. Whilst walking to the gate I notice a thin fog layer forming. Uh oh. We get to the gate and sit. We then found out our flight was cancelled. So, we get booked on a flight alittle while later. So we go get some food and wait.
    9. This time our plane was able to get out and into Bellingham perfectly. I had never seen such a beautiful day for flying in the SEA area. This was also my first time on a Dash-8. It is the coolest regional plane ever

    10. So we are finally in BLI, we get off and get a taxi to the campus. We tour the campus, and return to the airport.
    11. We already have boarding passes so we go through security and wait. Finally our plane arrives, and before long we are boarding.
    12. We are soon in the air.

    13. So we are back at the Seattle airport and starving. We grab a huge Qdobas burrito and sit and eat. Felt good to sit down. Beautiful Northwestern sunset.

    14. We head to our gate for our flight north. So we board and take off. The captain made no mention of JNU weather, so I assumed it was OK. Boy was I wrong. The flight cancelled there in KTN where everybody scrambled to get rebooked. This was massive amounts of people. All the flights into Juneau the day before also ended up in KTN, so there were two days worth of passengers there. So we rebook, and go find hotel. Now keep in mind that the airport in on an island, so we have to take the ferry across to the mainland. The next day I slept till 10:30AM because I was so tired. We went and got one of the companies trucks and went exploring. Here are some pics:

      While out exploring, we stopped by the snowmobile dealer. In short we ended up buying a newer used machine
    15. We finally returned to the airport and crossed on the ferry. We checked in and went through security. Finally the plane arrived. Much to my pleasure it was a new -800. Also while sitting and waiting I watched the ground crew unload and load the new -400F. So the plane arrived and we took off to Sitka.
    16. When we land in Sitka they realize the cargo doors wont open. So they keep us on the plane for a while, then finally they release us all into the terminal. Keep in mind, this is a single gate terminal. Very tiny. All the passengers are getting hungry. So finally my dad and I ordered pizza to be delivered. Turns out Alaska bought seven or eight huge pizzas for all the passengers to munch on. Major kudos for that move. Finally about three hours after arriving in Sitka we are able to board once again. I guess they had to take some seats out and remove Sitka luggage through the cabin. Because of this delay all the passengers got 1000 bonus mile, or $25 off your next ticket purchase,oh, and free pizza.
    17. We finally arrive in Juneau three hours late and tired. We get to the hotel and crash.
    18. Get up at 6am for the ferry home. Juneau for once was completely clear but the canal home wasnt. We could hardly see. We didnt see the dock till we were right next to it. There was a definite "thud". We got off the boat, and went home. I took a shower and went straight to work till 5PM.
    That concludes that trip. It was a fun trip.
    You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven

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    Sounds like an interesting adventure.


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      Sounds like quite a trip, nice photos too, Alec.


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        your signature is quite fitting for this trip too, so they read you prefer Pizza, and delivered pizza.

        Sorry you could not get your sex there

        Great report too haha

        Stop Searching. Start Traveling.


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          Thanks guys

          And Alex, I too was dissapointed. But touring the campus made me realize what I am missing up here girl-wise
          You've got to try to find what's right before your eyes-Finger Eleven


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            Nice, I used to live in Bellingham.. I miss it.

            Great report!

            On a side note.. Anyone else think the Alaska banner in the OP's post is kinda ominous with the wolf approaching the rabbit from a distance?
            UNITED-You're not just flying, you're flying the friendly skies.


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            Man was that a ATR you flew on?
            BH Airlines A319


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              Originally posted by Asmir Hamidovic
              Man was that a ATR you flew on?
              Did you read the report? It's a Dash-8.


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                Sounds like from all your reviews that travelling in Alaska is really an adventure pretty much all the time lol. Great photos though especially the ones of the dense ground fog viewed from the air and that reflection of the Seattle skyline on the water.


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