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  • Ymm-yyc-yyz

    AC8371 Fort Mcmurray (YMM)
    Mon 12-Mar 2007
    Calgary (YYC)
    Mon 12-Mar 2007
    0 5hr40 CRJ Tango Plus Seat 10A
    AC1158 Calgary (YYC)
    Mon 12-Mar 2007
    Toronto, Pearson Int'l (YYZ)
    Mon 12-Mar 2007
    22:00 - Terminal 1
    0 320 Tango Plus F Seat 15F

    Two notable things about the YYC-YYZ flight...

    "New" seats with IFE on the the 320, and we had one heck of a tailwind. 2 hours 55 minutes flying time according to the Captain, 3 hours 5 minutes on . The blue colour selected for the upholstery very pleasing to the eye, IMHO that dirty green colour selected about ten years ago to replace red was a real step backwards, in my mind it always looked grubby.
    I stated "New", though I suspect they are the old ones in new fabric-most new seats these days have "wings" on the headrest, which these were lacking.

    Bought a $10 combo deal, Swiss Chalet chicken breast sub, carrots w/ ranch dressing and a small bottle of wine. Pretty good value, and far better than the hot meals that used to be foisted off in Y for "free" . And light years better than the slop that was offered for sale on AA last year when I flew to MIA.

    IFE very easy to use although the games were not up and running. Our flight was so fast that I did not see the last eight minutes of "Casino Royale".

    YMM-YYC, what can I say CRJ Jazz flight, cabin was looking a little beat up.

    AC's website was cooperating fully this time, I bought a last minute (1210 hrs for a 1442 departure) ticket at a very competitive price.

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    I guess an upside of this trip aside from landing a job is that I heard back from Radisson regarding their YMM property service levels, and got two free nights for my efforts.

    Details here:


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      I will be returning around 9 April as my new job is supposed to start then, if HR gets the paperwork done in time. Only AC flights showing right now is a $1312 J class fare on the non stop E190, so maybe will have to bite the bullet and try Westjet for the first time at $588. Surprisingly on AC there are YYZ-YEG, YYZ-YYC, YEG-YMM and YYC-YMM flights available in Y but when you ask AC's site for a quote all you get is the J class one. Dale?


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        Today other fares at a competitive rate to Westjet's have shown up on the AC site, though the non stop is still only available at full blown J class fare.


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          And once again(2 Apr), the only choice when YYZ-YMM is entered into the AC search engine for 9 Apr is $1312 plus tax one way in J

          Yet when I book a separate ticket connecting YYZ-YYC-YEG ($30eight!)and another YEG-YMM($276) the total is $584 plus tax in Tango. Why does AC's reservations system not offer this option and save their customers more than $700? Not everyone has $1312 to burn on a one way J class ticket, including myself nor do I mind changing planes twice to save this amount of money; I am following the fares for dates around these as it appears I will be required in YMM to start work the week after Easter.

          Guess the morale of the story is to check other options.


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            Flight now booked 29 Apr as I start 1 May.......................