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Delta RNO-SLC-DCA Trip (Part 1) Pics

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  • Delta RNO-SLC-DCA Trip (Part 1) Pics

    Our vacation started on July 16th we had reservations for John Ascuaga's in Sparks,NV we had a room on the 24th floor facing RNO Airport. For more on that stay

    Our day started really early as me and my wife didn't sleep much with all the exictment of a nearly X-country flight. We caught the 0430 complimentry shuttle to the airport and the line was actually fast for check-in 5-10 mins we were on our way to the security checkpoint which took another 10 mins to get through. Made it to our gate and had plenty of time to wait eventually they moved the jetway to the aircraft about 0600 as flight crews were about to board this MD-90 for its first flight of the day.

    Date: Tue July 17, 2007
    Segment: RNO-SLC
    Flight: DL 740
    Registration: N910DN
    Load Factor: 70%
    Class: T
    Aircraft: MD-90
    Departure Gate RNO: B4 (Concourse B)
    Arrival Gate SLC: D5 (Terminal D)
    Departs: 0645
    Arrives: 0908
    Seat: 13E

    What suprised me was how busy SLC was. It's a busy hub for domestic DL flights. Terminal D alone was a madhouse trying to get around not to mention I barely had time to get some Quiznos and run back to my gate as the food court was packed In summary service was great we recieved gingerbread cookies and a beverage for the short flight.

    Date: Tue July 17, 2007
    Segment: SLC-DCA
    Flight: DL 1208 (Ex-Song Jet)
    Registration: N613DL
    Load Factor: 100%
    Class: T
    Aircraft: 757-200
    Departure Gate D1
    Arrival Gate DCA: Gate 19
    Departs: 1017
    Arrives: 1623
    Seat: 24A
    Unfortunaltey my window was dirty as you can tell by the pics they came out a little hazy.

    The flight was good with only one caveat. I could only get 1/2 of the Dish Network channels to work. Also the F/A told me to watch the movies I just needed to to swipe my credit card obviously but I couldn't get the movie(s) to work after doing so. I just gave up and watched a few channels and the map. On a positive note the F/A's announced that this was the new DL IFE system. Also I noticed the seats were fairly brand new leather (Hardly any wrinkles)

    Any comments or questions are appreciated

    Regards Mike

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    Awesome photos and flight reviews, all three of them. I especially liked your in-transit photos showing how the terminals and concourses look like. Makes me want to hop on a UA jet and fly to DEN.


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      Great report, but the picture links won't work.


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        Originally posted by Crunk415balla
        Great report, but the picture links won't work.
        Really? Try this link I tried the link and it's working for me.