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ICT-CVG-TYS-ATL-ICT with Delta/Delta Connection

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  • ICT-CVG-TYS-ATL-ICT with Delta/Delta Connection

    July 30
    Delta Connection 5809 operated by Comair
    615-909 (On time)
    After getting to Mid-Continent later than I wanted to, I entered the terminal finding a pretty good-sized line at the Delta counter but the line was moving at a decent pace so I got through after not too long of a wait. Since I didn’t have too much extra time I decided to head straight to my gate. After passing security without a hitch (or additional screening), I went through the corridor that leads to the West Concourse gates which are used by Delta, AirTran, Frontier JetExpress, and United. I found Frontier’s gate to be amusing since it still had the US Airways logo on it with Frontier’s logo on a banner and the seating area with only about 20 seats. Obviously this used to be US Airways Express’ gate for their 1900D flights to MCI before they ended service. I got to a crowded Delta gate area with passengers waiting for a flight to Dallas as well as my flight to Cincinnati, but I managed to find a seat. After waiting for a little while, they announced boarding and I was one of the first ones up.

    I got on board the CRJ and noticed that this one was another one in the ’97 livery. I took my seat at 9A and put my bag in the overhead. This flight got pretty full before doors closed and we got on our way to the runway. Despite sitting in row 9, I still found the CRJ takeoff to be extremely quiet, even too quiet. People who enjoy loud jets would probably not be able to stand this aircraft. Since I’ve flown on this flight a couple times before, there wasn’t really anything new to me. We got the standard beverage and snack offerings after cruising in which I chose bottled water, no ice, and pretzels which weren’t too bad. This flight wasn’t too long before we started our descent, passed CVG, went over the Ohio River, and made a sharp right bank for a landing in CVG. We stopped quickly and turned towards the C Concourse for deplaning at C66.

    After exiting the corridor into the terminal area, I decided to go to Concourse B just to look around even though changing concourses wasn’t necessary this time. B and C are both very nice concourses in CVG. I grabbed a Cinnabon and watched the bank of MD-88s, 737s, and CRJs depart. I made my way back to the bus stop to go back to Concourse C. I got back to Concourse C and sat in the gate area for my flight to Knoxville. I noticed a roped-off group of seats that had a sign “DCA Passengers Only” in front. I wondered why DCA passengers needed a separate seating area, probably security reasons. Soon, they were announcing boarding for my flight and as the passengers grouped around the podium, I noticed the Southern accents. After passing through the podium, we went down the corridor to gate C72 for boarding.

    Delta Connection 5943 operated by Comair
    1105-1205 (On time)
    As I came on board, I noticed the crew in good spirits joking around with each other and the passengers. It seemed like everyone was in a good mood on this flight. I also noticed that this CRJ was in the new ‘Deltaflot’ livery (which has really grown on me). This CRJ also had a different interior which looked more newer and modern compared to the other Comair CRJs I’ve been on with different seats and overhead lights and a/c. I sat in 4D. After pushing back, we made our way to the runway and took off on our 30 minute flight to Knoxville. Another uneventful and pleasant flight. After the standard beverage and pretzel offerings, we were on our descent to Knoxville, passing over the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains and we landed in TYS shortly after.

    We got off through a jetway with an adaptor bridging the space between the jetway and the aircraft. When I got into the terminal I was surprised by the really modern and fresh looking terminal.

    August 6
    1210-101PM (On time)
    As I entered the terminal, I found a huge crowd at the Delta counter. It turns out that there was a tour group which I found out after speaking with one of its members. I decided to hop in the line for the kiosks since it seemed a lot shorter than the lines for the counters. After checking myself in, I sat around the terminal for a while since I had a couple hours before my departure.

    Shortly after that, I made my way into the corridor leading to security and the concourses with the neat fountain looking like a stream in the Smokies. After passing through security without a hitch, I made my way into the concourse and got myself a newspaper and found one of the rocking chairs they have throughout the airport and read the paper while getting some good views of a couple departures. I also noticed a United Express Jetstream 41 parked in front. I headed back to Gate 5 where I noticed a packed gate area but there were empty seats in adjacent gates that weren’t used by any airline so I took a seat there. Boarding soon began and I got on board with the second group of coach passengers. I got onboard and took a seat at 26A, an exit row. It seemed that there wasn’t that much extra room; maybe it just seemed that way since I had to use the space under the seat in front to store my bag since the overheads were crammed. We pushed back and took off with a more louder and powerful takeoff compared to the CRJs. After a pretty turbulent climb, we leveled off for a short amount of time.

    I didn’t see an FA in the cabin during the flight and during this 30 minute flight, we had no service. We made our descent over the Atlanta area and had a Delta 737-800 shadow us on approach. We landed and waited on the taxiway for a few minutes before we could make our taxi to gate B28 where we deplaned.

    After getting off the plane, I thought it would be a good idea to just head straight to Concourse C even though I usually dislike the concourse. I thought there was an underground tunnel that lead straight to C near my gate but I couldn’t find it. I went to the centerpoint area to find out on the display that my flight would be delayed for 20 minutes. I thought about looking at another concourse but I didn’t think it would be a good idea. Instead I went to C via the tram and I looked around for something to eat nearby. I wanted something different than the Wendy’s I usually go to in C, so I ventured over to the AirTran section of the concourse and grabbed myself a cheesesteak sandwich and some fries which were surprisingly good. After heading back to my gate and checking the display to see that my gate would be C33, I found no flight to Wichita leaving C33 and looked at an adjacent monitor to see “C27” flashing next to “ICT”. Welcome to ATL. I went back to C27 and had a seat and looked out at the ramp. I saw a DC-9-30 in Northwest’s new livery which doesn’t look too bad in person. Soon, boarding began and we proceded down the metal stairs down to the ground level and through the maze of canopies.

    This was another one in the ’97 livery I noticed. I got on board and took my seat at 8D. I noticed the shoddy condition of the interior with some seat rips, a crumpled-up window shade that I struggled to open, and interior trim peeling off around the exit door. The captain greeted us by saying that storms were quickly moving into the area and we would probably be sitting around on the taxiway for an hour or so. After beginning our taxi, the captain announced a change of plans, we would quickly depart to the South and take an extra 30 minutes to fly around the storms. We did so, and we had a pretty turbulent takeoff and it stayed like that for an hour into the flight. It cleared up afterwards and we got the standard service of pretzels and beverages with my usual bottled water with no ice and pretzels. From there, it was pretty uneventful with an arrival into ICT from the southeast past McConnell AFB and over the massive DeBruce grain elevator.

    We went up the stairs and into a crowded concourse. I noticed an AirTran 717 coming in as well as an America West Express CRJ-700. There were tons of people in the concourse and many sitting on the floor alongside the walls. The terminal was also packed with tons of people in front of the baggage carousel. They were using our carousel for different flights, I noticed. After not too much waiting, my bag got on the belt and I was off on my way home.

    Overall, a good trip. Great on the way there and okay on the way back. The Comair flights were very pleasant with friendly and more attentive service than on the mainline flight and the ASA flight. CVG is more pleasant to connect in than ATL it seems, also. Hope you enjoyed this report.

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    gr8 report! Enjoyed reading it.

    Happy Flying!