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  • uy707
    Concise, nice to read, worth the wait

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  • Foxtrot

    Nice review, I might be flying with WN this summer myself.

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  • KBUF
    started a topic BUF-BWI-MCO-BUF on WN


    Better late than never I guess, because we were originally booked for last August, but I had to get my wisdom teeth taken out, so we moved to trip to this month. Ah well, worth the wait, right?

    Southwest Airlines Flight #2100

    Routing: BUF-BWI-TPA
    A/C: N615SW (Boeing 737-300)


    SDT- 2:19 PM
    ADT- 2:12 PM
    SAT- 3:04 PM
    AAT- 2:53 PM

    The day began at about 10:30 AM when I woke up, got dressed, and brushed my teeth. Got to the airport after dropping our two dogs off at the vet and parked at the Long Term lot. After we checked our bags through to Orlando, we breezed through security (seriously- it only took about 2 minutes ) and paid a visit to BUF's US Airways Club. Killed a lot of time there (Even seeing N536JB, best known for it's landing gear malfunction over LAX, outside.) and went to Gate 18 to board our 733 to BWI. As the flight was under an hour long, I just read the Spirit magazine and the SkyMall catalog on this leg, while enjoying a nice Diet Coke and Peanuts.

    Southwest Airlines Flight #881

    Routing: MHT-BWI-MCO-MSY-DAL
    A/C: N769SW (Boeing 737-700)


    SDT: 5:20 PM
    ADT: 5:10 PM
    SAT: 7:23 PM
    AAT: 7:19 PM

    After grabbing a bite to eat at Arby's, it was off to B7 to catch our flight to MCO. However, when we got there, our A/C hadn't arrived from MHT yet. Killed some time by reading a magazine until it was time to board our 73G. I listened to my iPod and played my DS over another bag of peanuts for the duration of our flight. Yet another uneventful flight, and the only one not on an A/C with Canyon Blue livery.

    Southwest Airlines Flight #199 (Part 1)

    A/C: N484WN


    SDT: 11:49 AM
    ADT: 11:48 AM
    SAT: 1:42 PM
    AAT: 1:30 PM

    When we checked in for this flight the day before, I noticed that the front page of WN's website introduced the airline's newest special scheme, "Illinois One". And I thought to myself, "Wouldn't it be awesome to be one of the first to ride that bird?" Well, unfortunately, that didn't happen, although our A/C did arrive from MDW, ironically. Anyway, we got to MCO to find a fairly long check-in line, although it did move fairly fast. Security also moved fairly fast, and afterward we stopped for some breakfast courtesy of the golden arches. Unfortunately for me, my stupid little brother spilled my dad's coffee all over my pants! Luckily I was wearing long pants, but I was still insanely ticked off, not only at my brother, but also at McDonalds for making their coffee too fucking hot! It didn't hurt that much, so I was able to make it through the day and all, which was good . Our flight would stop at BWI before going to BUF, and later PHX, LAS, and SFO. More iPod, More DS, More Peanuts, yeah, you get the point.

    Southwest Airlines Flight #199 (Part 2)

    A/C: N484WN


    SDT: 2:34 PM
    ADT: 2:29 PM
    SAT: 3:21 PM
    AAT: 3:17 PM

    After relieving myself during the stopover, it was back to the skies, if for only 45 minutes, to finally come back home to good old Buffalo. After a little more DS and Peanuts, we touched down (descending over my school in the process) and taxied in. We got our bags fairly quickly, but had to wait an ETERNITY for a parking shuttle to arrive. I swear I saw like 9 or 10 go up to the departures level before even one showed up on the arrivals level. Simply inexcusable. Afterward, we picked up our dogs and went home with another vacation under our belts.

    Final Thoughts
    • Would I fly WN again? Hell yea.
    • WN's peanuts kick ass
    • WN's peanuts kick ass
    • McDonalds needs to get some common sense and not make their coffee so damn hot
    • WN's peanuts kick ass
    • WN's peanuts kick ass
    • BUF's parking shuttle needs to come to the arrivals level more frequently. There were like 25 people wating and not all of them could get on our shuttle.
    And there you have it

    Questions and comments are always welcome, and thanks for reading