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  • SFO-TLV on UA/LY

    Alright folks, just got back from Israel today. The return journey was very looooooong....but here were my flights

    Flight 1
    SFO-LAX - UA #817
    a/c: 737-322
    Departure: ~9 am
    Remarks: The flight was early, but we had to wait quite a while on the ground for the gate to be available. My parents had no idea about where to go after arriving at T7, so instead of taking the shuttle bus, we walked all the way up to the Int. terminal.

    Flight 2
    LAX-TLV - LY #6
    a/c: 777-200ER
    Departure: ~2pm
    Remarks: We got slightly delayed. The plane we flew, "Negev," was not a new one, one of the first to be delivered to LY. The food was excellent. Flight time was around 14 hours. I slept for a majority of the flight, but watched a few movies. At dawn, a few of the passengers got up and started praying in the aisles, a most interesting sight.

    Flight 3
    TLV-LAX - LY #5
    a/c: 777-200ER
    Remarks: The plane we boarded was the newest 777 LY has, "Kiryat Shmona." The new IFE was absolutely excellent. After missing the first meal service due to sleep, I had some soup and a tuna sandwich upon waking up. The plane was also equipped with mood lighting, which was an incredible sight. Flight time was about 15 and a half hours.

    Flight 4
    LAX-SFO - UA #889
    a/c: 757-200
    Remarks: The flight was delayed by an hour. I slept for most of the flight, but woke to see that the landing at SFO was not the usual landing on Runway 28. It was the exact opposite direction and very foggy.

    Well, hope you enjoyed my trip report. I'm sorry for the lack of pics because my camera was checked in.

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    Excellant report. How'd you enjoy the Promise Land?


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      The Holy Land was rather interesting. I enjoyed the holy sites, the Dead Sea, etc.


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        Originally posted by sfoflyer
        The Holy Land was rather interesting. I enjoyed the holy sites, the Dead Sea, etc.
        Awsome. It's obviously got its issues, but I love it.