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To Phoenix We Go! MDW-MCI-PHX-MDW

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  • To Phoenix We Go! MDW-MCI-PHX-MDW

    Got up at about 3:30 am to get ready to visit some family in Scottsdale, Arizona. We (my family) were thinking about flying on United but there prices were too high. Goodbye United, hello Southwest!

    Arrived at Midway at about 5:00am, was in the gate by 5:45 for a flight that took off at about 6:30.

    Southwest Airlines flight 1032
    Chicago Midway MDW- Kansas City MCI
    Scheduled Dep. Time- 6:30am
    Actual Dep. Time- 6:31pm
    Scheduled Arr. Time- 7:45am
    Actual Arr. Time- 7:45am
    737-700, N663SW
    Seat 13A

    We sat at the gate for about eight minutes because we had borded too early. The flight was sparcely filled, so I had my own row. My parents could have their own, but they had the other side of 13. We took off on time, and our flight time was only one hour. We were only served beverages, but only coffee or orange juice. I was thinking of coffee, but then again I had three cups in the airport. I ordered O.J. and went to the lavatory near the flight deck because there was no line. (No line for security reasons)

    We landed in Gate 28A on time and we deplaned and went over to gate 28B where we took our security documents and left security to use the bathrooms and re-entered and took the security documents from MDW and changed them into bording passes.

    MCI is not a connecting airport. Picture This: A "u" shaped, one-story airport where everything is outside of security and every gate has its own checkpoints. After seeing my uncle (suprise!) waiting in the gate (we were going to see him) he said he was on our flight so it was nice to see him. After he borded with the A group, we borded with the B group.

    I had my own row again (good for me)

    Southwest Airlines flight 2538
    Kansas City MCI- Phoenix PHX
    Scheduled Dep. Time: 8:35am
    Actual Dep. Time- 8:45am
    Scheduled Arr. Time- 9:15am
    Actual Arr. Time- 9:15am
    737-700, N171SW

    We took off late, and flight attendents came around with soda and cookies. I asked for a Sprite and was given a
    full can wow. I fell asleep, but woke up during decent. After a uneventful flight and landing, we deplaned, got our bags and went to Advantage Rent-A-Car.

    After seeing our rental van, there were about 9 noticible dents and other minor scratches. There were "mystery" stains all over the interior but otherwise it ran fine. After visiting my aunt, uncle and cousins for about a week and taking trips to Tuscon and Flagstaff, it was time to go home!

    Returned the van and checked in and waited in the gate for our deleyed flight.

    Southwest Airlines flight 2852
    Phoenix PHX- Chicago Midway MDW
    Scheduled Dep. Time- 5:05pm
    Actual Dep. Time- 6:32pm
    Scheduled Arr. Time: 10:25pm
    Actual Arr. Time- 11:27pm
    737-300, N428WN CANYON BLUE!!!!

    We took off, and there were so many kids onbord yelling and screaming. It was so annoying. My father could not stand it, because we were right in the middle of all the kids. During descent, one kid was crying really loud because his ears hurt. I really did not mind, if his ears hurt, he was a little kid, and they cry when they are hurt. No biggie. All part of the adventure.

    Landed and drove back home where the grass was really, really long. Was really glad to be back home again. And, we were driving to Michigan in a week.

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    Re: To Phoenix We Go! MDW-MCI-PHX-MDW

    Not too bad of a report! A few descrepencies here...

    Originally posted by Northwesta319
    737-700, N663SW
    N663SW is a -300 reg number, you have it as a -700.

    Originally posted by Northwesta319
    737-700, N171SW't belong to any WN bird...

    Originally posted by Northwesta319
    737-300, N428WN CANYON BLUE!!!!
    N428WN would be a -700 not a -300. You might want to check into those.


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      Thank you for correcting the errors I made, I tried to get the regestration numbers but I do not usually do that so sry about the mix-up.