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Part two MCO - IAD - LHR - MAN

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  • Part two MCO - IAD - LHR - MAN

    Now comes the worst part of my trip we arrive at MCO with plenty of time for check-in. A huge line awaits for checkin so we ended up waiting some 40 minutes or so to check-in all the traditional English old gits complaining about the lines and quite honestly they've seen nothing of what i've seen before! We are in the line for check-in some 4-5 places and suddenly some women goes "Hey Mike it gets better the flight later its been cancelled" hearing this i want to know which flight since their English and going to IAD. We get to check-in and disaster strikes turns out the BD706 to Manchester has been cancelled due to bad weather i think &@%* . After 30 minutes comprimising and stuff all the old English gits had grabbed the last seats for the flight the day after so it looks like were stuffed. The women really did try hard and asked if we minded staying over the night and flying to IAD then Heathrow we had no choice. So we are ferried off to some Sheraton hotel for the night couldn't complain had a nice pool and room. Next day again huge lines we were there about an hour and checked in for the MCO-IAD flight with confirmed seats with United to Heathrow and then Manchester. Unfortunately no window seat on the flight from MCO i'm quite thankful for a seat. Aircraft was a 757-200 N557UA.
    We departed ontime during the flight i read a magazine or two and settled to listen to ATC for a while on channel 9.
    Arrive at IAD on 1L on turning into our gate C27 co-pilot points out to us over the P/A the Air France Concorde donated to the Museum here also behind that Stratoliner that crashed in Seattle. Next we are on United 918 to London Heathrow aircraft Boeing 777-200 something good
    registration N778UA and i have a window seat seats 19J.
    All goes well and we depart ontime 5:55pm enroute London Heathrow. We rocketed into the air the captain had informed us that there was only 158 Pax onboard before the flight so that explains it.
    I went to sleep straight away on the flight and woke up just into the descent to hear a Speedbird go "Pan Pan Pan Speedbird 1152 medical emergency request immediate arrival into Heathrow" he was quickly vectored down to 09L. "United 918 proceed direct Ockham and hold delay about 5 minutes". Following that i got on of my best photos 5:35am sheduled for arrival 5:55am so we were in the Ockham hold for a few minutes because of that 6:00am curfew.
    Finally vectored down to ILS 09L in CAT3 weather couldn't see out my window hardly. Funny when we were landing a sudden windshear pushed us about 100ft load of people screamed at that point hehe.
    Taxi to terminal 3 and Heathrow is bustling with international arrivals like it always is. Get off the aircraft now to find our flight to Manchester BD582 A321 G-MIDH. This time no cancellations and a window seat 32F. Had the light in my face all the flight. Departed 09R for Manchester, got my only pic just turning finals to 06R
    and this long and tiring trip is over not that i can complain about some parts ie the 777 :P

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    Again, nice report, nice pics


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      again, great report! Did you see any international flights while crossing the atlantic this time?



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        Thanks again . This time i did see one on the crossing it was a KLM767. Also during the descent into Heathrow we passed very close 2nm or so to a US Airways 762 who was descending through the thick cloud layer.

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