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  • AIR CANADA Mex-Yyz-Fco

    This is my first trip report, I'll be glad to receive your comments and suggestions, thanks. I began to travel alone as a UM since 9, and without UM service since I was 12 y/o... since then I continue to travel all summers making new experiences and even if I was attracted by planes since little this journeys have remarked my passion and make me want to be a commercial pilot. Since I founded I haven't done any trip report till now...
    As I said...I use to come in Italy for my summer vacations, and this is the 2nd time I fly Air Canada.

    The first flight schedule was changed instead of leaving MMMX at 07.00am, now it departs at 00.55am so i had a full day to spend at Toronto, because flight to Rome leaves at 08.25 pm.

    Departure at the airport.
    Check in was really fast because the A319 is not a huge plane, so I waited in line for about 30 minutes... I got there early at 10.00pm ( 3 hours before). My bags were checked in all the way to Rome.

    At the check in desk I was told to be at gate 25 for the announcement of our real gate.. they made us wait for about 30 minutes and the we saw our plane arrive to that gate so boarding started immediately.... I DONT STILL GET IT WHY THE HECK DOES MEXICAN AIRPORT AUTHORITIES THINK SPOTTING AIRPLANES OR TAKE PICS TO THE MONITOR WITH THE SCHEDULE AND DEP TIME IS A THREAT.... so I'm sorry I don't have any MMMX PICS

    Ready To GO....

    So my first flight:
    TOTAL MILES: 6,420

    Airline:Air Canada (AC)
    Flight number: AC990
    Origin: Lic Benito Juarez Internacional, CIUDAD DE MEXICO (MMMX)
    Destination : Toronto Pearson Intl Airport, TORONTO, ON CANADA (CYYZ)
    Distance: 2018 mi
    Scheduled departure time: 00:55
    Actual departure time:01.20am
    Scheduled flight time: 04 hours 45 minutes
    Class of Travel: Economy Class
    Seat: 20F
    Aircraft: A319

    My Seat Window 20F

    A319 EXTREME MAKE OVER.... Nice plane but he had a CHARGED DINNER... even if I wasn't very hungry at 2.00am.

    normal leg space...

    Service was nice... not much to do on a red-eye flight, and I asked for a 2 bucks pillow-blanked which I never got hahahah... so just a nappy till Toronto after a nice movie.

    early .... we began our descent to Toronto.

    Our arrival to Toronto, 6.30am.... B-777 parked at gate 177.

    Tailshot with the early morning light.

    I spent all day at Toronto's Downtown, I found so much kind and nice persons.... Great City Toronto....

    At 5.30 pm I was back for my 2nd flight.... Trans Canada Airline Plane Parked.. nice retro livery.

    AND MY 2ND FLIGHT.... Destination : FINALLY..ROME!!!!

    Airport, CHECK- IN
    I didn't do check in, i went to an Air Canada desk with an AC employee and she kindly gave me my gate number and reconfermed me that my baggage was check-in till Rome, in 5 minutes I perfectly went over security. Really efficent airport YYZ!

    Everything was going so smooth i had pleanty of time to walk around T1 and spot every plane I wanted to (nOt like at MEX)

    Alitalia 777 in departure for Milan.

    Phones are really popular...mostly for FA!!! YOU'RE ALL AWESOME FLIGHT CREWS....

    Lufthansa A340-600 Ready for departure to Frankfurt

    Leaving the Gate

    B777 AIR CANADA Night Flight to London

    Airline:Air Canada (AC)
    Flight number: AC890
    Origin:Toronto Pearson Intl Airport, TORONTO, ON CANADA (CYYZ)
    Destination : Leonardo Da Vinci Aeroporto Internazionale, Rome Italy (LIRF)
    Distance: 4,402 mi
    Scheduled departure time: 08:25pm
    Scheduled flight time: 08 hours 55 minutes
    Class of Travel: Economy Class
    Seat: 16A
    Aircraft: B76

    GATE 179

    I was on the first section of Economy.... Nice and QUiet.


    Nice leg space .(I'm 180) not having much problems....

    W e departed on time!! I was way too tired after a long fun day at Toronto
    OUR TAKE OFF.... And welcome of the service director....
    Take Off and welcome by the Service Director of flight 890, B767-300

    The sunset...

    A Nice dinner, a movie and a long nap.... I slpet for 4 1/2 hours..pretty good....

    I was still sleepy but CAFFE odor woke me uP!

    We began our descent, on June all Europe was covered by cloudS!

    Roman Coast

    Landing at Fiumicino, JUN-8-08, 11.00amCloudy day.AC 890

    Our flight Director welcomes us to Rome, and ask for us to clap, as an italian tradition. 13A, AC890

    Our Flight director talked and asked for something special.... just in ROME!

    We arrived at 11.00am! On June 8th 2008. Wonderful flight ,
    Please feel free to comment

    Here's the returning flight, on AUG 08. FCO-YYZ-MEX
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    For a first time flight reviewer I was impressed! You did a great job of writing your review for us. Not too many pics, not overly detailed, just enough information to keep me reading. (This coming from a person who doesn't usually read the review, just looks at the pics, because in some reviews, if you scroll down fast enough, it's like a movie at 1 frame per second)

    Can't wait for your next review!



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      Good review. We have all had a look at it in the Ops office. Your pictures are great.


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        Thanks to all of you.... I was really looking fowar for your comments, it's my first trip review.... I'll post soon the back FCO-YYZ-MEX I'm flying AUG 8th....


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          Cool FR, I liked all your photos. Btw, just an observation, I think the AZ aircraft at YYZ is a 763, not a 777.


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            Originally posted by Foxtrot
            Cool FR, I liked all your photos. Btw, just an observation, I think the AZ aircraft at YYZ is a 763, not a 777.
            Confirming for ArriveLateInTokyoAsLuggageInAmsterdam's Seven-Six, great report appropriately backed by nice pictures .
            Thanks for visiting
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              Nice review and Pics.You started JP?Thanks alot dude this site is alwsome.
              August 29th will be the worst day of the year.


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                Originally posted by Foxtrot View Post
                Cool FR, I liked all your photos. Btw, just an observation, I think the AZ aircraft at YYZ is a 763, not a 777.
                No,no,no that's a 777 engines are 2 big 2 be a 763.Lol.
                August 29th will be the worst day of the year.


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                  nice pic and report. I love the sunset picture.
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                    Originally posted by BoeingKing77 View Post
                    Nice review and Pics.You started JP?Thanks alot dude this site is alwsome.
                    I did not start jp LOL! I meant when i found this site.... i did find it searching a good aviation site... and this is it.
                    is awesomeeee!!I


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                      Originally posted by BoeingKing77 View Post
                      No,no,no that's a 777 engines are 2 big 2 be a 763.Lol.
                      I think you will find its a 763 not a 777 because there are two exit door over the wings, a 777 dosent have that


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                        Nice pictures! I love YYZ! That Alitalia was a 763 though
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                          Great work .. really informative .. and thanks a lot for sharing .

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                            nice i was last mouth in fco with my mom


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                              Originally posted by elal738lover View Post
                              nice i was last mouth in fco with my mom
                              really? how was it? you have a trip report?
                              from Mexico.
                              BTW i'm posting my trip back home of this year, FCO-LHR-MEX on august,.