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AUS-DFW-OKC. DL Connection, Aug. 7

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  • AUS-DFW-OKC. DL Connection, Aug. 7

    Date: Aug 7th
    Flight: DL Connection Skywest 3714
    Scheduled dep time: 11:15a.m.
    Actual dep time: 11:10a.m.
    Scheduled arr time: 12:15p.m.
    Actual arr time: 12:18p.m.
    Aircraft: CRJ 200
    Seat: 6A
    Dep weather: Clear skies, humid and warm. Temp: 85F, winds S at 5mph.
    Arr weather: Hazy, hot and dry. Temp: 95F, winds SSW at 15mph.

    Well, after a brief but fun stay in Austin, I was on my way back home. Arrived at Bergstrom at around 9:05a.m. Check in was a breeze again. After that, security check was quick. This time, I didn't get searched. Went right away to the WN gates and snapped pics. WN 733 at the gate being prepared for departure to Midland-Odessa. Oh man, TWO DL 732s both in new colors!! I was so happy to see 73 oldies. One was on the pad just south of the terminal, the other one was at gate 6 being turned around for a departure to DFW. It's registration was N321DL. I then walked over to the far western end of the terminal, where I caught a CO M82 at the gate getting boarded for an IAH dep and a UAX 146-200 at the gate as well for ORD. AA M83 at the gate for a DFW dep. Saw the UAX 146 getting pushed back, so I decided to hang around until the CO 82 and that took off. If you've never seen a 146 takeoff before, let me tell you, it's a very slow climber. When it got south of the airport, it was still only less than 1500 ft high. That plane must have definitely been full, b/c it took forever to get at a high altitude when it turned back to the north. Walked back all the way past the dining areas and restaurants (you won't miss the smell of jalapeno peppers and steak when you're in the terminal at AUS ) and made my way to the east side of the terminal. Saw a NW DC 9-20/30 (can't really make out if it's a 20/30; reg # : N945N) come in from MEM. A DL M88 in scheme #2 came in from ATL and stopped on the cross taxiway for gate 6 to open. The DL 732 got pushed back and headed out for dep, and saw the 88 come in. It had a white nose, so I figure it's close to getting cs #3. That was soon followed by the Skywest CRJ that came in at gate 5. My plane to DFW. But there was more interesting traffic coming in and going out. Saw a NW Jetlink CRJ in the new cs . Soon after, a NW 319, again, in the new cs, came in from DTW. Also snapped a pic of a CO 733 that had just landed on the west runway after a flight from EWR. Finally, it was time to board. I was on the left side of the plane, so I had a good view of the M88 parked right next to ours. Taxied to RWY 17L, and almost immediately, the captain pushed forward on the throttles. Rotation was carried out just as we passed by the terminal. Headed south for a bit, then gradually haeaded west and finally turned back to the N. Cruising altitude was 27,000 ft. We were served the usual junk, except this time, it was something different. Snack mix, instead of the usual pretzels. I took a Sprite and the snack mix. It was pretty good. After about 30 minutes, we started descent to DFW. Passed by a bank of clouds at around 24,000 ft. Soon, through the thick haze, I could make out the southwestern suburbs of Fort Worth. Passed to the east of downtown, then the Texas Motor Speedway. Saw both, Meacham and Alliance Fields. We were at abt 8,000 ft now, so things were much more clearer. Turned to the east, then made one more turn 170 degrees to line up w/ 18R. I could tell DFW was pretty busy at this time, b/c as I looked out the window, I could make out an M80 on final to RWY 17C and another one to RWY 17L. On the NE hold pad, there were a whole bunch of RJs (there must have been atleast 8 ) and some 80s. Crossed the perimeter road, passed the 18L hold pad (2 eagle 145s, one DL 738 cs #3, an AA M80 and a company 75) and took the high speed off 18R. Held short of the active on Bravo. Waited for all those aircraft to takeoff, then made our way over the bridge and to the satellite terminal. Ended up at gate E27. Got off the plane, got heat blasted , walked through the covered walkway and into the terminal. Hmmm, three-and-a-half hours. Man, what a challenge!

    Flight: DL Connection Chautauqua 6492
    Scheduled dep time: 4:00p.m.
    Actual dep time: 4:18p.m. (Wheels-up: 4:35p.m.)
    Scheduled arr time: 5:00p.m.
    Actual arr time: 5:16p.m.
    Aircraft: ERJ 135
    Seat: 3A
    Dep weather: Hazy and hot. Temp: 99F, winds S at 15mph.
    Arr weather: Clear skies. Hot. Temp: 92F, winds SE at 10mph.

