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SAN-DEN-RNO on UA & Ted (By UA)

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  • SAN-DEN-RNO on UA & Ted (By UA)

    My day started off pretty hectic. I had misplaced my credit card at Pizzeria Uno on Tues evening and didn't realize it until Wed morning when I attempted to pay for breakfast. Upon calling the restaurant where I thought I had seen it last luckily they still had my credit card unfortunately since I had some last days work business to tend to before my afternoon departure back home I would have 2-2 1/2 hours to go to the restaurant to get my card, head to the rental car drop off, shuttled to the UA check in counter, and catch my flight.

    As luck would have it the agent at check in counter informed me that my original 3:05 departure SAN-RNO via SFO (plane change )would be delayed til 6:00pm. She offered to rebook me on a UA to LAX then on to a Horizon Air flight LAX-RNO, I declined though and made my way through the security checkpoint within 5 mins and subsequently made my way to the Starbucks store in the Terminal where I decided to get some food for the flight, and a grande coffee of the day.

    I sat down thinking I had all the time in the world to spot aircraft and relax for a while however once again as luck would have it I was halfway through eating my Foccacia sandwich when an announcement was made for me to report to gate 13 (UA gate) so I packed away my food and headed to gate 13 to speak with the gate agent who made the announcement.

    The gate agent informed me that I would be rebooked on the flight at this gate instead of SAN-SFO-RNO I would be traveling SAN-DEN-RNO (Must have been some serious delays in SFO). I also realized all the sudden this would be twice the overall mileage that I would receive as a Mileage plus member on my original trip, however I didn't bother to think about the seating assignments because I was just happy to get home early instead of a midnight arrival. As I entered the plane It just happened that I would be sitting in extreme steerage right between a aisle and window pax.

    A caveat of US 737 aircaft is that they don't have TV's for entertainment at least from my experiance. Being a UA flight however I would rely on UA's channel 9 radio for entertainment. So I listened to the ATC transmissions until arrival at DEN.

    Trip Pics

    Date: Wed June 13, 2007
    Segment: SAN-DEN
    Flight: UA160
    Registration: N918UA
    Load Factor: 100%
    Class: Y
    Aircraft: 735
    Departure Gate SAN: 13 (Terminal 1)
    Arrival Gate DEN: B19 (Concourse B)
    Departs: 1533
    Arrives: 1850
    Seat: 18E

    I had over a hour to kill before boarding my final segment for this trip so I gandered around the sights of DEN and stopped at the Food court for dinner in Terminal B before proceeding back to my departure gate to home in Reno.

    Date: Wed June 13, 2007
    Segment: DEN-RNO
    Flight: UA1469 (By TED)
    Registration: Dont know
    Load Factor: 70%
    Class: Y
    Aircraft: A320
    Departure Gate: B20 (Concourse B)
    Departs: 2040
    Arrives: 2153
    Seat: 8A

    Well as I have previously mentioned the UA flights don't even provide snack service (peanuts or pretzels). However TED offered snacks. The service on UA is average but because this trip was work related it's a moot point. If I had to fly cross country or leisure travel I'm going to fly CO from past experiance they were the best in the US. However I was impressed by TED those A320's are roomy and the FA's are friendly as well. It was kinda ironic that Ted had better service and feel than the legacy carrier UA.

    My next trip will be on DL in July should be fun RNO-SLC, SLC-DCA & DCA-ATL, ATL-LAX, LAX-RNO on Xjet. Hopefully I can see the new and improved DL like I have been hearing about.

    Any comments or questions are appreciated

    Regards Mike