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MAN - ORD - MCO - IAD - LHR - MAN ( long )

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  • MAN - ORD - MCO - IAD - LHR - MAN ( long )

    Time for the trip report of a great vacation.
    Everything starts at MAN ( Manchester ) were we arrive at T1 and do the standard boring shopping and so on. Have breakfast at Burger King my flight BD705 to Chicago is sheduled for departure at 11:05am. Eventually we reach the gate and the bmi A330 is sat their in its striking blue colours looks great. As we were walking to the gate i got a look at the registration and it is G-WWBB [photoid=121579]. Once onboard we got perfect seats can't remember the numbers but we were at the back of the central cabin so you could recline your seat all the way without disturbing others to much. Inflight movies were Two weeks notice , Agent cody banks , Tommorow never dies. Of course bmi provides that nice camera feature unfortunately they are next to impossible to photograph.
    So got settled in and took a picture.
    So we taxied to 24L for ontime departure.
    Aircraft was completely full so we were going to have a long takeoff run climb performance was strangely very good we were straight up through the haze a bit of bumpy weather here and there but not to bad. We were on the WAL1Y departure heading west over Dublin to the North Atlantic tracks.

    Soon eventually climbing to cruising altitude FL390. What i really like about bmi is the nice flight attendents if you get what i mean .
    At 390 i decided to try something different and got this pic.
    Due to bad light and overcast over the Atlantic i couldn't get anymore pics until our descent into Chicago. So i settled in to watch Agent cody banks followed by Tommorow never dies. We routed over Lake Michigan for arrival and i took a few pics while descending into Chicago. Looking at the camera you could see the pilots visibly dodging the huge clouds in the area.
    Again due to bad light and visibility no pics, we landed in a rainy Chicago on runway 09R.
    Now leaving the aircraft i expected to clear customs and be at the gate for the flight to MCO but no massive lines at customs meant we were going to be here for sometime. Half way there then it goes from bad to worst the computers fail and all we can do is stand there while they fix it. After we 2 1/2 hrs waiting we clear customs and then its the challenge of finding our gate. Since computers have failed all the departure monitors are showing things wrong so we end up asking the United desk for the gate number they give it us and its wrong. So we ask that desk they point us somewhere else. This flight was the one the MCO but all the monitors overhead said this was to Colombus ( spelling ? ) and jeeze what a nightmare. We get on the United Shuttle aircraft i noticed the registration as being N336UA a 737-300 [photoid=46222]. As with all 737's the interior is pretty basic and windows are nice and big. Listening to the channel 9 on a United aircraft you can hear live ATC so i knew what was going on. We departed around 45 minutes late despite a ontime gate departure due to traffic i heard United 470 you are number 13 for departure.
    Eventually we got up into the air enroute MCO
    I was very tired at this point and slept until we began our descent into Orlando.
    Part 2 coming soon

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    Bravo G-MIDY! Enjoyed the report!

    See any other planes crossing the atlantic while enroute to ORD?



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      Awesome report! Nice pics


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        Thanks guys, nope i didn't see any on the atlantic crossing but saw a United 767 turn finals before us during the descent but nothing else really.
        Part two will come when i get a bit more time.

        Click Here to view my pathetic attempts at Aviation photography!
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