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    As i arose from me sleep i realised i was flying Air Atlanta to SFB on a B747-267B, a real classic. The taxi came for us at around 7 am and even then check in was packed, it took nearly 45 minutes to check in! We went though to departures where i always get searches and i did. We had to wait 1hr and 10minutes for our flight. We finally got to gate 22 and we were straight on where to my amazement the CEO of EUK Mike McTighe was handing the daily Express to us!! As we started our take off roll the pilot made an Emergency stop as another aircraft was on the runway!! The aircraft was TF-ATD. The takeoff was a bumpy one it continued until we touched down at SFB. The aircraft was clean and comfortable. the Legspace was amazing and we had a FOOTREST!!! The crew were very pleasant and about 10am SFB time we had Cottage Pie and Mixed Veg. with some sot of cake and the traditional Cheese and Crackers. The only problem was the IFE broke down and they had to broadcast the movie over the PA. The films were Finding Nemo and Anger Management. Then a kis decided to Barf all in the aisle and over some of the passengers 2 rows behind me and it absoluty STUNK I felt sorry for the steward who had to clean it up! YUK!

    I then fell asleep for around 1hr and 10 mins and then we had our next meal, Bitesize Sandwiches with the most disgusting fillings Soft Cheese and Cucumber, Egg Mayo and Cheddar and Sweet Pickle eeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww we arived in SFB at 3:10, bang on time and the landing was hell a real bumpy one. We disembarked and spent we normally spend 20 minutes in SFB but not today, 20 MINUTES!!! we collected our car from ALAMO and proceeded to FLORIDA!!

    Part 2
    The check in at sanford was a lot more organized than at LGW but security was tight, we had to wait 20 minutes for checks and we continued upstairs to departures and had 2 hrs to wait. I went up to sanfords compleatly useless viewing area where you have to shoot through two layers of mesh. Many transatlantic flights were there, TCX, MYT,EAF,BY,EUK and as usual the MYT flights were delayed and the Cardiff flight got G-TDTW, the DC-10 instead of the normal 767. We boarded at around 5:30, the aircraft ws TF-ATD, the same as last time but with a different crew and as usual it was clean and comfortable. Dinner was served at 20:45. It was chicken or Pasta. I had chicken as the pasta looked like sick. Then i was trying to get my bagg out of the locker and the stewardess was bringing around tea. She promptly said Sit in your seat sir, i thought i had better listen as i had just read in the paper that a man had been thrown off an Air Atlanta flight! i then fell asleep for 5 hours until the captain illuminated the seat belt lights for landing. The landing was very smooth. We taxied to a remote gate where we were busssed into the terminal

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    Can I ask, did you book this as a vacation with Virgin?

    I know that each year, Virgin wet-lease Air Atlanta Iceland 747-Classics to do their runs to Orlando from Manchester. I was wondering what your thoughts were, as a passengers who really was expecting to fly Virgin, about flying on Air Atlanta Iceland instead.

    If it were me, I would be pretty pissed - though I am far from being a fan of Virgin Atlantic.


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      No the vacation was booked with Libra holidays the Virgin passengers go from MAN on TF-ATN which was leased back to virgin as soon as they sold it. So it still has all the same VA interior, TV's and such


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        Well I found out what was wrong with TF-ATW! See below m8!

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          That engone looks a wreck, Glad she wasn't doin' our run


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            I went up to sanfords compleatly useless viewing area where you have to shoot through two layers of mesh. Many transatlantic flights were there, TCX, MYT,EAF,BY,EUK
            If you ever come this way again and want to go spotting, let me know... The approach to 9L is great for photographs.... and "most" of the time the police leave us alone