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  • BKK to MNL on TG

    BKK- MNL





    2hrs 34mins

    Once, I'm on the airport and taking too long about the ticket from check-in the CX in MNL to pick up. There some more problem on CX ticket pick-up cuz they won't let me to out the Phillippines to HK on Aug. 24th. That's really wired the ticket for the next flight after in MNL.

    Now, got a TG ticket and rushing to the gate cuz they are boarding now to avoid miss the flight. I take a pix of plane on the gate then I go inside and the seat colour look werd cuz the red.

    We take off and crusing to 35,000. I watch the movie is crazy kangoo and its okay. Later crusing to the 41,000. I dunno cuz there is T-Storm or Typhoon over South China Sea.

    On approach to MNL airport some mods bumpy and avoid flew into the T-Storm cuz it's hit hard bumpy than outside. No spoiler deolyed and flap 15 down. Seem too long to get into the runway. Some rainy and low approach then normal landing. The landing approach with flap 15 is too long cuz the weather.

    A330-300 is a nice ride and I'm happy to sit on the window seat.

    What do you think about my flight?

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    Interesting. Sounds like my trips to MNL, but I always flew in and out on NW to NRT. There always seems to be a storm over the South China Sea, so it was always a bumpy flight. It always seems to take so long to leave Manila, evan at 5am. Evan at that hour, I have never seen so many people! Of course I'm the one who always gets stopped and gets asked a lot of questions.