    I went right over to the eastern side of the satellite, but noticed better stuff going on at the main terminal. So, I went through the tunnel and over to the international gates, where I caught an Aeromexico 87, and two Champion 722s. One was at gate E37 getting boarded for a flight to Montego Bay, and the other came in at E38 from MSP going to MEX. After that, I decided to get some lunch. Went over to the BK and ordered a Big Fish value meal. That was great. It was around 1:30p.m. now so I decided to go back to the satellite and get some heavies arriving from int'l cities. As usual, there were tons of S80s and M88s and so on, coming in on RWYs 17C and 17L, and departing from 17R and 13L. Caught my first pic of an AA 752 . After which an AA 763 came in and sat on the SE hold pad for its gate to open. After abt 20 minutes passed by, it did, and the 76 left the pad. Hopefully, no missed connections! By this time, another 752 had arrived and took the place of the 76. During that time, I got the AA 777 from FRA, and the BA 777 from LHR . It was the one w/ the Japanese Art tail. Man, you really do appreciate the wing of the 77 when you look at it from the DL satellite! I was hoping to catch the LH 343 from FRA, but I guess I was either too late in getting to the satellite, or it had landed on the west side of the field. Ventured back on to the south side of the satellite and got my first pic of the Astrojet. That plane looks pretty neat! Just then, a TACA 320 headed out to Guatemala City from 17R, but it was going too fast for me to get a shot. I ventured on to the north side again, where I got several aircraft at the gates: DL 733 headed to SFO (cs#1), DL M88 in cs#3, another two DL M88s in cs#2, then a DL 88 in #1 and another in #1. I finally headed back to the main terminal from where my flight to OKC was gonna get boarded and I still had about thirty minutes before I needed to get to my gate. So I hurried on off to the north side of the terminal, where there were three aircraft at the NW gates. A NW 320 in the old cs, a NW DC 9-30 in the new cs and a Jetlink Avro 85. The Avro got pushed back for dep to MSP, which was followed by the DC 9. That's my first pic of a NW niner in the new cs. I started going back down to the south side to gate E33. The E33 seating area has no windows anywhere, which was rather dissapointing, but oh well. I was gonna go on a plane again anyway! Boarding was on-time and I took my seat at the very front of the aircraft. About 10 minutes before departure, the captain came on said that he's expecting an on-time departure, but at 4:00p.m, they started having problems w/ a few pax who were supposedly on-board the plane, but were not, while their luggage was on. They called out the names of the two guys, and there was some confusion, which I couldn't figure out, b/c no one made any announcements. (Probably to avoid embarassing someone ) So, in figuring the problem out, we got delayed 18 minutes. Good thing OKC isn't a connecting airport, atleast for things like this. Start-up was quiet and then we started our taxi to RWY 17R. Passed by the American terminals, where about 3/4ths of the gates were now empty. Approached the hold pad, where we had to wait for two AA S80s, an AA 752 and an Eagle 145. Then we taxied into position and immediately started our takeoff roll. It's really quiet in the front of the ERJ. Just a whoosh of air and you're off and rolling! Takeoff roll was only abt 24 seconds and we got airborne. Flew on a SSW course before turning around to face NNW. The FA began serving drinks and pretzels again, so I only had water. In 15 minutes, we crossed the Red River, and started our descent to OKC about 5 minutes thereafter. Passed over Norman, then I-35. Saw a just-departed WN 733 in the old cs. The airport became visible and flaps were deployed. That was followed by the gear deployment, which shaved off a couple hundred feet in a few seconds. Then the pilot hooked the plane around the I-35/I-40 interchange and began the final to RWY 17L. It was a bumpy one, and as we crossed Airport Road and the perimeter fence, the plane's shadow grew closer and closer. But just at the last minute, we were hit by a sudden gust of crosswind, which lifted the left wing about three feet and I saw the left aileron going nuts. Considering all that, landing was pretty smooth and roll-out was quick. The nose gear kept on hitting the centerline lights, so the pilot did a great job of keeping the nose on the center. On the way to the terminal, saw two AA M80s at the gates, a DL -88 at Concourse C and We took the parallel taxiway to Concourse C, and deplaned at C2.

    Overall, another good round of flights w/ DL Connection.

    Please, any questions or comments or are appreciated!

    Hope you enjoyed reading this one. Look out for my next two reviews for my UAX flights to ORD and back. Till then...

    Happy Flying!