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  • Emirate or Air France

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask but I'm quite certain that many of you can give me some valuable opinions.

    I'm about to fly from Edinburgh to Singapore and left with Air France and Emirates in my list. KLM also flies the same route but I've heard enough bad comment so would give it a pass.

    My potential route as follows:

    Air France: EDI - CDG - SIN (17:50 - 18:55)

    Emirates: GLA - DXB - SIN (13:35 - 16:45)

    1) Time and money wise, it would be better for me to fly out from Edinburgh, i.e Air France.
    2) However, I also reckon quite a mixed opinion about Air France, as opposed to generally good comments on Emirates.
    3) Fares are comparable, but extra time and travel money are needed to catch Emirates in Glasgow from Edinburgh.

    My question really is - it is worth to go for Emirates given the extra time and money involved?

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    It depends how much more expensive EK is to AF, but I would definitely go for EK, I think you will find it a much more relaxing experiance.


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      EK would be my first choice. I just prefer them, but I can see that b/c of the ease of connecting through EDI making it your first choice. In this case, I would just save the money and stick with AF to avoid the hassle. However, consider the amenities and aircraft types prior to making your choices. If AF is easy but offers horrible seats on one of the legs (or offers any sort of discomfort) then I would choose EK. Just consider that spending a few dollars and some time in the beginning to save yourself hours of problems later (like a horrible seat with AF).
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        Thanks for the reply. I happen to find another route which solves all the problem - it turns out to be the most time/money efficient solutions!

        EDI - BHX by 17:05 - 18:20

        BHX - DXB - KUL 20:30 - 21:00
        SIN - DXB - GLA 01:40 - 11:55

        The only downside is that Emirates uses 77w (Boeing 777-300) for most of the legs. The 77w cramps 10 seats (3-4-3) in a row, so the seat width is going to be quite small.


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          Originally posted by lhwjud

          The only downside is that Emirates uses 77w (Boeing 777-300) for most of the legs. The 77w cramps 10 seats (3-4-3) in a row, so the seat width is going to be quite small.
          True the 77W has more seats, but you also get 34" of pitch (compared to 31 on most 777s). Those extra inches make a big difference. I don't know whether you prefer width or pitch though.


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            Depends on what you are looking after first
            Should you also consider the planelover's side, 6 reasons to keep AF in the shortlist
            -two types of aircrafts
            -the EDI-CDG leg is in fact operated by CityJet with a Bae146
            -the BAe 146 itself, worth the ride and getting harder to fly, furthermore it's a 3+2, up to you to select your seat on a 2-seat row should you have the option
            -you get an insight of both sides of the coins, the regional undertaker and the regular airline on the subsequent leg
            -not only does CityJet means a regional undertaker, but also AF with an Irish accent as well while leather covers all seats
            -last but not least : here the 773 comes along with nine seats abreast
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