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  • DEN-LAS,LAS-DEN on Ted

    Me and the fam decided to go to Las Vegas for spring break. Ted was only $119 roundtrip.

    March 26, 2007
    Ted flight 1425
    Estimated flight time 1hour, 30mins

    I checked in online the night before. We arrived at DEN to find the security lines reaching out of the queues and around to baggage claim. Despite that, security went by fairly fast. Everything was going fine, until my mom realized she packed liquids in her carryon. (We didnt check bags, its only a three day trip) She was given a choice either to leave it all behind, or check it. There was a lot, so it would cost quite a bit to replace everything. I volunteered to go back and check the bag. (I know my way around DEN best) After waiting in a check in line, I asked a worker behind the counter to please check the bag for me, as the Easycheckin kiosks would not allow me to check bags. The worker simply said "Theres nothing I can do for you, I'm not a United employee".....??? I stood there with a dumbfounded look on my face as he told me to go to a different line where an actual United agent could assist me. The one woman working the line had her hands full with a woman dropping the "F" word left and right. When she was finally finished, I asked her if there was anything she could do, and she said no, and I would have to dump the liquids. (By now it was 6:40am and the flight was boarding) I should have known but I lost track of time.

    I dumped everything in a trash can, ran to security, and went through the employee line (Security gave me a pass to get past the lines)

    I got through security and got on the train. Departure gate was B29. Which was not a dual jetway. I ran to the gate and got there in time, and me and the family got on while they were completing final boarding calls.

    I was in seat 18F

    We taxied to runway 25, waited behind a WN 737, and a AS 739, then started the takeoff roll. Takeoff was quick and smooth.

    Inflight entertainment consisted of a series of shows. If i remember correctly Two and a Half Men, King of the Hill, and a music video or two. There was only a beverage service, with only cups, no cans served.

    Landing at LAS was also very smooth. We taxied to D39 and disembarked.

    Vegas was nice, but it was only hot on the 26th. The 27th, and the 28th were cold, and windy.

    We stayed at the Monte Carlo

    March 28th
    Ted flight 1406
    Departed 9:50 AM (late, I didnt check, but would estimate departure around 10:15am)
    Seat 21A

    Takeoff from LAS took a while, there was a long line of aircraft taking off and landing.
    After take-off the skies were bumpy, but we quickly rose above it, and it was relatively smooth sailing.

    Again, inflight entertainment was exactly the same, as was the one beverage service.

    Before I knew it, we were starting our descent. The captain came over and said that it was going to get rough, and asked everyone to be seated for the remainder of the flight. Flight attendants were to be seated just as we reached the end of the rockies. We hadn't even reached the outskirts of metro Denver yet.

    Boy was he right, it got very turbulent on approach. I, of course, thought it was fun but some of my fellow passengers were not enjoying the ride as much. The A320 was rocking each and every way.

    About 30 seconds before touchdown I see a woman behind me get up and run to the back row. The flight attendant proceeds to yell to her to sit down before she hurts herself. I would learn later, after we landed, that her son in the back row had thrown up....everywhere, and she was trying to give him something to clean himself up. ugh i felt bad for him, but it didnt smell too nice :/

    We were about to touchdown, and right before the wheels touched the runway, we banked to the left. This was followed by a very rough touchdown (I am assuming we landed on the left gear only at first)

    We rolled down 16R (i think) and parked at one of the new dual jetways on Concourse B (one of the gates that collapsed on a UA jet earlier today) I do not remember which gate we disembarked on, however only the front jetway was in service, the aft jetway was not being used for our flight.

    The flight attendants handled the smelly situation in the back quite well, and were professional and made the poor kid feel a little better atleast.

    Ted provided good service for the very cheap price I paid for the flight. I would reccomend Ted, as they were professional and got me where I needed to go safely, and thats all that really matters in the end.

    I also reccomend the Monte Carlo resort for anyone headed to Vegas.

    I have 4 videos aswell, if anyone wished to see them just let me know! Theres a fun one of the landing at DEN.

    Thanks for reading, if you want to know anything else about the trip just ask.
    UNITED-You're not just flying, you're flying the friendly skies.

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    Great report. By any chance did you listen to the ATC channel on the radio?

    That feature alone makes me wish Ted would come to New York. Although we all know the reason why not.


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      Originally posted by Bok269
      Great report. By any chance did you listen to the ATC channel on the radio?

      That feature alone makes me wish Ted would come to New York. Although we all know the reason why not.
      Oh ya I listened to Ch. 9 the entire way
      UNITED-You're not just flying, you're flying the friendly skies.


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