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Delhi - Hong Kong: Cathay Pacific (with a go-around!)

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  • Delhi - Hong Kong: Cathay Pacific (with a go-around!)

    Airline: Cathay Pacific A330 (B-CLL)

    Seat: 18 K

    Departure time: 7:20 A.M. India time (9:50 P.M. Washington time)

    Date: August 2, 2003.

    We reached the airport at 5:00 A.M, had a smooth check in (because we were travelling business class), cleared customs, and went and sat in the lounge. One hour before takeoff time, we proceeded for security check, and boarded right on time.

    My seat was huge, and it was a window seat, so double luxury. Takeoff was normal, and a while after takeoff, we were served breakfast. There was a choice of Indian omelette with chicken tikka and potatoes, spanish omelette with grilled sausages and creole potatoes, and a vegetarian option with cutlets, upma (indian food) and chana (chickpeas) with paratha. I ate the spanish omelette with sausages, and had an apple juice with it. The food was great.

    All the while with breakfast, I was watching Shanghai Knights. It's a really funny movie. We were flying at an altitude of 37000 feet, and it was basically a smooth flight, with slight turbulent patches. After Shanghai Knights, I watched Phone Booth, an amazing thriller. I really liked that movie.

    By the time phone booth finished, we were about an hour away from Hong Kong. We were served refreshments at that time. There was a choice between chilli chicken in a pita pocket or vegetables with chutney in a pita pocket. I ate the Chilli Chicken - it was great.

    Half an hour from Hong Kong, we began our descent into Hong Kong. IMO, Hong Kong has one of the most spectacular approaches in the world. All the way through the descent we saw lots of landmark Hong Kong buildings. I got some great pictures, not only of these, but of my house and school as well!

    We turned onto finals and descended past all the ships which were just next to the runway. Just as we were over the threshold, there was a wind shear, and the pilot throttled up and we took off again. That was really exciting, because it was my second go-around in 20 days (read Delhi-Bombay, Jet Airways, which will come soon). Well, we climbed fairly high, and then the pilot came on the pa, and told us not to be alarmed, and that it was a missed approach because of a wind shear just before touchdown. These wind shears at Hong Kong can be quite dangerous at times. Virgin Atlantic nearly lost one of their aircraft due to a sudden last minute wind shear.

    Anyway, we levelled off, flew a standard traffic pattern and landed uneventfully at Hong Kong Intl. airport, Taxiied off the rwy and parked at gate 28. Cleared immigration smoothly, and then went home.

    P.S. - I got a pic of how low we were just before we rose up again, but I can't post that becaise it's about 600281 or something bytes, and I dunno how to compress pictures.
    "The Director also sets the record straight on what would happen if oxygen masks were to drop from the ceiling: The passengers freak out with abandon, instead of continuing to chat amiably, as though lunch were being served, like they do on those in-flight safety videos."

    -- The LA Times, in a review of 'Flightplan'

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    Nice report Tanuj. Never been on a go-around personally but i hear they can be fun