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Taking charter flying into a new dimension.

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  • a78jumper
    Air TransAt offers a small "Club TransAt" section on all their wide body Airbuses. So you are 7 across instead of crammed in like sardines 9 accross on most aircraft they fly.

    From their site:

    Welcome to Club Class

    With Air Transat you can choose between our regular Economy class or travel in superior comfort and take advantage of the exclusive privileges of Club Class in a more luxurious setting at the front of the aircraft.

    We have improved the range of services offered in Club Class to offer you even more choice and luxury. These changes make Club Class the global standard among vacation airlines. Passengers travelling in Club Class to and from Europe, Florida or Southern destinations benefit from the following advantages on all our aircraft:

    Two flight attendants dedicated to Club Class passengers

    Attentive, personalized service

    Exclusive, spacious Club cabin

    Priority baggage service

    Checked baggage: 40 kg (88 lb.) per passenger

    Carry-on baggage: 15 kg (33 lb.) per passenger

    Exclusive, rapid check-in counter in most airports

    Priority boarding

    Free headsets

    Practical travel items (European flights only)

    Canadian newspapers (with towelettes)

    Wider, more comfortable leather seats

    More leg room

    Complimentary Seat Selection Service

    Choice of gourmet meals

    Choice of select wines

    After-dinner port on European flights only

    Welcome cocktails

    Complimentary non-alcoholic beverages, snacks, and bar service

    Menu Card listing all onboard Club services

    Club Class is available on all our aircraft.

    Subject to change without prior notice.

    For more information, please contact your travel agent.

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  • brianw999
    started a topic Taking charter flying into a new dimension.

    Taking charter flying into a new dimension.

    In January/February this year my wife and I flew to the Dominican Republic for a vacation. I'm a large guy (6' tall and 280 lbs/20 stone) so we normally fly independantly using scheduled flights and book our own accommodation. It sometimes comes out more expensive but its worth it for the better seat pitch and inflight service. In fact, to be honest, we avoided charter carriers like the plague. 28/29" seat pitch just doesn't float my boat !!

    But this time it was different...We booked an all inclusive holiday with First Choice and we used them because of the advertised 33" seat pitch in standard economy. OK, so we were going to have to pay for our drinks and meals but that's not a huge drawback.

    About three weeks before departure we decided to upgrade to Premium class with 36" seat pitch, free drinks service, comfort pack and a better meal service. The upgrade cost us 219 each extra on top of the normal fare which, for a total round trip flying time of 18 hrs, seemed reasonable to me, especially as we had dedicated check-in. We actually paid an extra 5 to check in the previous day at Gatwick outbound. Good job we did as Gatwick was packed solid the next day ( Saturday )

    I have to report that the flights were all that we expected. The flights were on time, the seats very comfortable, good food and drink, (and boy, did they throw the drinks at us. Bar service whenever you wanted it.) excellent meals and very good seatback IFE. I took a look at economy and nobody seemed to be uncomfortable. Seatback IFE in economy with a slightly inferior IFE programme which could be upgraded for 5. ( Not really worth it for just 2 more films )

    First Choice have taken long haul charter flying into a new dimension and I thoroughly recommend them.

    We're off to the Dominican again in September and will probably fly ThomsonFly this time as we've bought a holiday club deal in the resort, so we're booking our own flights this time. We will, however use Thomsonfly's premium class as they're economy class doesn't come up to First Choice's standard.

    First Choice seem to be the better deal for a package but about 50 -60 more expensive than ThomsonFly if you're booking flight only. The ThomsonFly class upgrade is 189 each round trip extra for a total cost each of a bit over 500.

    The other charter operators have a lot of catching up to do !!