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  • Us Airways questions

    Tomorrow I'm flying with Mesa AUS-CLT and then on Piedmont CLT-FLO. I haven't flown US since 2001 and I haven't flown on these carriers yet. So just a couple of quick questions.
    How are they service-wise?
    What's their on view on photography?

    Thanks for input.

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    Service-wise, I would give them about a 7 or 8 on the friendly and helpful scale. It all depends on the F/A that you get. They are usually very nice and always have a smile. Their snack choices on the short regional flights are very good. They have soda & pretzels, and occasionally some chips, peanuts, or a snack mix. Very good peanuts!!

    Photography-wise, they are fairly lenient, but they don't like to see the camera out during the take-off roll or right as you are about to touch down. After that, you're usually fine. Just be sure that the lens isn't too big and that it isn't too visible to other passengers, as you never know who's gonna be a stickler for the rules.

    Hope you have a great trip!!



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      Thanks for that.
      Yeah, I've been asked once on AA to turn my camera off for takeoff and then again on NW as we were coming into MSP. The AA F/A was kind about it while the NW F/A was a bit more of a stickler.
      Are they cutting snack services soon? I read on the other forum somewhere that they were cutting them June 1. Don't remember exactly, though.


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        CLT is a rather nice airport to connect through. I like it better then most hubs around the country. As for service pretty run of the mill you get a seat and a soda, lol Enjoy your flight.