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What Flights Have You Diverted On?

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  • What Flights Have You Diverted On?

    My only actully diversion was 2 summers ago going into CMH on Southwest from BNA and a thunderstorm rolled in. After circling around 30 minutes we ended up diverting to BWI were we had to wait over 8 hours for a flight back to CMH . I was just wondering what flights anyones else has been on.

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    Mar 1985-CP "Attache" YOW-YYZ diverted to YUL due to fog in both YYZ and YOW when we were returning there.

    Jul 07 Westjet YEG-YMM returned to YEG due to fog at YMM.

    Jul 07 AC flight to YEG from YYZ that took off and quickly landed again, overweight and went n/s.

    And apparently on AC 1196 a few weeks ago we were minutes from diverting to YUL after holding near YYZ inbound from YMM due to thunderstorms, then we finally got clearance to land.

    Not really a diversion as such, but many many moons ago in Jul 76 had to go to Niagara Falls, NY to catch a KLM 747 to AMS as YYZ was closed due to TC ATC strike. Then we diverted to JFK as the runway at the Falls was not long enough to allow for the fuel load required to reach AMS non stop.

    Also not really a diversion, almost! My Eastern flight from VPS to ATL was cancelled due to thunderstorms just as we were boarding the Dash 8. Luckily the ticket was a full fare Y deal so NW flew me to ORD via MEM instead.


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      Just earlier this month we were doing ATL-PHF. When we got up near PHF the storms that were forecasted for later were moving a bit ahead of schedule so we ended up landing in ORF and waiting for about two hours for everything to blow through. Nice 11 min flight from ORF-PHF. Looong day


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        None so far. I've been pretty lucky.


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          CX LHR-HKG, Divert to TPE.

          And more recently

          BA LHR-HKG, Divert to Irkutsk, Russia.


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            Thankfully I have never had to divert (after over 300 flights). I've had to go-around a few times, including my most recent return flight to DAL.
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              3/28/75, I was flying JFK-LAX on a TW 741, and we had to stop at MCI due to a problem With the #3 engine. We were on the ground for 7(!) hours, so a flight that left JFK at noon EST arrived at LAX around 9 PM PST, which was midnight EST!


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                March 20 on US SCairways 48 DCA-LAS we took off from DCA and the captain told us they didn't put enough fuel so we are diverting to Kansas City. We were on the ground for about 2 hours. We were suppost to arrive at 11:00 but we arrived at 3:00 and we had to take a Grand Canyon tour the next day at 6:00 needless to say we only got about 1:30 of sleep.



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                  Originally posted by Foxtrot
                  None so far. I've been pretty lucky.
                  Same here. Although I will note that a couple years ago, I was flying SFO-CLT on US and we had to circle around CLT for a while due to the weather, which resulted in my family and I having to make a mad dash to the gate for our flight to BUF. (If memory serves, we arrived in D and depated in C). No diversion, though.

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                    1968 - UTA, DC.8-33,
                    arriving from DLA, due to land at NCE, actually diverted to MRS, owing to fog.

                    1974 - Cameroon's single 707,
                    arriving from ORY, due to land at DLA, divertion to LBV owing to tropical storm & rainfall
                    pouring over DLA.

                    1991 - Korean Air, A300-600, TPE-HKG,
                    proceeded normally from TPE, could not land at HKG as a thick layer of mist/fog blanketing the runway, while the city lights were well visible around, circled thrice before making it back to TPE

                    1993 - TAP, A310-300,
                    arriving from ORY, due to land at LIS, diverted to FAO as Portola was temporarely closed for lack of visibility.

                    Well let me count this as a diversion ... ahead of time

                    1997 - British Airways, 777-200 & 747-400
                    T7 stranded at LHR due to persistent fog. T7 could not do it across the Channel and let alone connect on the also stranded 744. BA finally resorts to rerouting and converts coupon 1 & 2 the planned CDG-LHR-MIA into CDG-PHL-MIA on US (762 + 732)
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                      DL021, CDG-ATL, 2004 or something, 777 "The Soaring Spirit II", massive case of thunderstorms in ATL, so after a few circles we were diverted to CLT where we sat on the ground for some 3 or 4 hours, along with 2 company 763s, 1 757, 1 M88, 1 AC A319, and 2 CO ERJs.


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                        Well, I guess you guys STOLE my luck! Haha, I want to say the most memorable diversion was back in 1999, on AA 1818 (Hmm...) and was doing the usual POS-MIA run. Well, my final destination was to see my uncle in West Palm Beach. Takeoff was smooth, and everythign was great. Service was pleasant and the time just flew by. Arriving upon MIA we noticed horrible turbulance, and upon approach - the lightning illuminating the cabin - like snapshots from the outside - the cabin jerking as we made our way - and suddenly the RRs roared - and the aircraft pulled against the wind, into an ascent. A few minutes later we were advised by the F/O that the weather was too severe to attempt a landing, and that we (not unlike the many other arrivals into MIA) were being diverted. We were lucky, in that we were able to divert to the nearest airport that was not affected by the bad weather (though as for that - the approach was quite turbulent) and low and behold we landed at PBI. I could not help but chukle as I asked the F/A - "Can I get off here driver? I am headed here anyway. Please?". No can do - as PBI would not be able to clear us for customs/immigrations and the such. So we were stuck - and about 90 mins later we were airborne once more. We made it to MIA to deal with the backlog of flights/passengers and the like - then had to get in a car and drive back to PBI! Talk about being eventfull. Oh, and the kicker - the passnger next to me was a nervous flyer!
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                          2006 - SQ818 SIN-NKG

                          Fog in NKG got worst as we decended. NKG got closed at the fog worsen and we went into hold somewhere between NKG & PVG. After 1.5 hours we diverted to PVG.

                          Considering that the ticket to PVG was more expensive, it was a pretty good deal.