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DL Connection: OKC-DFW-AUS, Aug 4th

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  • DL Connection: OKC-DFW-AUS, Aug 4th

    Note: All times local. Dep and Arr times are gate arr and dep times.

    Date: Aug. 4th.
    Flight: DL Connection-Chautauqua 6490; OKC-DFW
    Scheduled dep: 9:30a.m.
    Actual dep: 9:25a.m.
    Scheduled arr: 10:30a.m.
    Actual arr: 10:27a.m.
    Seat: 12A
    Aircraft: ERJ-135
    Dep weather: Partly cloudy. 85F, winds from the SE at 10mph.
    Arr weather: Mostly sunny. 92F, winds from the SSE at 10mph.

    Got picked up by N524DA for the ride to the airport. Took I-35 N and then the Shields boulevard. Then I-240 west. We were greeted by the morning rush hour traffic, and now the I-35/I-240 area is a construction zone mess , so we bypassed that completely. On the way, saw the early morning DL MD 88 head out to ATL. After that, the WN 732 flight from DAL came in. As we pulled off the highway, we saw a Planet 722 sitting on the cargo ramp! Thanks to N524DA for snapping a pic of that and helping me identify the airline. As we approached the terminal, there was a montage of planes sitting on the GA ramp. I started snapping away: Alitalia M80, TWO NW 722s (I was very excited, as NW has now retired their 722s and I had never had the opp to get a pic of those), a Champion Air 722 and several UAX DO 328 props and a private 721 w/ winglets (which, btw, has been there for over two months). Got dropped off on the dep side of the new transportation plaza (the dep and arr ramps have been closed for construction) and I headed off into the terminal. Check-in was a breeze as there were only a few people ahead of me for the SLC departure. After that, I gave my checked bag for additional screening and headed off for security check. The line for Concourse C was quite long, but it was moving pretty quickly. But I didn't even care, because there was a WN 73G in new colors right outside!! WOOHOO. For the next 15 minutes, I patiently waited to snap a pic or two of the 73G, as the TSA agents perfromed a full sec check of my shoes and waved the wand. After that, I was free to roam about the 8-gate concourse. The WN 73G got pushed back for dep to MCI, MDW and DTW. As it headed out to 17R, I snapped two pics. Turns out, things were only abt to get better. I saw an Eagle 145 dep for DFW, followed by an AA M80 for STL. Another WN aircraft taxied in from the overnight pad and came in at gate C3 for a dep to STL. The Planet 722 passed by for dep from the western parallel. And then, I couldn't believe it. One of the WN Shamu's came in from the overnight pad! (N507SW) My first Shamu pic! It later headed out to HOU. The DL 733 (scheme #3) left the gate for a flight to SLC. My plane to DFW came in on the western runway as well. As it approached gate C2, I snapped a pic of it including a UPS 722 in the new cs. Awesome! Boarding was announced at 8:50a.m. and was completed by 9:05a.m. After 15 minutes, our plane got pushed back. I was in 12A, and I looked back and could see the engine fan. We headed out to the western runway (that's what almost all aircraft were using that morning) and on the way, passed by a lot of GA stuff. Another bizjet came in on RWY 17R and did a touch-and-go. After it took off, we taxied into position. Snapped one more pic of the two NW 722s and the Champion 722. The takeoff roll was very short and quick. We headed on a SSW course. After a while, we made a left turn and headed straight for DFW. Cruising altitude was 27,000 ft. The FA came around and served pretzels, biscoff cookies and water/sodas. After crossing the Red, we started descent to DFW in abt 2 minutes. Initial approach to DFW was typical for August. Heat thermals provided a very bumpy final to RWY 18R. As we approached the rwy, I saw a DL 738 in cs #2, an AA m80, an Eagle 145 all holding short of RWY 18L on the new holding pad, and another AA M80 making its way to hold behind the 738. Another DL 738 in cs #3 was holding in position on the rwy. After we landed, we had to hold short for all but one of those aircraft. We were soon given clearance to cross 18L and made our way over the Bravo bridge and to Terminal E, where we arrived at gate E20, ahead of schedule.

    Flight: DL Connection-ASA 4223; DFW-AUS
    Scheduled dep: 12:15p.m.
    Actual dep: 12:03p.m.
    Scheduled arr: 1:15p.m.
    Actual arr: 1:04p.m.
    Seat: 10A
    Aircraft: CRJ 200
    Dep weather: Mostly sunny and hot, 97F, winds SSE at 15mph.
    Arr weather: Sunny, hot and humid. 92F, winds S at 10mph.

    Having seen the Sun Country 738 at E38 during our taxi, I just had to get a pic of that. I went straight to E38. It was in new colors and looked pretty neat. Good thing I went there right after I stepped into the terminal because it got pushed back for dep to MEX. There was not much happening on this side of the terminal, so I decided to have a personal veggie pizza at the Mr. Gattis'. Man, it was good stuff! I sat down to eat at an empty E36 and watched a several planes head out. I thoroughly enjoyed it and ventured on to the north side of E. Here, there was plenty going on. An Air Tran 717 at the gate, as well as a NW 320 just pulling in after a flight from DTW. There were lots of AA M80s, 752s and a few 76s. By 11:25a.m., my plane to AUS was already at the gate, so I decided to head on off from the north side of the terminal. The ASA CRJ was in cs #2. Boarding was started on time. We boarded the aircraft from gate E33. Went out onto the ramp (as did I when my plane from OKC arrived) and up the steps. DL Conn has trasferred a good amount of its flights to the main terminal's south side. While in the aircraft, I saw 3 Eagle CRJ 700s, 2 AAM80s and a couple of DL Conn CRJs go over the Alpha bridge to the west side of the field for dep. After getting pushed back, we took the same route to RWY 18L. On the way, I snapped a pic of the UPS base. Parked there was an A300, 2 763s, a 722 and a 752, all in the old cs. As we approached the hold short point for the active, I saw a DL 738 in cs #2 in position and a DL Conn CRJ holding short. We pulled up right behind the CRJ and I watched the 738 dep for Los Angeles. That was followed by the CRJ in new colors and then our plane. Right after takeoff, I saw the Am West Arizona 752 parked on the former GA ramp south of Terminal B. Cruising altitude was again 27,000 ft and we were served pretzels, biscoff and water/sodas. I ate the pretzels and had water. 20 minutes after takeoff, the pilot pulled back on the throttles for intial approach to Bergstrom Int'l. It was bit too early for the FA, who was still serving pax. She somehow managed to serve the remaining pax and returned to her seat. Didn't see a whole lot on approach to AUS, (I was on the left side of the aircraft) but through the right-side windows, I got a peek at the downtown area. After landing, which was fairly smooth, we pulled in at gate 5. Bergstrom was pretty quiet, just a few WN 73s and some AA M80s. Of course, I had no clue as to what was on the other side of the terminal, as that side was obscured from view. Once in the terminal, the smell of Jalapeno peppers and steak reminded me where I had landed and I made my way down to the spacious baggage claim area. My bag was one of the first to arrive. I was pretty excited, as this was my first time in Austin.

    Overall, a very good experience as always w/ DL and DL Connection. Although the ERJ 135 could use more legroom. Oh well, what am I talking abt? It's a REGIONAL JET.

    Look out for my report for the return trip. It might have to wait till after I fly back from Chicago. Till then...

    Happy flying!