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Air Transat Screaming Baby Flight

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    Originally posted by brianw999
    The poor little sods...I mean, poor little lambs !....don't know that they need to clear their ears to equalise the pressure.
    Actually they are "SOB's" - souls on board.

    One of our lovelies screamed from Calgary to Vancouver because of a lot of turbulence and pressure problems. It was not a pleasant flight.


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      I percieve the picture ...
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        You do have my sympathies...

        I'm not joking screaming kids has to be one of the top 10 things I loathe. I know they can't help it but alot of the times its the parents which are to blame because they act like they don't care...

        When I was younger we was on a flight to Menorca with a screaming baby near us... They we're on the same transfer bus as us to the Hotel, and it turned out they was in the room next to us when we arrived! Needless to say I think we made friends with them during the Holiday which was ironic!

        Anyway, it sounds horrible, next time take some good music and some in-ear headphones!

        Happy Flying


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          Originally posted by JordanD
          Then they'd go on about how it's not their fault since the kid is autistic or has some behavioral problem.
          Uh oh, now I'm thinking inviting that friend of mine with raging aspurgers on a 6 leg trip was a bad idea.