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MCO-BWI 8/6/03

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  • MCO-BWI 8/6/03

    Flt. 480

    We arrived at MCO fairly early around 12:30pm so I could have some time for photographing planes at MCO. I was hoping to capture at least one JB plane. We passed through checkin at FL in about 7 minutes. The great thing about FL is you can get checked in so fast. There was a line that stretched out of the terminal at SWA's counters so understandably I was laughing at them. We then went to the security check point and passed through quickly and easily with no extra scrutiny of my camera. When then dashed over to one of the trams that you ride on to reach the satellite terminals at MCO. We arrived and walked to our gate. And I put my carryon down and wandered off to do some spotting. I forst wandered down the AirTran concourse and got some pictures that as Mike would say it "are in my personal collection". I did get some good ones such as: [photoid=132441] and [photoid=132444].

    I then set off down the SWA concourse to get some 737's. MCO's terminal is very nice and there were great windows for photography with nice views of a runway. I got a couple Southwest shots which is not much to write home about as they are dime a dozen at BWI.[photoid=132461] and [photoid=134549] I then walked over to jb's gate and found "Canyon Blue" waiting among the palms. [photoid=135567] I was quite excited as I had never seen a jb plane because they are too scared of SWA to come into BWI. I waited a while and watched some Song planes land and"Canyon Blue" to finish loading. It eventually pushed back and I caught it in a clean shot. [photoid=132468] i then wandered back over to our gate and watched the plane at the gate next to ours board for PHL. They were making the final boarding call when some lady showed up. they let her on and 5 minutes later another pax showed up. In the next 20 minutes 4 more pax showed up walking unhurried to the gate. the gate agent let them all on and eventually the plane pushed back considerably late. I wondered to my self why these people didn't just show up on time or get a later flight. While I was sitting there I saw a VS 744 land I missed it and resolved to get the next heavy. The next one came pretty soon after and was an LTU A330 which I also missed. The only heavies I got passable shots of were a DL 777 landing with a DL767 taxing out for takeoff. I watched some Spirit planes come in but the photos are also in my personal collection. We then boarded our jet about 10 minutes late because of a minor "problem" We took our seats in the back right in front of the fan. My sister got a bit po'ed about being right next to the fan but I stopped listening to her and everything got better. I got the tails of an Fl DC9 and Spirit MD80 in o/c. We then got ready for push back, but the pushback wasn't by a tug we powered in reverse thrust off the stand which created a cool effect on the surface of a puddle nearby. We then turned and headed over the ridges to the runway. We were behind a NWA A320 and US 733. several planes were behind us. [photoid=132483] After watching the A320 takeoff we taxing out and powered up for takeoff. As we were taking off I watched another VS 744 land on the parallel runway. We lifted off and I got a pic of the VS jet turning off the runway as we climbed away. [photoid=132487] we then turned to the north and climbed up to our cruising altitude. I got some sweet cloud pics but I decided not o upload them as I have plenty of cloud pics already in the d/b. We got pretzels and full cans of Coke. I snapped a pic inside the cabin when we were preparing for descent. [photoid=135568] We began our descent up the bay and turned over Annapolis. I managed to see several landmarks like the Mall and my Dad's office. Had I been on the right side of the plane I probably could have seen my house. We followed the river up and we descended through the haze over Glen Burnie. We crossed Highway 100 and the Tom Dixon Jr. spotting park at BWI. It was kinda cool to see the place where I have spent many hours photographing planes from the other side but the pic of the park was rejected because there was window glare. (I blame myself) we flared nicely and slowed to turn off 33L. We taxied past the SWA, DL, NWA, CO, F9, USE, and AWA gates on our way to the D pier. I saw the usual BA 763 and EI A332 parked over at the Int terminal. we deplaned and got our luggage and walked out glad to be back in hazy, hot, and humid Maryland.

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    My flight also did that at MCO. It also gives a different feeling than a tug does.