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  • Fft Slc-den-mci (4/10/08) Fft & Dal Mci-den-slc (4/13/08)

    Frontier Airlines Flight 580
    N9366FR Airbus a319 "Earl" the walrus

    After spending the night at a nearby hotel, we drove into economy parking at Salt Lake City International Airport. From there we walked over to Terminal 1 and checked our bags. Lines are not that long at 6:00am I found out. Security was a breeze. I grabbed a Burger King egg sandwich and walked up to my gate in concourse A. Soon boarding began, it did not take long for that to take place.
    I found my seat; 27A, near the back of the plane. I snapped a few pics of the winglet featuring "Earl" the walrus. Eventually we taxied over to takeoff of runway 34R. We ended up being about 10th for takeoff, there were about 8 small props, many were Fedex grand caravans. As the sun began to peek over the mountains, we thundered down the runway. We lifted off with ease and banked west for the short flight to Denver.

    As we continued to climb, I checked out my personal television with live Direct TV. They offered a free trial, for the first few minutes, but after that, it was $5. I ended up swiping the credit card, and enjoyed the Sports Center highlights of Wednesday's games.

    The beverage service came through, I just had apple juice, the flight attendant was nice enough to give me the whole can. I was a little disappointed though, we didnt even get peanuts, or anything. The cabin crew were very nice. They seemed like they wanted to be there. The plane was clean and neat.

    Before they had gotten everyone their drinks, we started our initial approach into Denver. The captin told us that it was snowing, with gust up to 10 mph at the airport. Eventually we sunk below the low cloud cover in time to see the ground only 800 feet below us.
    The touchdown was very smooth on runway 35R. After the long taxi through the snow, we finally reached our gate at concourse A. The weather was as bad as forecasted, it was snowing very hard.

    Thanks for reading, this is one of my first reviews. The rest of the trip will follow tommorow.
    Will C.

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    Nice review and photos, but try not to stretch the frames. Looking forward to reading the next part.


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      Looking forward to share your ride. Nice job
      Thanks for visiting
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        Pretty darn good review Will! Can't wait for the next leg of your journey.

        Any pics from the trip in the Q?



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          nice review there


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            Alright, thanks for the feedback, heres the second leg. Sorry, it is a little late.

            Frontier Flight 825
            N907FR Airbus a319 "Mel" the mule deer

            After a delicious breakfast burrito at one of the little restruants in concourse A, I headed down to my gate where I watched the plane pull into the gate.

            Soon after, I baorded and found my seat, 27A (again). For about 15 minutes I watched Modern Marvels on the History Channel until we pushed back. After a fairly long taxi and de-iceing we finally took off of runway 34.

            This time I resisted my temptations, and decided not to purchase the Direct TV. I watched as we climbed high above the clouds, and opened my new book, Airbus Versus Boeing (I am a nerd, but then again, who here isnt?). After I got through the Prologue the drink service came. I again had apple juice, I am not a soda person. Also, no food on this leg either, just a drink. =( Then I closed my eyes for a few minutes and tried to catch up on some sleep. Lucky for me, my legs are not that long, yet, because there is not much leg room on Frontier. I was fine, but for my dad, it was a little cramped.

            Sorry this picture is a little blurry, but I just wanted to show you...

            The initial decent into Kansas City was a little bumpy, that lasted until final approach and touchdown which was very smooth. Kansas City was cloudy, rainy, and also a bit breezy. The taxiing was very short from runway 19L over to our gate at terminal C. I saw 3 American Airlines MD-80s (suppose to be grounded) at their gates. Other than that, not was of much interest as the rain began to cover my window.

            Over at baggage claim I found my bag, but my dad's never came. It had been left in Denver. The Frontier customer service rep. was very apologetic, and said it would come on the next flight. We caught the shuttle over to the brand new rental car facility, which was very nice. Sure enough just after we left, the bag showed up, and the "Road Runner" bus delivered it to the house we were staying at later that night. The only problem was everything was soaked, but a few minutes in the dryer fixed that.

            Overall Frontier impressed me, the TVs were good, the plane was clean, and the crew were friendly. But the smallish seats, and lack of even a snack, made me remember that it is a "low cost carrier."
            Will C.


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              Frontier Flight 824 (4/13/08 )
              N924FR Airbus a319 "Klondike and Snow" the polar bear cubs

              Waking up at 5:00 is never fun, but knowing there is a plane trip at the end is enough to get me going. After the 2 hour drive from Manhattan to Kansas City we returned our car, and hopped on the shuttle bus back to terminal C. The check in desks are right next to the Skybus ones, I snapped a pic of the deserted desk, and self check in machines. They were still turned on, they just had a note taped on the front.

              Clearing security in Kansas City is always a breeze, there were only 2 people ahead of us in line! The gate was not far, probably only 100 feet from the security entrance. The plane had pulled in, unloaded, and then boarded in just under 25 minutes. 27A was my seat, again, and it did not take long to push back and taxi to the end of the runway 1R.

              Takeoff was normal, and we rose above the clouds within a minute or two. Again I chose not to pay for the Direct TV, but enjoyed the scenery and read a little in my book. The seats, cabin, and crew were all the same as before. Eventually we started our initial descent. We came in from the south, on runway 35R. Again touchdown was really smooth, and we taxied along and under the walkway to the main terminal. We finally arrived at our gate and deplaned.

              The last leg, along with those pictures will follow later today. Sorry for any inconvenience.
              Will C.


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                Excellent review Will!

                Curiosity has gotten the best of me, what's in your little bag under the seat?



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                  I decided to bring my camera bag, but wanted a backpack too. So my camera bag is kinda sticking out.
                  Will C.


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                    Delta Airlines Flight 1638

                    I couldn't resist going up to the walkway above concourse A. It was definitely worth it! You could see right down the row of planes, all of the tails were very cool. Then the one with the dolphin (I think it is "Flip" maybe) pulled out. It was neat to watch the planes from above. After that, we went down to the basement to catch the train to concourse C. There was construction going on there, so the middle walkway was closed which was a bit of a hassle. I stopped and found a restruant at the end of the concourse where I had a $11 chicken sandwich with fries. It was good, but overpriced. After that, we walked back to our gate where we boarded right away.

                    The plane was similar to the Frontier planes, 3 and 3, sorta tight, but a little longer. After siting at the gate for 10 minutes we pushed back and taxied out. We started to go right to takeoff of runway 34R but pulled a U-turn in the middle of the taxiway and tookoff of 25. We did eventually get into the air, climbed out west toward Salt Lake. The captain was very knowledgeable, he pointed out all of the ski resorts as we passed them.

                    The food cart passed, and I again got apple juice, Delta's cups are almost twice the size of the ones on Frontier. Also Delta actually gave out two small bags of peanuts to everybody. The crew were just as friendly as on Frontier as well. On the drop down LCD displays they played an episode of "The Office." That show made me laugh quite a few times.

                    The flight was not long, and we cruised in to SLC right on time. Our bags were there waiting for us at baggage claim, and we walked to our car in the economy lot.

                    Delta was just as good if not better than Frontier, the service was similar, but Delta just seemed like more of a "full service" airline.

                    And yes... It is finally done!
                    Will C.