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Silver Bird, Gold Service, AA JFK-SLC

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  • Silver Bird, Gold Service, AA JFK-SLC

    Last weekend I took a four day weekend to visit a friend in Salt Lake City. Instead of flying Delta this time I choose AA because of my status and it was good way to start off the year with some nice elite qualifying miles.


    I arrived at JFK about 6:30 for my 7:50 flight to DFW, sitting on the AirTrain I check my Blackberry and saw that AA upgraded me to F class for both legs, so I was pleased. Upon entering the AA terminal I used the private F class and biz class check in desk which is walled off and away from the rest of the check in areas. The F class check section is rather nice with large plants and leather seating for AA’s premium class passengers. There was no line at all and I quickly checked in and dropped my bag off. The staff was very friendly and professional as I’d expect. I quickly moved through the premium class security line and proceeded to my gate.

    Upon boarding the plane the FA approached me after a few minutes greeted me by last name introduced her asked what she could get me before take off and took my coat. The use of my last name must be something new with AA because all my flights to SLC and back the FA’s used the F class passengers last name, I haven’t seen this in the past or didn’t remember. We left the gate about five mins early and proceeded to run 22R. The line up was pretty large but we crossed over 22R and only had to wait for about 3 aircraft before we lifted off. You just have to love how much runway a full MD-80 uses, dam planes are such pigs but I love them!

    Climb out was smooth despite the weather and earlier thunderstorm at 7 in the morning in Jan….Once we reached a decent altitude the FA once again came around to take a drink order and to pass out the hot towels, I love those things! After the round of drinks she informed us what our choice was for breakfast, they offered an omelet with potatoes and pancakes with sausage. I chose the omelet, it was very good, served on AA China with a fresh fruit platter as well as our choice of a biscuit or bagel, and I had the biscuit. All during the meal service the FA kept our glasses full and inquired if anyone wanted anymore fruit, biscuits, or bagels.

    After the meal service I settled in to take nap and pretty much slept until 45 mins before landing in Dallas. When I woke the FA came up to me to see if I wanted anything to drink and to inform of me connecting gate in DFW.

    Upon arrival at DFW I used the Skylink to get over to my connecting gate A24, ATA had their new DC-10 there being worked on and Champion had four 727s there which was cool to see all lined up. To kill time I relaxed in the Admirals club transferring the phone numbers from my old phone to my new one. It’s a good thing I did because my old phone is on some MD-80 right now…..annoying.

    My connecting flight was very similar to the first, F class service was good. This time we got the hot peanuts being it was an afternoon flight. I love the hot peanuts and the hot towel service right after take off. The FA on this flight was one of the most attentive I’ve ever had, very professional and polished; you could see he took pride in serving his customers. During the first drink service Bernard our FA also took our lunch order. The choice was a roasted veggie pizza or a pork bbq dish, I had the pizza. It was severed with salad, crackers and cheese including white or red wine all on AA china and stemware. After lunch they did a desert offering of cheese cake which was rather good. I settled back after the meal service and got some sleep. I woke to the smell of the chocolate chip cookies being baked in the forward galley, man it’s so funny to see gown professional adults inhale those cookies. We landed a bit early at SLC, got off got my bag and meet up with my friend in the airport and off we went to have an amazing weekend in Salt Lake City.

    The return trip

    Now my return trip was a bit longer then I originally booked. I originally booked SLC-DFW-JFK, but I got to the airport early and the agent asked if I wanted to take the 8:30 am flight and get home earlier, I said ok as long as it doesn’t cost me anything. She said I’m sure we can do something for you based on your status. So she went and did her thing and got me a flight that got into JFK at 8 rather then 11, Ok great! Sounds good to me. She then proceeded to print out my boarding passes and noticed the DFW-JFK flight was a one stop in ORD. She felt very bad and asked if I wanted to change it back but I said I still get home earlier then I would have so leave it. Hey it was all F class for three legs so I’m not complaining.


    My outbound leg to DFW saw the same level of service as my trip coming into SLC. The FA was very good, offered us preflight drinks and took our coats, pretty normal AA first class service. Breakfast this time around they offered us pancakes and an omelet, I choose the pancakes this time, they were ok, the omelet was better but I was omeleted out since I had one on Friday and then again Sunday morning. Once I ate I zonked out…I was totally exhausted from my weekend. Yes I did a lot of drinking and got very little sleep, especially Sunday night into Monday which was a very special night. Overall the flight was very good, pancakes could have been better but no complaints from me.


    I had a very short layover in DFW and basically jumped on the Sky Link and went directly to my gate. I did notice this time ATA had an L1011 there; we taxied right past her, god what a great plane.

    Our flight to ORD was packed! The wait list for upgrades was over 20 people so I felt lucky I had a confirmed upgrade already. I had some odd dude sitting next to me this time, kept asking me if I wanted his paper…you would think after I said no thank you the first time it would have been enough. We pushed back early and got to the runway pretty quickly, the take off though was one long roll…man did we roll long, once again showing why I just the MD-80 LONG LIVE THE MAD DOD! She’s such a pig you got to love her.

    The flight was good, service, drink and meals were very tasty. It was nice to have three F class legs and to experience AA’s service. I’ve been very lucky with AA lately, all my flights lately have been F class and AA does a really nice job with Domestic F class service.

    Now the funniest thing about this trip was when I landed at JFK Mr. Josh May called me as he was taxing in on a 762 from LAX, so we meet up at baggage claim for a few minutes, small world. I’ll be back in SLC soon and hopefully I’ll be flying AA again.

    Overall good job by AA; they do know “Why I fly.”

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    Great report, Tom!
    Trump is an idiot!
    Vote Democrats!!


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      Concise but full of details. A delight to take on the rides.
      Thanks for visiting
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