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  • RNO-SFO-SAN on United

    I'm new to this forum but I wanted to start submitting trip reports while my memory is fresh.

    My trip started from Reno, NV. I was going away on work related business so to make things easy. I took my wife and daughter with me to Lake Tahoe on Saturday June 10th to do the usual sightseeing drive around the beautiful lake. Sorta like a mini vacation.
    We stayed the night before my journey at John Ascuaga's Nugget located in Sparks, NV a neighboring suburb of Reno.

    Since I had to catch the early UA flight of the day out of Reno it only made sense to get a decent nights rest for my busy day ahead of me. Secondly we live in Fallon, NV thats a 90 minute drive to the airport imagine the time I would of had to wake up if I choose to drive from home. The hotel happenned to have a free Airport shuttle service so it's not like I needed my wife to drive me to the airport anyways. Whilst I could save them from waking up too early. Besides they planned on attending the Valhalla Renaissance fair at Lake Tahoe from our hotel in Reno/Sparks.
    In a nutshell the planning on this trip would turn out to be a win-win situation for me and my family.

    Meanwhile I would be flying to San Diego anyways while they're having fun. However I just happened to have a ticket to see the San Diego Padres vs the Seattle Mariners Inter-league game at Petco Park. I would be driving to the ballpark to watch the Seattle Mariners conduct batting practice right after I get my rental car (this would be my opportunity to see the young phenom pitcher Felix Hernandez). I managed to arrive at the airport by 4:45 AM on the hotel shuttle.

    When I made it to the United counter there was a excessively long line to check in which took me 30 mins to get through.

    Following the check in the the security checkpoint line that was another 20 minutes as well. Of course go figure a lot of schools in western Nevada had let out for the summer on Friday.

    My Trip report pictures are at this link

    Date: Sun June 10, 2007
    Segment: RNO-SFO
    Flight: UA855
    Class: Economy Plus
    Aircraft: A319
    Departure Gate: C5
    Arrival Gate: 71 in SFO
    Departs: 0621
    Arrives: 0721
    Seat: 12A (Exit Row window)

    I had a little layover so I managed to grab some breakfast at the food court in SFO.

    Date: Sun June 10, 2007
    Segment: SFO-SAN
    Flight: UA573
    Class: Economy Plus
    Aircraft: 733
    Departure Gate: 73A
    Arrival Gate: 11
    Departs: 0846
    Arrives: 1014
    Seat: 11F (Exit Row window)

    Only Caveats of the trip were that on UA flights there was no snacks not even peanuts. This concludes (part one) of my trip report....

    Any comments or questions are appreciated

    Regards Mike