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    Toronto - Calgary

    August 9th, 2003

    Air Canada 119

    Airbus A321

    C-GJWD #457(cn 174

    I arrived at terminal 2 my usual 3 hrs in advance and went to the express check in. No lines, no wait.

    Waiting for the flight I must have put $15 into the arcade games beside my gate. The boarding time of 09:25 came and went and noone got onto the plane. The crew had been held up on another flight and would be arriving "shortly." 30 minutes passed and finally the crew showed up. The boarding went smoothly and we were gone in a mere 20 minutes.

    The seat felt like fabrick over cardboard and the babies cry started just after takeoff. The seatbelt sign came off quickly and the flight seemed smooth. Until about Thunder Bay, when the severe turbulance started. Luckily, the crappy breakfast meal was served about 10 minutes earlier. The movie began, and let me assure you, I was not impressed with "Finding Nemo." So I figured I'd listen to the rock channel (7). It was so staticly that if you turned the music up full blast, you could just make out the words.

    The turbulance stopped at about mid-Saskatewan. But the crying babies didnt.

    We decended and made a VERY rough landing quickly. Taxied to the gate and that was it. Until Air Canada lost one of my bags. It showed up to my parents house at 1:00 in the morning!

    It was the worst flight I've ever been on.

    My rating:

    Check-in: 7.0/10
    Boarding: 3.0/10
    meal: 4.0/10
    Flight: 4.0/10
    luggage pickup: 4.0/10 (At least they knew where ONE of my bags were!)

    TOTAL: 5.2/10

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    stupid Air Canada. they should stop paying those babies to cry!

    shell out more for executive class and maybe you'll get better movies. maybe.


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      You know Air Canada is not responsible for turbulence or crying babies. The fin, 457, was one of the three AC leased from AF. I flew YYZ-YVR on 456 and I had the same complaint, the seats are terrible. As well those three acft are plagued with video and audio problems and tray table problems. As for the movie AC is not allowed to show porno's for your pleasure. "Finding Nemo" maybe a childs/young adult movie but AC has to have movies that are available in French and English and can be shown to families (beside I saw the movie with my kids and loved it. Great shots of SYD).

      I know you are allowed to express your opinions, but try to be objective. You made a very valid point where the departure time came and went and there was no flight forecast nor any information. That is bad. I work in SOC and that is our job to keep the flights updated when the station do not. I'll pass that on to my fellow workers.

      On a secondary note I hope Flt 120 YYC-YYZ with fin 602 was better.



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        Coming back was much better!!! I still didnt like the movie (X2) but I know AC cant do anything about that. The reason I put the movie comment in was just to persue the fact of a bad flight. But hey, thats just me???


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          I have to laugh when people moan about crying babies.

          It may surprise these people to know that they were babies once too, and yes they used to cry as well..........shock, horror!

          Parents flying with young children have enough crap to put up with without dealing with moaning passengers, who seem to forget that they once were children too.

          Garry Lewis

          Air Team Images -
          Air Traffic Controller - Toronto ACC (West Low)