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Dec. 22nd, '07; 9W 3110, IXU-BOM

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  • Dec. 22nd, '07; 9W 3110, IXU-BOM

    **Note: All times are local. Arr/Dep times are gate/ramp times. IT-Kingfisher Airlines; AFAIR: As Far As I Recall **

    Date: Dec 22nd, 2007
    Flight: Jet Airways 9W 3110
    Leg: IXU-BOM
    SDT: 7:55p.m.
    ADT: 7:55p.m. (AFAIR)
    SAT: 8:55p.m.
    AAT: 8:40p.m. (AFAIR)
    Aircraft: Aerospatiale ATR 72-500 in c/s #2 (yellow ribbon)
    Registration: VT-JCJ, delivered 8/12/07
    Seats: 15D/F
    Dep. Weather: Hazy. Light winds, temperature in the 70s.
    Arr. Weather: Hazy. Temperature in the upper 70s, light northerly winds.

    After almost four days of sight-seeing and such, it was time to head back again. Since we didn’t have much to do, we headed out fairly early to the airport. After the usual “pre-entry” security check, we headed inside. Since we were there pretty early, check-in for our flight hadn’t started yet. It would become available at 6:30p.m. So we just hung around the small terminal’s departure area. The departure area is actually two rooms, separated by columns which form “gates”, if you will. We went through the main gate into the room near the airside and stood there. An announcement over the PA system mentioned the evening departure of the AI flight (an IC 320-200) would be delayed by over 1 ½ hours, to 7:00p.m. instead of 5:20p.m. as had been scheduled. A lot of unhappy customers I bet. The aircraft was to come in from DEL via BOM, I suspected fog to be the culprit but I wasn’t sure since I hadn’t checked the weather. We weren’t able to find a seat since the full load of two AT75s and one 320-200 were coming in and all seats had been taken. So we decided to go back into the “landside” room and wait there with our two checked bags. During this time, we just had to stand where there was some available space. Also during this time, I took notice of a security guard staring at me conistently for no apparent reason. I ignored him though and continued with what I was doing. Soon enough though, the baggage screening for our flight and another flight began, and we put our bags through, after which 9W agents took over. Get this though: there’s only one screening machine for all airlines! I thought it was hilarious. Well after that, we still had about 45 minutes more till the security check. Fortunately, the passengers of the IC flight were queing up for security check as the new departure time of 7:00 was getting closer.

    After a while, it was our turn to go through the sec. check (along with IT pax). The security check line snaked through a small doorway, which opened into a new room. This was the airside departure area. I was actually carrying my mom’s carryon since it was a bit too heavy. One of the security agents (a lady), asked me to open it because she wanted to do a visual inspection. The bottle of talcum powder and some vitamin bottles caused some concern . She referred it to her boss who was screening carryons. I had to call my mom to help explain to her some other items in the carryon as well. I didn’t mind really, better let ‘em do what they have to and be happy. At any rate, the contents passed the screening and we headed off and sat down.

    Just when boredom was starting to set in, I heard some shouting coming from the screening point (not too far away). A passenger apparently wasn’t too happy with his wife’s carry-on contents being searched by the-you guessed it-same lady who searched my mom’s carryon. His argument was the screening people cannot do whatever they feel like, and that they went too far. The man got so furious additional policemen had to be called from the terminal’s main office. At this point, pretty much everyone was gazing at the goings-on and the scuffle went on for a few more moments, with the boss of the screening agent defending her and the man coming close to getting apprehended by the policemen. He finally calmed down and went ahead, although the look on his face stated otherwise. Now I understand security screening can go too far, but when you’re about to fly with other passengers and when an entire half of a terminal can see and hear you, it isn’t wise to create a commotion that may just get you the attention of would-be fellow pax on your flight. Anyway, with that episode ending, we went back to what we were doing (i.e. sitting and doing nothing) until about 15 min later, when boarding time came close. Once the announcement for our flight was heard, we went out onto the ramp, where the ATR 72-500 was already parked. I was surprised to see it in the new colour scheme (with the yellow ribbon). It looked fantastic in the ramp lights. We boarded through the rear door using the airstairs. I noticed the cabin looked very new, and I think it had new LED lighting. The cabin interior also looked updated from previous -500s, although the only time I had flown in a -500 was way back in ’00.

