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MYT195/6 MAN - FUE 17 Oct - 24 Oct.

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  • MYT195/6 MAN - FUE 17 Oct - 24 Oct.

    Well here if my first flight review. so please be nice

    Flight Details
    Date: 17 October 2007.
    Departure Airport: Manchester International (MAN/EGCC) Terminal 1
    Airline: Mytravel.
    Flight: MYT195
    Equipment: A321-200
    Registration: G-DHJH
    Departure Gate: 22
    Destination Airport: Fuerteventura Puerto Del Rosario, (FUE/GCFV) Terminal A
    Seat: 21A
    Scheduled Departure: 15:55
    Actual Departure: 16:03
    Scheduled Flight Time: 4:20
    Actual Flight Time: 3:50
    Scheduled Arrival: 20:20 (GMT)
    Actual Arrival: 19:45 (GMT)

    Well. Here is my report on Mytravel. We booked this holiday back in feburary 2007 for me and my family to Fuerteventura.

    We arrived at the airport at 1PM for a 3:55 Departure as we like to get there earlier.

    Here is the Mytravel signs for check-in.

    There was a bit of a que at check-in but that was hassle free. We were given boarding cards and we had. 21ABCDEF. With me at the window seat as usual. We then passed through security and it was packed! It took us a good 20 mins to pass through and then duty free shopping. I know most of the people i was going on holiday with were girls.

    Here is the view from the window at the lounge.

    We were called for boarding at 15:10 as they told us they would like to get everyone on board as it will be more efficent. i eventually found my seat and found it to be a bit cramped but the usual as you expect with short-haul charters.

    Here we are at the gate.

    And here is the cabin of G-DHJH.

    Well we pushed back at around 15:57 and made the taxi to runway 05 whilst the saftey video was playing.

    Here is the view just after takeoff.

    The climb lasted around 20 mins and then the seatbelt sign was switched off and the cabin crew came around with the first drinks service. I opted for a Pepsi .

    Then the movie came on and today it was Spiderman 3 :rolleyes:. My eyes were just stuck out of the window and listening to my ipod . Then the meal service was carried out at around 16:40. It was Chicken and Leek With Veg

    A quick pic.

    Here we are at crusing height. Around FL340.

    Then duty free came around and MYT do this thing where you pre-pay for your duty free items and on your return flight you are guaranteed sitting together and your duty-free items will be on the seat. However this wasn't the case. ( Will tell you what happned when you read down ).

    I read my magasine that I bought at the airport Airliner World. Whilst listening to my ipod. Then before i knew it the captain was on the PA telling us he was staring the descent into FUE.

    Heres a pic of the sunset.

    I have got a vid of the landing. Will post on youtube later.

    We landed at around 19:43 and was a rarther hard landing. we taxied to a remote stand and everyone piled up to leave the aircraft. I was waiting till last to take a few pics but my camera battery died and the batteries were packed in my suitcase.

    Over all. A very nice flight with MYT indeed

    After a week of sun in Costa Caleta it was time to come home .

    Flight Details
    Date: 24/5 October 2007.
    Departure Airport: Fuerteventura Puerto Del Rosario, (FUE/GCFV) Terminal A.
    Airline: Mytravel / GIRjet.
    Flight: MYT195
    Equipment: B757-200
    Registration: EC-JTN
    Departure Gate: 7
    Destination Airport: Manchester International (MAN/EGCC) Terminal 1.
    Seat: 22C
    Scheduled Departure: 21:20
    Actual Departure: 23:12
    Scheduled Flight Time: 4:00.
    Actual Flight Time: 3:50.
    Scheduled Arrival: 01:20 (GMT)
    Actual Arrival: 03:02 (GMT)

    Not alot off pics as it was a night flight. Sorry

    We were picked up from the Barcelo Club El Castillo at 18:35 for the short 10 min hop to FUE. Whilst stopping at numerous hotels to pick up more passengers. Our coach was picking up passengers for 3 Mytravel flights. Manchester (ours), Cardiff and Birmingham.

    We arrived at the airport around 18:55 and our travel rep made a short hop inside the airport and said that there was a 2 hour delay on the Manchester flight.

    We arrived at check-in and we were given a letter saying that we will be traveling on a GIRjet 757-200. And that it will be a 2 hour delay and will be taking off at 11:15. A few groans and abusive language but not alot. At this point we were all wondering if we were going to get our duty free. We passed through security with a breeze and were soon at the upstairs departure lounge and went outside to find a table. The airport was PACKED.

    We were all hungry by this moment in time and we went to LA Bogetta to find there was a HUGE que. We were waiting there for a good 30 mins and it cost us for 6 people 45Euro.

    I Went to get a cup of tea from Burger Bar and sat down with my family waiting for my flight to be called. About 10:15 Ec-JTN touched down from manchester as MYT195 2 hours delayed. At 22:45 we were called for boarding at gate 7. We listened to the manual saftey demo in broken english so nobody could hear what they were saying. Not to be rude.

    Everything was free but no hot drinks and none of our duty free . I slept for most of this flight and listened to my ipod as we were all tired. I woke up at around 40 mins to go and read my grandmas OK magasine. I know im sad but i was bored.

    MYT195 touched down on Manchesters soil at 3:02 on runway 23. I didnt even feel the landing and as soon as i know it were passing the AVP and looked at concorde as she was shining brightly against purple lights. We departed on a remote stand and were bussed to baggage reclaim.

    Legroom of EC-JTN.

    Seats of EC-JTN.

    Looking Forward.

    Engine Of EC-JTN.

    Thankyou for reading my trip report. We did have a fantastic time in Fuertecentura and I reconmend it to anybdy who wants a relaxing holiday.

    We did in the end contact Mytravel and they have put back the money in my grandmas bank account. We would fly Mytravel again but they are merging to be the Thomas Cook Group so I will definately have to try them.

    Thankyou Again.


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