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SIN-TPE-SIN on CI (pics)

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  • SIN-TPE-SIN on CI (pics)

    SIN-TPE-SIN on CI (pics)

    Hi all,
    i just returned from a trip to taipei just now (19nov) on CI661 . This is my first attempt at writing a detailed trip report with pictures. I apologized for the spelling of the words, the quality of the pictures and for not resizeing the pictures.
    The trip started when my dad booked a 7 day taiwan tour. The day finally arrived and i did some packing .
    We booked a cab via the phone and we head towards the lobby of my house . We thought of going to terminal 2 for breakfast before going to terminal 1 to check in. We went to crystal jade and ate Dim Sum, After eating, we walked over to swensens for some desert, walked over to the skytrain and went over to terminal 1 to check in.

    Terminal 2

    Terminal 2 from Crystal Jade

    At the check in counter, we requested for a windowseat but there was'nt any , so i thought that it was a full flight.
    After getting our 3 pieces of luggage checked in, we walked over to immigration and went through it. My dad and sis went to shop while my mum and i went to the rest areas to rest . Onced there, i noticed VN's VN-A345 at gate D32 while an IX plane sits beside it.

    As i sat there looking, i noticed lights coming out of the sky, i guess it was a normal aircraft landing, as it came closer, it turned out to be A380!!
    i quickly zoomed my lousy camera at the a380 but the picture was of bad quality.
    no harm posting it,

    A380 landing!

    After that, we headed to gate D41 to board CI 662 to TPE,at D41, the queue was long but it was moving fast. After going through the security check, we were invited to board as the other passengers had already boarded.
    As i walked down the jetway, i looked closely at the nose wheel and i saw B-18310. B-18310 would bring me to TPE today.

    12 November 2007
    China Airlines
    Flight: CI 662
    Aircraft : A330-302
    Registration: B-18310
    Departure Gate : D41
    Arrival Gate : A6
    Seat: 30G

    The aircraft was fairly new as it was only 1 year old being delivered on 2006-01-02
    I settled down at my seat and took a pic of the PTV


    As we begin Pushback, the safety video was being played on the PTV

    seat pocket.

    safety card (front)

    Safety card (back)

    Leg Rest


    We took off behind a SQ772 as seen from the foward view cam .
    we rotated of the runway very loudy but as we were airborne, it became less noisy.
    After take off , reached our crusing altidute, the FA's went around with drinks as i played with the PTV.
    The PTV had touch screen and it was a nice feature.


    flight information.

    flight information.

    foward view cam





    After the FA's went around with duty free , a few minutes later , they came out with dinner.
    The dinner consist of Chicken with potatos Or Fish with rice.
    i chose Chicken with Potatos for my dinner.

    The food (the rice was from my mum)

    The Food was O.K but the chicken was hard and the potatos were hard too.


    I walked around the cabin and took a blury shot of the cabin as there was turbulence


    I then went to the toilet and of course, took some pics

    I could'nt take anymore pictures as my Camera went out of battries .
    We landed very hard on TPE and taxiied to gate A6 .

    My Ticket

    I spent 8 nice days in the whole of taiwan, having travelled from taipei to hua lien then to kaoshiung , tainan, taichung etc.

    I woke up at 5.30 this(19 november) morning as we had to leave at 6 for the airport.
    i finished some packing, changed, brushed my teeth and checked out.
    I handed my luggage to the tour guide and i boarded the bus bound for TPE .
    After the luggages were loaded onto the bus, we were on the way to the airport

    taken from the bus



    We got our luggages ( 3 luggages, 2 big box, 2 small box, one painting and a pot.)
    The tourguide got everrything settled and we checked in out luggages.

    Flight information.

    checkin counter

    We went through the usual immigration, checks etc. My parents and sister went to eat while i walk around before going back to eat.
    After eating, we headed towards gate A9 to Board CI661 for Singapore.
    As i looked through the window , i noticed that the aircraft, B-18311, The fruit scheme, would bring me to SIN

    front view.

    being prepared for our flight

    another CI aircraft.

    CI aircraft


    Bingo!! 3 aircraft in one shot.

    Gate a9

    front shot


    We boarded the Aircraft and i walked towards my seat , 37B , but i sat at 37A.
    19 November 2007
    China Airlines
    Flight: CI 661
    Aircraft : A330-302
    Registration: B-18311
    Departure Gate : A9
    Arrival Gate : D44
    Seat: 37B
    i'll let the pics do the talking.
    I sat down on my seat and begin taking photos.

    my seat.


    mighty winglet


    pushback #2


    JAL aircraft

    UA Aircraft

    holding short

    Holding short for EVA AIR CARGO MD-11


    TAKE OFF !


    still climbin

    above the clouds


    After the FA's finish serving drinks, duty free, they came with food.
    Choice of Chicken With Potatos OR fish with rice.
    I chose Chicken with potatos and it was much better then the one on CI662


    chicken with potatos

    my mum's fish with rice


    flying through the clouds

    The Captain came on the PA and told us that he had recieved weather news of a thunderstorm in singapore and we had to circle the airport and our estimated arrival time would be 14:15pm but we landed in 14:14pm

    approaching rainy singapore


    about to touch down

    touch down!

    SQ planes

    QR plane


    parked at gate.

    My ticket.

    Thanks for reading my trip report . I hope u like it but i really apologize for the bad quality of the pics.
    I DONT Travel often as i'm still schooling.
    i am interested in aviation

    Airports Visited

    Singapore Airlines, Asiana, Qantas, China Airlines, Japan Airlines.

    B777-200er, B767-300, B747-400, A321,A330-300.

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    Interesting reading for sure. Given the experience, I understand you could have been overcome by emotion at time
    Thanks for visiting
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