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  • Aa Bos-lhr, Bmi Lhr-dub, El Snn-bos

    Thursday, April 13, 2006
    American Airlines Flight 156
    Boston - London/Heathrow
    Flying time: 6hrs 10mins
    Boeing 777-200
    Seat: 24J
    Gate: B33

    We got to Logan about 2hrs before departure at around 7:00am. The line at check-in was long, but moved fast. Once at the desk, check-in took two minutes. After clearing security, we stopped at Dounkin Donuts for breakfast. Then we headed to the gate were our triple seven was waiting for us. We were one of the last to board because our seats were in the forward most section of economy. Boarding was quick and before long we were airborne over the bay. Drinks and breakfast were served shortly after take off. I had orange juice and these awful apple pancakes. The pancakes came with a snack pack of cheese and crackers and M-M’s. The in-flight entertainment system was acting up, so the PTV’s weren’t turned on till about three hours after take off. I watched Sixteen Candles, then read for a little bit. Two hours out of Heathrow the pre-landing snack was served. It was AA’s typical, but good, personal sized pizza and pasta salad. Then landing cards were handed out. We touched down at Heathrow around 9pm, on-time. Then we surprisingly breezed through customs, got our bags, and boarded the tube for Kensington.

    Saturday, April 15
    BMI Flight 133
    London - Dublin
    Flying time: 1hr
    Airbus A321-200
    Seat: 28F
    Gate: 82
    We arrived at Heathrow five hours before departure time. We had spent the morning and early afternoon in central London. At the BMI ticket counter we tried getting on an earlier flight to Dublin, but are tickets were too cheap to let us do that ($63 w/tax) we couldn’t switch flights. So for three hours we wondered around Terminal 1. We had dinner in a café and then looking around in WH Smith. Then we checked-in and headed for the gate. At the gate we bought sandwiches and waited to board. Our flight was running a little late. Once aboard I realized why the tickets had been so cheap. The flight attendants looked like cleaning ladies in their uniforms, very cheap looking uniforms and unkempt. The seats and carpet were dirty and frayed. The safety card looked like it had been made on Microsoft Publisher. Although, the in-flight magazine was actually pretty good. During the taxi we saw Terminal 5 looking pretty good. Then we took off for Ireland. The Flight Attendants took their time to start the service. They were charging for drinks and snacks. The plane was not even half-full, yet they managed never finishing serving the cabin. This was an extremely disappointing flight, and followed by a hard landing we were in Ireland.

    Sunday April 23, 2006
    Aer Lingus Flight 133
    Shannon - Boston
    Flying time: 5hrs 30mins
    Airbus A330-200
    Seat: 20A
    Gate: 4?
    We had breakfast in the hotel restaurant. We were the only ones in there except for a Girl’s basketball team form Connecticut. We drove the short distance to the airport and dropped off the rental car we had picked up in Dublin. Then we boarded a shuttle for the terminal. We waited 10 minutes to check-in, but once at the desk were quickly on our way. we stopped at the gift shop and got some final souvenirs. After clearing security, we went duty free shopping. I got some Ralph Lauren cologne. Then we killed some time in the bookstore. Then we went through U.S. Customs before going through to the gate. (I thought that was odd, but I recently did the same thing in the Bahamas) Our plan was a little late arriving from Dublin, “St. Bridget” pulled up to the gate around 2pm. We boarded and found our seats right before the wing. The flight was full, however we were only 20mins late pushing back. Another Aer Lingus flight to JFK taxied behind us on the runaway. Shannon airport wasn’t very busy. There were three Aer Lingus A330s x2 to Boston & x1 to JFK. The only other planes were a parked BMI A320 and a World Airways MD-11. We took off and soon were over the ocean. Drinks were served followed by lunch. Lunch was good; chicken, salad, pasta salad, bread, and a slice of cake. Basic, but still good. Before the movie was played they showed a Dubai travel guide (EL had just started Dubai at the time) & an old Frasier episode. The movie was Rumor Has It, starring Jennifer Anniston & Kevin Costner. It was okay, a twist on Mrs. Robinson. After the movie I read and listened to my ipod. The snack was served a few hours out of Boston. It was very good I had tea & a biscuit, not bad for a short trans Atlantic flight. Landing forms were handed out and soon we were back home after another great trip to Europe.
    Meridian 777

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    Great report. What you went through at Shannon was called pre-clearance. What that does is it clears you for US customs before you land, so you dont have to clear customs at the US and can pull up to a domestic terminal. This helps with flights from Canada and the Carribean, so connections can be made easier. Ireland only has immigration pre clearance, so you still have to go through Customs and agriculture. It helps speed up the process in the US.


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      A nice report, but how come you spent just a couple of days in London?

      I have flown with bmi a number of times, my last flight being two years ago (a round trip to Paris). After they did away with the inflight service, I suspected service would go down the pan, and clearly it has. Any idea which A321 you were on?