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    5 July 2008
    Sydney (SYD) Ė Singapore (SIN)
    Airline: Singapore Airlines
    Flight: SQ232
    Aircraft: B747-400
    Registration: 9V-SPF
    ETD: 1130
    ATD: 1120
    ETA: 1745
    ATA: 1720
    Flight Time: 8 hrs
    Seat: 11A (Business)

    After a short break in Melbourne, it was time to go back to Singapore for a slightly longer break to get away from the cold and soak up the sun and humidity. Left my apartment at 0840 and was the airport by 0900. I simply love weekend morning traffic. The roads are so empty! The check-in counters were still rather empty and the business class counters were also serving the few groups of economy passengers and so I was ushered to the first class counter. The usual security questions and my boarding pass was issued. Picked up 4 dozen doughnuts (I have no idea why most Singaporeans love them so much itís nothing special just loads of sugar!) and made my way through the fast track lane. Everyone (Immigration/Customs/TRS) seemed to want a doughnut! Settled my TRS (Tourist Refund Scheme) for my Wii and made my way to the SKL lounge for a shower and my morning dose of caffeine.

    Nothing fancy but a shower is always good before a flight.

    Caffeine is good for you!

    Call for boarding was made at 1100. Made my way to the priority line at gate 57 (Same gate as A380) which had no queue and was onboard in 2 minutes. Pre-takeoff drinks were served. Only Piper Heidsieck was offered in J, no Dom or Krug.

    Fizzy Bubbly

    Useful storage compartments on the upper deck of the 744.

    Boarding was done by 1115 and we pushed back slightly early. A very slow taxi to 34L allowed some spotting. Saw Whalejet 9V-SKD undergoing some maintenance.

    QF 747 after landing on 34L

    View of 34L from holding point

    After take off, more top ups of fizzy bubbly before lunch was served.

    lunch menu

    A Savoury Note
    Marinated salmon with feta, tomato and cucumber salad
    Choice of balsamic or bush tomato dressing

    The Main Event
    *Roasted chicken breast, borderlaise sauce, bacon, sauteed spinach, linguine

    Wok fried beef in black peppercorn sauce served with braised beancurd and vegetables, fried rice

    Grilled kingfish served with roasted tomato coulis, buttered broccolini and steamed gourmet potato

    Lamb shank korma served with mushroom and peas masala and briyani rice

    A Sweet Note
    Baked cheese cake

    The Cheese Board
    Gourmet cheese with garnishes

    A selection of fresh fruit

    A Connoisseur's Choice
    Gourmet coffee
    Selection of tea
    and pralines

    refreshment menu

    To Nibble On...
    Thai style fried rice with pineapple, chicken and prawns

    Penne with arrabiata sauce, roasted eggplant, wilted arugula, shaved parmesan cheese

    A Connoisseur's Choice
    Gourmet coffee
    Selection of tea
    and pralines

    *Exclusively created by Matthew Moran of Aria Restaurant, Sydney
    SQ232A SYD-SIN (L/HR) 28-1.1 07 RC
    Marinated salmon with feta, tomato and cucumber salad

    Had the Lamb shank korma served with mushroom and peas masala and briyani rice for my mains.

    Had a good and fruitful nap after lunch and woke up just as the aircraft started itís decent into Changi.

    Over Batam

    Touched down on 20R and we parked next to other 744s at gate A16 in T3. Immigration was fast with the biometric scanners and I was at landside 20 minutes after touch down.

    Stay tuned for Part II plus SIN-BKK-SIN-KUL-SIN.

    Service: 9/10 Food: 8/10 Aircraft: 9/10