    On board 9W 3110. Looking at the IXU terminal. Sorry about the window graffiti

    Just after takeoff. Pardon my (lack of) night-photography skills using a digital camera. lol

    Boarding was completed in 15 minutes. During boarding, I heard a rumbling sound which may have been the air-conditioning packs being started. The cabin-crew was an all-male crew this time. After a brief spiel, the props were started and we taxied out and backtracked to RWY 27. Using the turnaround pad, the PIC gunned the engines and we headed out to BOM. Very nice takeoff roll, the fully-loaded ATR lifted off in 22 seconds. Aurangabad actually looks pretty cool with all the city lights on. During the ascent to crusing altitude, the FAs started meal service. Yep, in an ATR. We actually got a full, hot meal, on a forty minute flight. My mom and I had the veg. option:

    -Two vegegtable dishes. One was diced potatoes and tomatoes cooked in a mildly spiced gravy, the other was chickpeas and onions. (Both were pretty good, although the chickpeas could’ve used more flavouring).
    -Masala Rice. Rice cooked with spices and coriander and such. (Pretty good, quite tasty with the veggies).
    -Two Parathas. Indian flat bread flavoured with spices and lightly roasted in little oil. (Really good).
    -Bread and butter, Indian Mango pickle (the pickle’s very popular in Indian cuisine). (Dunno about the pickle, I didn’t try it. The bread was ok).
    -Creamy vanilla pudding. Vanilla pudding on a biscuit-like base with almonds. (Fantastic)
    -Salad. Not too bad, not that great either. (Then again, anyone who has read even one review of mine probably knows my stance on airline salads. )
    -Aftermint. The usual Indian aftermint. (This was good stuff).

    Overall, the meal was great. Some of the best airline food I’ve had recently. For drinks they had a bottle of water included in the tray. If you guessed the FAs were collecting trays even after starting descent, you guessed right. Descent was basically a straight-in over ENE Mumbai, then we turned a bit more southward before joining the RWY 27 approach. Soon, I could hear the low rumble of the mains dropping down and soon thereafter, the ATR attianed its characteristic nose-down attitude after full flaps. Just as we crossed the threshold, I spotted a 9W 73G at the hold point and an AI 320-200 (in IC colours) behind it. Landing was what I would call an “affirmative” touchdown, but not hard or rough. Just smooth enough but at the same time, just concrete enough to let you know the mains have made contact. Idle reverse was used, though for a few moments only, as 11, 000+ feet of asphalt is way more than enough for an ATR. The PIC took the ‘craft off the active on the new rapid-exit. which has been aptly designated India. BOM was busy as usual, this being the evening rush hour and numerous flghts coming in and heading out. After waiting for a few minutes on the 1B ramp, the ATR was parked on one of the commuter stands (power-in, power-out), which have been set at a decent angle to faciliate easy parking for commuter props and jets (ATRs, CRJs etc). During the wait, I noticed an Air Deccan ATR 42-500 which landed behind us, right after the 9W 73G took off from 27.

    A Jet Lite 73G in Air Sahara c/s #2

    After a short bus ride to 1B (during which I caught an IC 319 in IC’s c/s #2 and one of its 320s painted in that special c/s), we got off and entered the new arrivals hall. I was impressed with the spaciousness of the new facility. There were plenty of carts (one thing I like about the new baggage carts at BOM is that they have brakes-release the handle and the brakes engage. Very neat). After getting one, we headed to the belt for 9W 3110. The arrivals hall has a total of 5 belts, and each airline operating in the terminal has a lost bagge office. LCD screens display the information for your flight and which belt you can expect the luggage on. Quite an improvement over the old one. Each belt can handle baggage from two flights at a time. The next thing I noticed was the much improved signage, which led us out of the arrivals plaza and the taxi lane. The arrivals plaza is well-lit and has separate lanes for cars and taxis. After a brief wait, we took a cab and headed home.

    Overall this was a great ending to a great trip. But IXU really needs that new terminal with the rate of traffic growth it is experiencing. Moving forward, 9W proved once again why it is the one of the leading airlines of India (though I’m not discounting the others, just personal experience) . With a full, hot meal on a 40-minute flight, efficient and freindly staff and as an added bonus on my end, a new ATR, there’s really nothing to complain about.

    Next up: BOM-FRA-DFW-OKC. Thanks for taking some time out and reading this review, hope you liked it.

    Happy Flying!

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    Not bad considering the lack of decent pics! I can't wait for your next review!



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      Originally posted by z740
      Not bad considering the lack of decent pics! I can't wait for your next review!

      Haha, still have to learn how to use ISO to my advantage.


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        Originally posted by Foxtrot
        Haha, still have to learn how to use ISO to my advantage.
        Unfortunately you're not the only one in this thread that has the same problem.



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          descriptive text still worth the read anyway.
          Thanks for visiting
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            ^lol, too much detail isn't a good thing? I know, just kidding lol. Can't help it though, I get too excited typing these things sometimes. Thanks for the nice comment though!