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[AB] Zurich-Dusseldorf-Zurich

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  • [AB] Zurich-Dusseldorf-Zurich

    Hello fellow collegues!
    This is my first Trip Report on I hope you enjoy it!

    Flight Information
    Company: Air Berlin
    Aircraft: A319-132 / D-ABGD
    Load: 70%
    Date/Time: 03.08.2007 / 11.10-12.10

    It was at about 7.30am as my alarm clock went off. I had a quick shower, checked the weather and got some breakfeast. After that, I made my things ready and my mum drove me to Zurich Airport, which is about 50km away.
    We arrived on time and I met my friend. We then went to the Air Berlin Check-In and got our tickets, both time a window seat.
    The airport was quiet full at this time, so we straight went to the Terminal E ( Midfield ) with the train:

    The new Terminal is really modern and comfort looking. Departure Gate was E66 and boarding was commenced soon as we arrived. It was a pleasent smell with a mix of leather and fuel !
    I took place on seat 16F.
    The flight itself was rather uneventfully and about 30 minutes in flight we were served a fresh sandwhich and a drink of our choice ( coke ):

    We made an approach from the East and landing was on runway 23R:

    Dusseldorf Airport is really clean and nice, but you will need a bit of time to get at least a nice bottle of water ( no supermarket or anything else, at least I did not see any )!
    The Shuttle-Train took us to the spotting location, which is at the top of the train station at the eastern end of the airport.
    It was time to test my new lense and I absolutely love it.
    I will now show some pictures without a comment:

    The sun has already started to set down as we departed back home to Zurich. Some information again:

    Flight Information
    Company: Air Berlin
    Aircraft: A319-132 / D-ABGD
    Load: 60%
    Date/Time: 03.08.2007 / 21.00-22.00

    Again, the flight back was uneventfull. This time I was seated in 3A. We were served another fresh sandwhich, this time it was some sort of salame with a coke.

    The landing in Zurich was done from the west on runway 28.

    Airline Service : 10/10
    Crew : 9/10
    Aircraft : 9/10 ( ex- Independence Air A319, dark-blue leather seats, no inflight entertainment )
    Airport : 8/10 ( Dusseldorf switched the gate without a notice )
    Price : 10/10 ( We booked 2 months in before the flight, costs: 60 ! )

    I hope you enjoyed reading this TR, questions and comments welcomed!
    Friendly Regards
    Visit my pictures here