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AC 1196 28 Jun 08 YMM-YYZ E190

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  • AC 1196 28 Jun 08 YMM-YYZ E190

    Almost missed the flight because taxi cabs are apprently in very short supply on Friday nights. Checked my one bag, and boarded, only to find my 12F seat occupied by someone else-apparently the whole boarding process became a shambles and people were just sitting anywhere. I was looking forward to my bulkhead seat ahead of the engines! Especially when I was relocated to the back of the bus next to the galley. But all worked out as I was approached by the FA and told I would be moving to the Executive Class Cabin in 1F as soon as we took off. Then they changed their minds and myself and the lady next to me were taken forward while the plane was on the taxiway. I had a couple of glasses of wine, a snack and fell asleep as we were trying to make our approach to Pearson in most uncooperative weather, in fact we almost diverted to YUL.

    Made it, surprised my parents with my arrival and guests are now arriving for Dad's 80th.

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    Pretty lame "breakfast" bearing in mind the E190 only serves cold meals.


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      What did they give you? One of those muffins?


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        See above.....

        Unsweetened yoghurt-ugh


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          What crud eh! I'd like to meet the Chef that designs the meals. The E90 does not have ovens but they could at least give "real" food. They should just shop at Loblaws.