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MHT-EWR-FLL-EYW November 10

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  • MHT-EWR-FLL-EYW November 10

    Thought I'd throw together a quick trip report:

    MHT-EWR-FLL-EYW 11/10

    This trip was a chance to utilize some of my CO OnePass Miles, as there actually was availability during the long weekend. Stopovers included FLL, where I havent been through in long time, if ever, and EWR, an obiligatory connection on any CO flight. I intentionally booked in to get reasonable time at each connection, in order to get some good shots. On the way down, every flight was on time, if not a few minutes early.


    It was still very early, but I still managed a couple shots as the sun was rising. I would have gotten a better shot of the Colgan Air plane if I haven't been invited to turn my camera off by the flight attendant. This was the time for that to happen, as I already have enough MHT shots.

    Classic Comair logo and late 90's DL colors

    Colgan Air

    Flight was relatively quick, soon after take off, we were served orange juice and descending into cloudy EWR.

    Although photo conditions weren't ideal, PaintShop Pro's "Fade Correction" feature does wonders on shots taken through windows in dreary conditions.

    CO 777 - worth editing for submission??

    Why is there Air traffic congestion in NYC Area?

    Although the weather wasn't the best for photos, I did get to redeem my Free Day Pass at the Presidents Club. This came with the renewal of my CO/Chase card...

    The PC was a great change from the normal connecting routine, but would be fare more enjoyable later in the day when taking advantage of the free drinks. It did provide a great view and some light breakfast items and fruit for the taking.


    From Newark, it was then on to Sunny Ft. Lauderdale. Weather was much better, and I managed to get some shots from the Hibiscus garage. I will be uploading many shots in the next few weeks, but I'll put some here too:
    Window was filthy on the outside, but I was able to find the clear spots to shoot through...
    Terminal 1
    Terminal 1 from the parking garage
    DL 764 on finals

    From there, it was on to EYW in the Beech1900, operated by CO Codeshare partener Gulfstream Airways. Here's one more FLL shot through the dark tinted window of the 1900:


    Arrived right on time in Key West, after a long day of flying and taking pictures. It looks like there is finally going to be a new terminal. Even though the existing one was remodeled ~10 years ago, it is now overdue and the construction is coming along...

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    And you even managed to get a picture of me and a bunch of kids in my dorm heading back to MCO on N517NK


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      Originally posted by Crism
      And you even managed to get a picture of me and a bunch of kids in my dorm heading back to MCO on N517NK
      There was a Spirit A319 that almost landed but came too close to a departing AirTran 717. Wonder if that was your plane coming in...


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        Not sure. We came in the same day on N508NK with no name. I don't think you were there at 9:30am yet though.


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          Glad to hear I inspired such a wonderful report. Keep 'em coming.



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            Pellegrino , we took off in front of the Citrus 717....member, Ki Kay tagged me in the 1L jumpseat :-p... that was a fun trip but yea i have the exact time, we were off at 1519 if that helps...see keeping records do help no matter how much you make fun of me..

            Galley Queen


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              Ok Jumpseat Princess haha. I didn't know that was the Trizzle behind us