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8 segments in 7 days 14 hours

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  • 8 segments in 7 days 14 hours

    Not only that but throw in 4 days of work in the middle and it makes for one very tired traveler.

    Segment #1
    KAVL - KCLT US Airways Express 2331 Seat 12A N253PS 9-2-07

    Nothing spectacular about this segment as it was only 20 miniutes in the air from Asheville to Charlotte fortunatly i had both seats for myself in this little CRJ-200

    Segment #2
    KCLT - TNCM US Airways 877 Seat 1F N929UW 9-2-07

    Yes i flew to St. Maarten in 1st class about the only way i enjoy flying as i am 6'4" tall with the build of a pro football lineman. The flight was oversold due to cancelations to the carribean the previous day due to Hurricane Felix. A couple of passengers took the bump that included hotel and meals in Charlotte, First class ticket on the next day flight and a free round trip voucher.

    The departure was delayed by about 20 mins due to a few passengers that checked baggage did not board the plane. once there bags were removed from the baggage hold we were on our way. with a departure to the North when we turned downwind i was offered a great view of downtown Charlotte.

    The meal was a Chicken and Pasta dish that was quite tasty and filling the only part i did not care for was the desert of Cheese Cake ( personal choice ) the other meal was a chicken on salad dish. The inflight Movie was "Next" interesting movie except for the audio was quite muffled. Upon landing at SXM i made a quick dash to customs and Ace Rent-a-Car hoping that i could get down to Maho in time for the landing of KLM's MD-11. If only we were not delayed by 20 mins in CLT i would have made it with time to spare. So instead i went to the Maho Beach Resort got my room 1796. Relaxed a bit then hit the beach. This shot was taken from my room Balcony


    Monday was a flight free day and spent the morning exploring the island and the afternoon getting sunburnt to a crisp back at Maho.

    Segment #3
    TNCM - KCLT US Airways 1422 Seat 2F N932UW 9-4-07

    Tuesday morning was spent around the resort pool and beach after checking out i moved over to the Sunset Beach Bar and captured this image.


    Then after this AA jet landed it was time to turn in the rental and head off to the terminal. the inbound flight from CLT was delayed but the agent stated that they were going to try for a quick turnaround and get me back to KCLT. So off thru security and into the main terminal where i almost ended up buying a bunch of watches but decided against it as i have a new Nikon D-300 on order. the only delay in boarding was a secondary bag search in the jetway. We departed 10 mins late not to bad for a flight that arrived nearly 40 mins late.

    The return flight had the same flight crew on board as the Sunday flight. So i had several conversations with the F/A's to pass the time away. The meal was the same except for the sauce was quite watery this time. in flight movie was "Oceans 13"

    Segement #4
    KCLT - KAVL US Airways Express 4183 Seat 7A N938HA 9-4-07

    After getting thru Customs including a bag search and going thru gate security i made it to my gate with about 5 mins to spare before boarding the tiny little Dash-8 . After finding places to put my small camera bag and carry on bag and shoehorned myself in the the tiny row of seats, we were off to Asheville the worse part of a Dash-8 is the constant drone of the engines. Upon touch down i bolted off the plane grabbed my truck and made it home by midnight as i had to get up at 8 for 4 straight days of work with a stinging, peeling sunburn.

    Segment #5
    KAVL - KCLT US Airways Express 2342 Seat 11F N218PS 9-8-07

    Off to Charlotte again after working all day long including thru lunch i had 55 mins to get from work to the airport thru security and onto the full flight. I made it with time to spare even though the WNC fair was being held right across from the Airport. upon arrival to CLT i grabbed a bite at Phillips Seafoom in the terminal then on to the gate for my next flight.

    Segment #6
    KCLT - KORF US Airways 930 Seat 3A No Reg # 9-8-07

    Once on our way to Norfolk, Va i kicked back and tryed to catch a quick nap as there was no IFE on the 737-300 but the flight was quite bumpy from TS Gabriella off the NC coast. On the ground I got my Rental from Hertz drove to Va. Beach got my room at the Travellodge Suites. I was not expecting the room to be like the Maho Beach Resort but this room was so run down it made a Red Roof Inn look like a Marriott. Oh well i was tired after a brief stroll around VA. Beach i died.

    The next morning it was off to the NAS Oceana Airshow where Gabriella was doing her best to ruin my day with off and on rain, low clouds and then clear skys the Air show was in chaos. After a major shower around 1PM i decided that i had enough called it a day drove around Va. Beach some then back to the airport. I still managed to catch close to 600 shots at the Airshow.

    Segment #7
    KORF - KCLT US Airways Express 3673 Seat 2F N654AW

    What can i say i was stuck on another packed full CRJ-200 But some how Air Wisconsin Makes the seats on a PSA CRJ-200 look like first class. On top of that the Flight Attendant was as dingy as a California Bleach Blonde. Upon arrival to CLT ot was off to the Fox Sports Bar for a meal.

    Segment #8
    KCLT - KAVL US Airways Express 2511 Seat 2F N228PS

    I cannot believe i am saying this but it felt good to sit in the Leather seats of this CRJ-200. Flight nothing spectacular other than the ATC sending us perhaps 10 miles downwind before vectoring us up for final.

    Ahh it feels good to be home with no flight planned in the near future.
    Robin Guess Aviation Historian, Photographer, Web Designer.