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Spring Break '07...nothing special, just went home Pt. 2

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  • Spring Break '07...nothing special, just went home Pt. 2

    Well here's part 2 of my trip, as obviously said by the title.
    Anyways, my mom picked me up from AUS and we headed home to Burnet. I fell asleep for about 30 minutes on the drive because I was just tired as all get out. We got home and I took a shower before me and my friend played smash bros for a while before he left. I remember watching tv for a little bit until about 11pm then going to bed, laying my head on the pillow, and next thing I know it's 730am sunday. I went to the early service and sunday school at my church and then I headed over to my girlfriend's church for their service. We just kinda went out for the rest of the day.
    Monday wasn't really anything exciting because the weather was just really kinda crappy so we couldn't really do anything.
    Tuesday I took my girlfriend out to Llano for the afternoon and evening. We passed the area where peopl pull over to watch the eagles. There were police, firemen, and a few tow trucks out there along with a few wrecked cars and a flatbed semi kinda damaged. I though that someone was just going a little to fast in the rain, but I learned the next day that the truck driver actually had a coughing fit, passed out, and jackknifed into the cars that were parked there. One man was killed and 3 were injured. Well we went on to Llano and ate at Cooper's BBQ. That is some of the best I've ever had. I highly reccomend it if any of y'all are down in the area. So after we ate there, we went down to the playground down by the river. This was the first actual sunset I saw because the clouds always blocked it. I just tried something and thought it turned out pretty well.

    Thursday was the next time I really got any pics. That morning was really foggy with ceilings at OVC001. Wasn't all bad, though, because I went up to the airport just to see what was there and found a Katana which I have never actually seen before.
    There is actually a hill just above where the engine is maybe 1/2 mile away. That's how bad the fog was.

    There was a pretty good amount of traffic backed up on 281 because of a wreck that was just about 1/2 mile south of the airport. I had to wait about 5 minutes just to turn left out of there.

    So later that afternoon, I went to pick up my girlfriend again and I took her down to Marble Falls. We went to the park down by the river.
    There were some ducks that strayed a little too close and were driven off...

    After that and eating at the River City Grille, we stopped at the overlook near Kingsland.

    So I picked her up one more time Friday afternoon. We just came back into Burnet and ate at the Maxican. After that we went out to Buchanan dam for the sunset. I just thought I would see how this would turn out. I think it turned out pretty well.

    Well I dropped her off that night afterwards and went home to get ready for my journey back up here.
    I woke up saturday about 730 and packed. Kinda late to be packing, I know, but whatever. Me and my mom didn't get out of Burnet until aout 945. My flight was at noon out of AUS. We decided to take 281 to 71 because we thought that way would be pretty quick. It is quick as long as you don't miss your turn. There's a spot in Austin where 71 and 290 merge and split again on the east side. Apparently I missed the turnoff for 71 and stayed on 290. By then it was already 11. So we finally made it to AUS about 1125. I was beginning to stress a little bit. I just went to the curbside check-in and the lady asked if there was anyone on the noon flight to DFW. I got lucky on that part. Security was a breeze and I got to the gate with about 15 minutes to go. Ship 4XC, N9616G, was waiting for me at gate 13 under some cloudy skies.

    I had seat 17F this time around which gave me a pretty good view of AUS and the city after takeoff and a big right turn from 17R.

    We broke out of the clouds at about 8000 or so but it stayed either BKN or OVC pretty much the whole way below us.

    After about 30-35 minutes, we descended and made another huge right turn in order to make 18R at DFW.

    What made that flight interesting was that I was sitting next to a couple who were from England and were connecting to flight 70, DFW-FRA, to go work in Germany. I thought that was really cool. We just talked for a little bit and when we finally got to our gate, C26, we went our seperate ways. Lucky me my flight was only at C17, so I didn't have to go far. I stopped at Mcdonald's by gate C22 because I hadn't had anything to eat up to that point. For some reason, that was the best tasting Mcdonald's I've ever had. I had a double quarter pounder with cheese and a 6-pack of nuggets. So good. Anyways, I took my food and went to go sit by C17. It got to be about 2pm and I was starting to get a little antsy because we hadn't started boarding yet even though the plane was just a couple minutes late coming in from MIA. This time it was 738 N913AN. I haven't really been on anything other than an MD-80 since 2003. Wow. It's been a while. Anyways, we finally started boarding about 225, which was our scheduled departure time. I was on group 6 for that flight. Probably because I was one of the last ones to buy my ticket for that flight because when I did, there were only about 4 open seats. Lucky for me, though, one of them was 9F. I always go for the window. So we finally all got boarded and were waiting at the gate for a while. Apparently we had to wait on an f/a that was coming in on a flight from the northeast. So we were sitting at the gate for about 30 minutes. But that's nothing compared to what the people in the northeast had to go through friday, so I really can't complain. Well we were finally pushed back about 310pm and proceeded to taxi out to 18L.
    As we passed the old AE terminal, I had a crazy idea. They could seperate it from the action with some fences and whatnot and open it to spotters and have some sort of restaurant inside to where we can eat and run outside for some close action. I mean with action going southbound, it would be perfect. Sigh. I like to think big.

    So we finally got on our way to MSP and it was a pretty smooth ride most of the way with a few bumps here and there. Wasn't really much other traffic that I saw. Here's a couple guys racing westward.

    So we finally descended about when the snow started to show on the ground. We flew relatively close to the airport and turned to join right downwind to 12R. I was kind of dissapointed because I knew my side would be facing the sun so I really couldn't get any good shots.
    This is about the last shot I got before we faced the sun. Turning base over a frozen lake somewhere to the northwest of the airport. It looks really steep, but it really wasn't. Also kinda looks like a 757, to me at least.

    Well we finally got established on final and touched down a little hard. During the rollout we had heavy braking and alot of reverse thrust. Quite possibly the quickest landing I've experienced in terms of landing distance.

    So we finally got into E14 about 45 minutes behind schedule. I really must say she looks absolutely beautiful in this light.

    My bag was one of the first bags out at the bag claim, so I was pretty happy about that. I couldn't get hold of my some of my friends so I just had to get a cab to the hotel we were staying at. By the time I got there, though, they had already left for the game. So I just hung out in the lobby for about 4-5 hours and waited until they came back. We ended up losing to Minnesota on a lucky goal. He was clearly offsides. So yeah, we're pretty mad about that. But I made it back alright. A little frustrated, but I made it.

    Well that's my spring break for this year.

    Next up for me will be my easter trip. It'll be my first time on NW. Can't wait for it.

    Thanks for reading and enjoy the pics!

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    Great flight review, both parts. I enjoyed the photos too.


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      Great trip report & pictures! Read both parts and liked em both.

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