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Flying in a wheel chair: SLC-DEN and back

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  • Flying in a wheel chair: SLC-DEN and back

    United SkyWest SLC-DEN on a CRJ200:
    I arrived at the airport at around 6:40am (MST) and proceded to the United check in counters. I just used the E-checkin and scanned my passport, selecked my seat, 12A, in the back of the plane at a window seat. Security was fine and I walked to my gate. I boarded and we were on our way (on time). The flight was fine, only 50 minutes in the air. The beverage service came, I just had apple juice, but I was a little disappointed that we didnt get a small snack, like on other airlines. The flight attendant was polite and the plane was fairly clean. We touched down and taxied to our gate, which was at the very end of the terminal, and did not have jetways. It took some 20 minutes to walk all of the way down the concorse and then take the train to the bagage claim.

    United SkyWest DEN-SLC on a CRJ200:
    This time around I arrived at the airport needing a wheel chair after I dislocated my knee. A man arrived with a wheel chair, but it turned out he was from delta and he couldnt take me over to the united check in desk. He was quite rude and I could hardly understand him because of his accent. I finally got a united weel chair and checked in at the E-check in counter. Then a differet guy came and pushed me on the wheel chair. He was also forign, and he kept singing this weird song that got annoying. We went down to security, got to cut in line, but then had to wait in a wheel chair line with 3 or 4 very old people. I was wonded down and hopped on the train to concorse B. The same annoying guy pushed me to my gate. The employees who borded me were nice. They let me get on 10 minutes before anyone else. When I got on the plane the Flight attendant let me sit in the front at a window, even though I was suppoed to sit in the middle of the plane. She was very poilte. After the plane boarded we took off as usual and had an uneventful ride. When I arrived there was a wheel chair waiting for me in Salt Lake. The lady was kind and wheeled me to bagage claim. She was way nicer than any of the poeple in Denver.

    I was able to get back home before dark. Now I hobble around in crutches and have to get a MRI on thursday. But I am still thankfull to all of those emplyoees (the kind ones anyway) who helped me get home.

    Sorry for the small image sizes

    In SLC before my departure (not my plane):

    Leaving SLC (not my plane):

    My plane (in DEN):

    Leaving DEN:
    Will C.

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    Well I'm glad to hear you had a half way decent trip. How's the knee?