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  • First QF experience

    Well, i just arrived at Singapore travelling on QF via SYD, and what an experience.

    CHC-SYD, 767
    The first flight was good, turned up really early, got a window seat, tried absolut mango and apple juice at the duty free shop, and i know what i'm stocking up on for arrival back home. 15 mins before boarding was due to start everyone had checked in and an announcement was made that due to operational requirements of SYD, it was preferred that we leave as early as possible, we all boarded and left a few minues early.

    The flight was pretty uneventfull, the food was pretty average, but the beer was good, though i was almost thinking i should have opted for a whiskey and coke since now im at singapore, dad loves his whiskey i may as well get used to it. The movie sucked, but i had music and had brought along several books. a while after the meal, dessert was brought out, which suited me fine. We entered a holding pattern 140km out of syd for a while, then came in and landed pretty uneventfully. It was a good trip, nothing exemplary, and a flight that followed would have been fine, unfortunately this was not the case.

    After getting off the plane, went to the transit lounge, found my gate, and saw that boarding was in 25 minutes. Sweet as ill just go Later on an announcement was made to go to the gate for our flight. A good number of people are waiting to board when the first of many bad announcements came. "Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, due to engineering requirements your plane has been delayed indefinately, we hope to have an update for you in the next half an hour."

    Ok, not a problem i guess, went to an internet to email the parents that im delayed and that they should check the website for an updated time of arrival. Went to the shops, grabbed some food, went back to the gate. "Ladies and gentleman, your flight has been delayed an additional one and a half hours, if you bring your boarding pass to the gate, you cna get a $15 mean voucher"

    Well, that helps, i just ate, but at least nothing on it says i cant get a beer, so i went grabbed a little pizza and a beer to pass the time. Went back to the kiosk to email the parents again, while waiting in line "Ladies and gentleman on flight QF31 to singapore and london, your flight has been delayed an additional hour"

    Hmmmm, im starting to see a pattern.

    I get out my mp3 player and a book, and start to pass the time, all of a sudden 40 minutes before we were expecting to board, with a bunch of apologies 'Ladies and gentleman, your plane has been signed off by the enginers as ready to fly' you may begin boarding.

    Well, finally, i send dad a text saying we are boarding now ad such. We hop on the plane, after about 40 minutes the captain comes on saying they didnt have one passenger, they were looking for him in the terminal, but if he hasnt showed in 10 mins they were going to take his bags off.

    10 minutes later, they hav found our missing passenger had booked another flight and got o that, time to start playing around with the bags.

    20 minutes later, finally, ready for pushback, we are finally on our way. We hoped.

    "Flight attendants, please am your doors"


    All lights go out.

    "Ladies and gentleman, this is your captain speaking, sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we are having some problems with one of the doors and are returning to the gate so an engineer can fix the problem"

    By now half the passengers didnt know to laugh or cry, i was laughing, many people were angry and well, i didnt know what to expect next, perhaps the tug will break as we are being towed back to the gate.

    Well, its 3:50am singapore time now, and ive been up since 4am NZ time and only 3 hours sleep on the second flight, im calling it a day.

    Hopefully the trip back is better.
    Sam Rudge
    A 5D3, some Canon lenses, the Sigma L and a flash

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    Ouch, well sh*t happens, but i've had worse with QF before, involving an overnight stay in T3 at LHR back in 1987. Got some decent compo though, which for a 11yr old at the time was a big windfall.
    Not really had any problems with them since. I've done the Kangaroo service a few times in the last few years with them and their service has greatly improved compared to how it used to be. Beats the cr*p out of BA's economy service on the same route.