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IAD-LHR and LHR-IAD with UA (3.14.08-3.22.08)

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  • IAD-LHR and LHR-IAD with UA (3.14.08-3.22.08)

    Hey, this is my first trip report at JP. Its from my trip with my family to London over spring break. I've never really done sumtin like this before and I only joined JP recently, so i might not have that much experience with the trip report thing but i tried to make it as least boring as possible for you guys...hope you guys like it! I didn't take too much pics of the planes rather than pics of the city in London but I still hope you guys will like it.

    NOTE: This thread will be seperated in two posts cause its long and has alot of here's what you can call "part one", or the leg to London

    Date: March 14, 2008

    Route: IAD-LHR
    Duration: 7 hours
    Airline: United Airlines
    Aircraft: Boeing 767-300ER
    Seat Type: Economy Class
    Aircraft Registration: N644UA

    In the early morning of March 14, 2008, me and my family left for Washington Dulles Airport to get to our flight to London, which took place just after 11 that morning. I was pretty excited cause it was my first time ever going to London. When we got to the airport I was able to wait in the United Business Lounge there because although I was sitting in Economy my mom got Business class, so I got to enjoy the pre-flight experience very nicely. They served a lot of really nice refreshments in the Business lounge and I also stole a lot of free chocalates! Yay me!

    Alright. So the trip is about to happen. The boarding had been delayed about 20 minutes due to some large bird flying around the plane's engines, but after that we boarded and we took off. I got a window seat in the plane and I really got a wonderful view of how powerful the 767 can take off. I saw all the cool engine flappy movements and I saw the line of air running over and under the wings like we were in a wind tunnel! Cool stuff!

    After take off the aircraft slowly climbed above some thick gray clouds (typical here at Washington DC) and we soon got to cruising altitude. About 15 minutes into the flight a small snack of a bag of pretzels were served. Meanwhile I took a shot from my window shown below....

    About 5 hours in flight, dinner was served, and it consisted of some hot pasta with tasty red sauce, salad with dressing/garlic, and a delicious piece of carrot cake!

    Soon after a tiny snack of a turkey sandwich and some chips were served, we slowly descended in altitude about the city of london at night. My first view of London was a gorgeuous one from 15.000 feet in the air and all the night lights gleaming below. I was gonna take a pic from my window, but my sister was being an angry moose and didn't let me use her camera for the rest of the flight (i was using her camera the entire time since i dont have my own yet)

    After we landed, I got my first whiff of how Heathrow was like. We parked next to an Air India 777 before the pax left the plane. When we entered the aiport, one thing we noticed that LHR was a bunch of small building with not a small amount of people. Below is a pic of the conveyor belt @ LHR my sister took at around midnight-ish.

    When we finally arrived at our hotel after midnight, we all plopped into bed inside our hotel. From the next day on, we spent almost a week in London exploring the cities and doing touristy activities like going to mueseums and eating local foods and so on.

    Among these things I personally loved the food in London! The old English and Irish pubs were one thing but the steak houses there are out of this world! It was there where I possibly had the best bbq ribs and chicken of my entire i still have that tangy taste in my mouth...yay

    I was also somewhat observant about other things about the city, like the buildings, the way people act like and so being a teenager makes this a lil hard for me but i did my best to absorb everything from the trip for the good of my knowledge and for the good of this trip report..

    Meanwhile, below are some photos of our stay in the city:

    Below is the London Eye. It's sorta like a ferris wheel, but for a more touristy purpose. Me and my mom went on it (the rest of my family is scared of heights) and it was a fantastic experience! The thing takes you up in a transparent capsule hundreds of feet in the air! I took quite a bit of photos from about 50 meters in the air from that thing of the river Thames and other buildings in London, but I'll add those pics later cause I used an old non-digital cam for those)

    ..and here are some more pics including the river thames and the buildings...

    ....pic of big ben from behind...

    ...and saved the best for last...

    Overall, I thought of London as a really wonderful city. The weather was horrible, but despite that point I really loved it. A funny thing is that before the trip my mom told me that British people can be very reserved and are usually not very open people. But this trip really proved to me something else. All the locals at London were always happy, open, singing, drunk (at night only, rarely in the day), and were in general really nice. People would always show us the way around when we asked for directions. it was really great. I love surprises!

    nevertheless, our days in London passed very quickly...and thus began our leg back home at IAD..

