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  • Airbus_A320
    hah, welcome to life on the mainland!

    But yeah, that's United for ya, at least they have channel 9 and got you to where you wanted to be, can't really ask for much more than that.

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  • ASpilot2be
    started a topic My United Experience

    My United Experience

    Last weekend I flew to Las Vegas for a few days. This was my first time on United, and here are some notes about my experience.

    • Plane pulled into the gate on time, let everybody off.
    • We soon boarded the aircraft. I am used to flying Alaska where they board by rows, and not seating number. So this was a little different. Nonetheless, we were soon all aboard.
    • I ended up with a middle seat in the very last row of the 737-300. Definently not the roomiest aircraft ever.
    • We were soon airborne, and the inflight service soon started. For a two hour flight all we got were drinks . The only time we saw the FAs were when they were passing out drinks, or during the pre-landing checks. Otherwise they just stood in the back and gossiped.
    • Unfortunately my drink finally kicked in right after the seatbelt sign was turned on. Just my luck that there was still an aircraft at our gate, and I had to sit there and wait.
    • Finally got off, and ran off to find a bathroom, and then some food.
    DEN-LAS(Operated by TED)
    • This was my first Airbus flight.
    • We boarded on time, and actually got everybody on early. However we had to wait for the delivery of drinks, and somebody to clean the pilots windows.
    • Apparently while waiting in the terminal the wind really picked up. Right after take off we were in moderate turbulence. It was definently a wild ride. 747s were reporting moderate at well above FL300. Needless to say the FAs stayed seated for a while. Soon they were up and were passing out drinks. These FAs were a major improvement over the first flights FAs.
    • The seats on TED are actually kinda nice. There was also alot of legroom. However anything is an improvement over the 737-300.
    • Soon we were starting our descent into LAS and the pilots asked the FAs to be seated due to the 50mph winds
    • It was definently a rough ride down. The pilot definently chopped and dropped and set us down. We taxiied to the gate and disembarked.
    • In LAS you ride a monorail to your concourse. Unfortunately when I went down to catch the monorail to the main terminal I found a huge crowd of people. Apparently power died to them and they were trying to fix them. With a DL767 having arrived just before us, it took about three trips to finally empty the place out.
    LAS-DEN(Operated by TED)
    • This flight left at 6AM, so I woke up at 2:30AM and caught the 3:30AM shuttle to the airport. I noticed nobody was at the ticket counter, and there was a line forming so I used an Easy checkin. I soon had my tickets and went to security. I was the only one in line
    • I breezed through, and went to catch a monorail over to the D-gates.
    • I was at the gate by 4AM
    • 5:30AM rolled around and we boarded, pushed back, and at 6AM we were in the air. The air was far calmer today
    • The flight was relatively enjoyable. Didnt see alot of the FAs, however they were far more present than on the first flight.
    • We rolled into Denver on time, and I went to find some food.
    • I did some studying. Then I realized I had better find out what gate I was leaving from. Turns out I was at the other end of the concourse. It took me twenty minutes to get there I finally got there and watched traffic for a while.
    • 11:30AM rolled around and we boarded. I was pleased to find I was seated in Economy Plus There was alot of legroom.
    • We were soon off. This time we got snacks Before I knew it, we were pulling into the gate in Spokane. I got off and went and caught my bus back to school.
    Being my first time on United I didnt know what to expect. I wasnt too impressed, however I would definently fly them again. But I will stick with Alaska for now