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ORD-AGP-ORD on Air Plus Comet (Pictures)

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  • ORD-AGP-ORD on Air Plus Comet (Pictures)

    This was three years ago, but I remember it , so I decided to post it!
    I was going to Spain during Spring Vacation with two other families, all of which were friends. The limo picked my family up at my house, then we drove one mile and picked up another family. The other family would meet us at O'Hare. This was a charter flight operated by Air Plus Comet, but our instructions were to check in at a different airline. The driver dropped us outside Terminal 5 and we went to the Alitalia counters. We then checked in and went to gate M2. After waiting about two hours, we borded the A310 that would take us to Malaga.

    Air Plus Comet flight 908
    Chicago O'Hare- Malaga, Spain
    Scheduled Dep. Time: 6:30pmCDT
    Scheduled Arr. Time: 10:10am (3:10amCDT)
    Reg. EC-_ _ _

    We took off in a long lines of planes, but once we took off our flight time of only about eight hours. Headphones were passed out for free, and the airshow map came on the televisions. When we were passing New York, dinner was handed out. We got: Pasta in sauce, a small salad, rice, small slice of cake, butter, and crackers. Overall, it was a good coach meal.
    The movie called "Primary Colors" came on, and I went to sleep and woke up while breakfast was being served. We had two blueberry muffins, an egg "thing" and butter and crackers again. We started our desent and the flight attendents handed out this strange tasting candy. After landing on time, we made our way through customs and then we got our bags. We then took taxis to the city of Marbella, Spain where we stayed at the Hotel Fuerte.


    We took a taxi back to Malaga and checked in for our flight.

    and made sure it was still scheduled for noon.

    After waiting in the gate for three hours, we got on a shuttle bus that took us to another plane, EC-HLA.

    sorry it is crooked

    Air Plus Comet flight 909
    Malaga, Spain- Chicago O'Hare

    We borded with stairs, and then sat on the tarmac for about two hours. We then took off en route to O'Hare. We had a different flight path so we would be in the air for about ten hours. After watching "Wild Wild West" another movie cam on that I cannot remember. We had lunch, but all I remember was that it was a whole lot of food. We landed in O'Hare three hours late, we went to customs again and took the limo home.

    What a good trip!