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    Part 2

    Date: March 22, 2008
    Route: LHR-IAD
    Duration: 7 hours 20 mins
    Airline: United Airlines
    Aircraft: Boeing 777-200
    Seat Type: Economy Class
    Aircraft Registration: N776UA

    Early in the morning on March 22 we all got up and after breakfast left the hotel for the airport. After an hour or two of waiting we finally boarded the plane. However the aircraft remained at its gate for about 20 mins before it began to taxi to the runway due to traffic at the taxiways! Now that's typical LHR traffic. As we began to pull away from our gate I could see in front of us were a UA 777, an Air Canada 777, and a Thai Airways 747. thus we waited for another 20 minutes to get to the runway. whoop dee do.

    Meanwhile, before we had boarded the plane, I was busy taking some not-so-great pics of random aircraft at the airport...ill show em in part 3 cause it wont let me do it in this post, back to the story. soon however we finally took off. shortly after take off i took another out-of-the-window shot...this one actually came out ok in my opinion..

    now, just to let you guys know. i had been seated with my sister in economy class just like the flight to LHR...but my mom had some incredible luck that day....she had been upgraded from business class to First Class!! What a miracle! and the flight was nearly full, too!

    after spending some time watching some really strange and funny movies from a film about a little boy thinking he was from mars to another about singing chipmunks, I spent most of the rest of the flight listening to music and looking out the window.

    Later in the flight a dinner was served, which was almost the same thing as the dinner I had on the trip to LHR...except to my dissapointment none of that delicious carrot cake was served again. Instead they gave us some cake with a weird espresso chocolate flavour. I thought it tasted weird, but it was better than no dessert at all.

    ...but im sure you guys havent forgotten the part about how my mom got in first class, right? So I ask a crew member if I can come see my mom in First class even though I was sitting in economy. At first she nearly didn't believe me and jokingly said "How can your mom be sitting there and leave you guys here in economy! That's silly!." She kindly led me to my mom and her seat. It was here when I experienced for the first time in my life a First class seat for about 5 minutes. What a fantastic experience...all seat adjustments can be controlled at the touch of a button, and the seat can convert into a neat 6 ft long flat bed! I got to try it and lie down on it and it was amazing! I vowed to my family that one day in my life I would by a first class ticket on a flight (for those of you who were wondering, this was only the second time my mother flew first class. her first time she said was in the early 90s on some random flight)

    NOTE: First class pics will be shown in part 3

    Shortly before we began our descent to IAD, we were served a tiny snack that was the same as the snack from last time's flight, a turkey sandwich with chips.

    Soon after that, we made a smooth landing at IAD.....some pics I took before departing the planewill be posted on part 3 ...

    -End of Part 2-


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      Part 3

      ok here's some extra shots

      ...below is a UA 777 that looked exactly like the one we boarded...

      ...thats pretty.

      -Special thanks to the UA crew for letting me take pics of the first class seat in flight-


      So, hope you guys liked it! All opinions are welcomed; I could use some tips to improve for the next time i write a trip report. I think i can get good at this but I'd appreciate your input too. thanks in advance!


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        UPDATE: all the weird marks are deleted and i cleaned up the report....hope you guys enjoy it a lil more! thanks!


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          Nice report, I actually flew IAD-LHR and LHR-IAD on 3/13 and 3/23 respectively. However I took Virgin Atlantic so it was neat to compare UA's product to VS's product.


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            Originally posted by Greg
            Nice report, I actually flew IAD-LHR and LHR-IAD on 3/13 and 3/23 respectively. However I took Virgin Atlantic so it was neat to compare UA's product to VS's product.

            Wow, thats really funny. Then again, a lot of passengers fly that route anyway. cool though!

            Yeah ive heard really good things about Virgin Atlantic, I never really thought of UA as a world class airline in terms of cabin comfort, but im just too used to them cause i fly with them almost all the time. One day I'll try flying a company like VA just to see how its like. I also wanna try Silverjet, that airline sounds funky.

            Thanks for the comment