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AC 127 Check in 19 May 08

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  • AC 127 Check in 19 May 08

    Sent to AC Customer Service today. No offense Dale, but this company seems to be one that is desperate to maximize revenue at the expense of customer satisfaction. Their loss, Westjet`s gain.

    I have flown YMM-YYZ return many many times with my goalie equipment and this is the first time I was expected to pay an exhorbinant $131.25 for a bag (one of two)containing hockey equipment, weighing in at 42 lbs that was deemed to be seven inches too large. I did not have time to repack the bag given the agent already delayed me fifteen minutes after I said I would not accept his measurements using a piece of paper that was supposed to be x number of inches long. Talk about unproffesional and second rate.
    Believe you me the next time I am harrassed like this I will remove a piece of smelly gear and carry it onto the plane as hand luggage-clothing, my hockey pants would certainly have reduced the dimensions of the bag, a two thirds filled floppy type by seven inches, though your passengers with sensitive noses might not appreciate it. I will also carry some straps or tape that will reduce the dimensions if someone objects.
    If you are going to measure bags I strongly suggest you equip all your agents with approved measuring devices-a piece of paper does not constitute such. This annoyance already has proven revenue negative for your airline as I just booked my nephew out of here end summer on Westjet, where as normally it would have been AC.

    Given the illegal manner in which my bags were measured and the subsequent delay while they sourced a tape, I want my $131.25 back.

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    I'll get you Customer Relations address and phone number in YYC.

    We seem to have more than our share of idiots on duty some days, although my daughter was flying back from England on Air Transat (school trip, I had no control) and they charged her $150.00 for being 2 kg over on her backpack. The Agent told her "cough it up or you don't go".


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      Go to and it is a fill in email. They don't seem to take phone calls.


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        Letter was sent the next day and Weights and Measures Canada advised as well; they are investigating.


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          Further investigation also has revealed the agent overcharged me, I paid for an extra bag at $125 plus tax, not an oversized one which would have been $80 plus tax. I got the brush off from AC last week, however this matter is not dead yet. The agent was not only being a jerk, he also ripped me off. I will keep an eye out for him today on check in!!!

          From AC website.

          Between 160cm and 292cm
          (63in - 115in) North America (Canada/US) $80 CAD/USD per bag
          International (All Other Destinations) $120 CAD/USD per bag


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            I heard back from AC customer service today and they offered my a "goodwill"
            credit for future travel of $50. Whoopie! It is not difficult to display such largesse with $$$$ considering this is roughly the amount I was overcharged to begin with. Like this was some sort of a favour.

            I wrote back pointing out I considered the $50 a refund, and future payment of the remaining $81+ might be considered "goodwill". This person does not seem to understand that I was ripped off to begin with. More to follow.


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              In finally got my $50 back as a refund on my credit card, and an explanation of sorts from the office of the President of Air Canada, as I was getting no where with the customer service people. Wonder if the "goodwill gesture" of $50 still is valid, or did they cancel it?