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    America West 737-300

    Dirty as H*** wings and there was barf that was something crusty on my window, gum on the armrests and the magzines, and a drunk guy who was calling me a primadonna because he was sitting in my seat and I asked if i could have it back POLITELY. We were going from IAH to PHX. Dont get me wrong America West is my second favorite airline. But that was bad. And another time I was on a flight of theirs from PHX to SAN with this guy with bad B.O.!
    I was also on a UE CRJ flight from ORD to JAX. The A/C was fine but there were mentally challenged people sitting behind me were mentally challenged and they were smelly and drooling and they kept kicking my seat and and hitting it and every five minutes they said "were almost landing at jacksonville" when we finally landed they slapt me in the head with a blanket. This was a three hour flight too. I am very respectful of the menally challenged though. I just think its funny the way they do the things they do.
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      The nastiest plane I have ever flwon on would have to be a Kuwait Airways Boeing 747-200 from JFK to KWI via LHR. I was seated in the last row, next to the toilets and in the smoking section (mind you I don't smoke!) and pretty much the entire aircraft back there was in bad shape. It was disgusting! The thing was I wasn't even supposed to be on Kuwait Airways at all! My family and I were going to Bombay (BOM) on Lufthansa (LH) from JFK via FRA, and the JFK to FRA flight got cancelled so they rebooked us on Kuwait Airways! Needless to say we were very very happy once we got off the plane in Bombay, since the ordeal was over. The worst part was that the aircraft that brought us to Kuwait from LHR and JFK, was the same aircraft that took us to BOM!!!!! Bad luck I guess!

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        Originally posted by jake3525
        Sounds like me an frist are the only 1's wit nice clean rides
        Not anymore. I've never had a dirty bad flight. I honestly don't know how airlines can allow their planes to get like that, it's just shameful.
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          My worse flight was in April of this year. It was on an A320 (i believe) from Tampa to Detroit. It was Northwest. Everything seemed fine getting to the runway but when we got there it was a whole different story. The engines revved up and we were off. Then the pilot, who seemed to be on drugs at the time, started swerving down the runway. It was really weird. It probably wasn't too bad from the outside but on the inside, whoa boy, you definitely felt it. Eventually we got up (while swerving mind you) and I guess he tried to level off the wings which he did well. In-flight was ok except for a decent amount of turbulance. Landing I thought would be a horror story but it seems that he did it well and it was smooth but this was after 15 minutes of doing what seemed like 50 circles around the Detroit airport. Finally we were on final and dove in. Landing was smooth, I got off, and hoped that the last flight home would be better....and it was.